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12 Best 18 And Up Bars In Athens GA For Ultimate Fun

18 and up bars in athens GA

18 and up bars in athens GA

Athens, GA, is a very happening place and has the highest concentration of bars per square mile in America. If you don’t believe it, the stat says it has over 80+ bars that you can explore in the Classic City. So, if you are tired of visiting the same place repeatedly, here are a few 18 and up bars in Athens GA, that you cannot miss out on. 

Cutter’s Pub Athens GA

1. Cutter’s Pub

You will love this place if you are thoroughly in booze, beer, pool, and foosball. We also have the second-floor dance party for the party animals packed under one roof at Cutter’s Pub. The atmosphere may strike as nonchalant when you walk in, but after a few dances and a few rounds of foosball, you are sure to loosen up, put on your dancing shoes, and groove to the music. It’s basically like having two bars in one place, and you don’t need to leave the building to amp up your mood. This can be considered one of the best clubs for 18 year olds!

Timing – Monday To Saturday – 2 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Drinks

Georgia Theatre Rooftop Athens GA

2. Georgia Theatre Rooftop

Another 18 and up clubs. If you are into cocktails, you cannot miss this incredible place. The bar has free and paid live music and the hook- you get the best view of the city from this place! You can also use the rooftop for lunch and dinner and casual meeting space.

Timing – Wednesday to Saturday – 3 pm to 12 am

Must Try – Drinks and coffee

Allgood Lounge Athens GA

3. Allgood Lounge

This is the ideal spot to drink and chill with your friends. Though the place does not earn many stars for its food quality, the drinks served, and the top-notch customer service is worth the visit. It’s one of the best 18 and up bars in Athens GA, and surely you will see a lot of younger crowd. Like Cutter’s Pub, you enjoy the perks of many different pubs in one place in Allgood Lounge. This place offers you the whole platter, from enjoying a round of playing pool to having a fantastic experience at the tiki bar. The second level has a full-blown service bar with a TV for you to watch your favorite game. 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 3 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Delirium Tremens, American Strong Ale.

Flanagan’s & The Half Moon Pub Athens GA

4. Flanagan’s & The Half Moon Pub

This is the perfect place for laid-back kids. This Irish Pub has a rustic feel and a great selection of drinks, good food, and game on the big screen. This low-key bar is perfect for those trying to escape the craziness of the other pubs. Even though the bar is laid back, the customer service is right on the top. You can surely consider it the best 18 and up bars in Athens GA.

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 4 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Cucumber Lemonade, Golden Turmeric.

Bad Moon bar Athens GA

5. Bad Moon Bar

Though the name is a bit off, the moment you step inside this Pub, you will see how the place has turned from a common country bar to an area with a light atmosphere and disco vibes. Unlike the other 18 and up bars in Athens GA mentioned in the list, this place has a popcorn machine! There is also a light-up dance floor and wall-mounted phone charges. This is one place you must drop in on your night out and try their signature Disco Lemonade and Moscow Mule. 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 9 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Jumbo Mule.

Bourbon Street Athens GA

6. Bourbon Street

If you are in Athens, hunting for 18 and up bars in Athens GA, this place is much recommended. It’s hard to find any UGA alum who does not have a memory of this fantastic place. Though they don’t serve drinks below 21, you can still enjoy the dance floor and have a gala if you are 18 and above. 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 10 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Drinks.

Nowhere Bar

7. Nowhere Bar

If you are looking for a laid-back night experience, the Nowhere Bar is the perfect place for 18 and up bars in Athens GA. Especially It has all the right things for a chilled-out night- pool, liver music, great drinks, and a bite to eat. This place is perfect for those who like it a little quiet, and it’s unlike the other loud bars in the city blasting with music. Not only for the kids, but this place is also a good option for parents visiting their kids to lay low from the crazy college scenes. 

Timing – Wednesday to Saturday – 7 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Good Old Beer

Sister Louisa’s Church

8. Sister Louisa’s Church

This is one of the most exquisite 18 and up clubs in Athens and not only for this fantastic church-like decor and drag show events. You also get extremely friendly barkeeps, excellent quality food, and the bathroom marked as ‘whatever.’ If that’s not enough, check out the goldfish snacks and photobooth. 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 5 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Miller Lite, Athena.

Wonder Bar

9. Wonder Bar

Do specialty drinks sail your boat? Then you should surely visit the Wonder Bar. The place shows its royal dedication to nostalgic video games, and if you are into those, you cannot miss this. Be it Mario Kart 64 or Fifa and board games like Rock, Paper, Scissors” do join the competition to win cash prizes. Plus, this place serves spaghetti to gamers and drinkers every Wednesday! 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 8 pm to 12 am

Must Try – Drinks.

Walker Pub

10. Walker Pub

If college work is getting too out of hand and you want to step out of the library for some time, this is the place you want to hit. The bar has just the right atmosphere and serves boozy coffee and beer. And to add to it, you can do your homework there; they have enough tables for your gang. This is surely the best 18 and up bars in Athens GA!

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 9 am to 9 pm

Must Try – Cocktails.

Silver Dollar Athens GA

11. Silver Dollar

Hello Insta lovers, looking for the perfect pub backdrop for your next post, head out to Silver dollar. Thanks to the giant lit ATH sign surrounded by ivy, your next photo will have multiple engagements right on Silver’s patio. So dress up in your best party wear and head out for the weekend. 

Timing – Monday to Saturday – 7 pm to 11.30 pm.

General Beauregard’s

12. General Beauregard’s

Looking to have a fantastic rowdy night? How about General Beauregard’s on East Clayton Street? You are sure to love this place if you like country music. The bar plays it all the time! To add to the ambiance, people in cowboy boots walk in crunched peanut shells. However, keep an eye out for the photo ops. This is a country music lover’s haven, and stars like Mitchell Tenpenny and Jordan Davis are often seen hanging around in this place. 

Timing – Wednesday to Sunday – 8.30 pm to 2 am.

Must Try – Pizza.


Though college is about studies, it’s essential to put a zing in your life, and what best time for it than college days?! So here are the top 18 and up bars in Athens GA, that you must visit and make it memorable, drink high, and party like there’s no tomorrow! 

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