9 Outstanding 18 And Up Bars In Fort Worth

If you don’t know, Fort Worth is one of the biggest cities in Texas United Nations. The place has multiple universities like Texas Christan University and a few others located here. The city’s crowd is predominantly students and out-of-town visitors; thus, having a glowing bar and cooler shots is sort of mandatory for the city, and indeed there are tons of bars here. However, you might find it hard to pick one to match your vibe; thus, we have selected the top 18 and up bars in Fort Worth for you, choose from the best bars in town! 

1. Thompson’s Bookstore

Thompson's Bookstore
Thompson’s Bookstore

This place is located in downtown Fort Worth and sells the most brilliant cocktails you will find in the whole of Fort Worth. The cocktail speakeasy has a different decor that looks like you are back in the ’20s. Thankfully, the place is open daily and for extended hours during the weekend. However, if you plan to visit this place, make sure you are dressed in something fashionable and not as a couch potato. 

Timing – Monday to Thursday & Sunday – 3pm–12am & Friday & Saturday – 3pm–2am

Must Try – Sweetie’s Cheesecakes

2. Amber Room

amber room
amber room

This bar sells a wide variety of whisky and is one of the most popular 18 and up bars in Fort Worth. However, getting into the bar is somewhat tricky. The place has two doors, one through the gold door of the Wishbone & Flynt restaurant or the unmarked wooden door of Bryan Avenue. Unlike many other bars you might have visited so far, this place has jewel tone furniture and large patterned rugs to amp up the area. Overall the place reeks of class and shizz. And, of course, the cocktails here are unique. 

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 4 pm–12 am & Friday to Saturday – 4 pm–2 am

Must Try – Brussel sprout salad 

3. Blackland Distillery

Blackland Distillery
Blackland Distillery

You guessed it right, the place borrows its name from the Blackland prairie that passes through Fort Worth. The founder of this place, Markus Kypreos, is a native to this place and a certified sommelier. The lead distiller of this place has been making spirits for over 20 years. The place also offers weekly tours and tasting gatherings, and both the bar and lounge are open from Wednesday to Saturday. It’s a sin not to try their mint julep and Moscow mule. 

Timing – Tuesday to Friday – 4–11 pm & Saturday – 2 pm–12 am

Must Try – Cheese/meat tray

4. Whiskey and Rye

Whiskey and Rye
Whiskey and Rye

This place is located inside the Omni hotel and is yet another 18 and up bars in Fort Worth. The business offers great bar food along with amazing cocktails. It’s one of the prime locations for sports fans as the most significant sports watch in the city. The place is located in the historic neighborhood and shares its prime location with saloons, dance halls, and gambling tables. 

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 2–11 pm, Friday – 2 pm–12 am & Saturday & Sunday – 11:30 am–12 am

Must Try – Texas pimento cheese, the chicken tortilla soup 

5. The Basement Bar

The Basement Bar
The Basement Bar

While looking for the best 18 and up bars in Fort Worth, you will surely come across The Basement Bar.This place is open all week long and is located in the Historic Stockyards community. Each week, the bar hosts live music and dance galas that visitors can enjoy while sipping their cocktails. The ambiance is quite dark since the place is located in the basement, and it has the impression of a dive bar. However, keep your eyes out for the bright neon sign which marks the bar entrance. Try out the local and the international cans of beer on the menu. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 12 pm–2 am

Must Try – Chips and dips

6. Billy Bob’s Texas

Billy Bob's Texas
Billy Bob’s Texas

Though it’s yet another 18 and up bars in Fort Worth, this place was once a stockyard and then an airplane hanger! The biggest names in the country’s western music game, like Garth Brooks and ZZ have visited this bar. This place has remained on the top not only as one of the best 18 and up bars in Fort Worth but also as a place to enjoy the rocking nightlife of Fort Worth. Besides the amazing drinks, the executive chef of this place is a culinary wiz and cooks excellent traditional food western cuisine, which you must try on your next visit. 

Timing – Monday to Tuesday – 11am–6pm, Wednesday – 11am–10pm, Thursday – 11am–12am, Friday to Ssunday – 11am–5pm, 6pm–2am

Must Try – Salt-crusted baked potato, Cowboy Cubano sandwich, Chopped brisket with fried okra. 

7. The Usual

The Usual
The Usual

Another 18 and up bars in Fort Worth brings a unique twist to the classic cocktails. The bar runs impressive happy hours serving the best drinks at low prices. The barkeeps of this place have years of experience, and the menu surely highlights their skill levels. The signature cocktails in this place are worth drying for. There is something for everyone at this place, be a jin or bourbon lover. 

Timing – Monday to Tuesday – 4 pm–12 am, Wednesday – 4 pm–12 am, Thursday to Saturday – 4 pm–2 am & Sunday – 6 pm–12 am

Must Try – Chips

8. Stockyard Saloon

Stockyard Saloon
Stockyard Saloon

This place is another 18 and up bars in Fort Worth that you cannot miss, and you don’t have to since it’s open till 2:00 am daily. The place also runs special events like ladies nights and our favorite karaoke nights! The entrance of the place has western-style swinging doors, and you get an old-school watering hole vibe once you set foot into this place. Overall, the bar has dartboards, giving a cowboy feel to the whole place. This is the perfect place to grab a beer or order a nice drink. Unlike the other bars on the list, this place does not have a good menu but allows guests to get their food delivered. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 2 pm–2 am

Must Try – Does not serve food

9. Proper


A list of 18 and up bars in Fort Worth is not complete without including Proper. This is a complimentary bar with a day-long happy hour menu on Sunday. The place is located in the historic part of the city amidst a strip of restaurants and bars on Magnolia street. This place is famous for its signature cocktails. You will find a vast menu dedicated solely to cocktails which are sin not to try. Besides, the place sells excellent bar snacks as well. 

Timing – Thursday to Saturday – 4 pm–2 am & Sunday to Wednesday – 4 pm–12 am

Must Try – Spicy goldfish


Indeed, looking for the best 18 and up bars in Fort Worth can get tricky when you are wasted on choices. But for you, we have made this exhaustive list. So, pick a bar you like and create a vibe like never before. 

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