10 Top 18 And Up Bars In San Diego For Collage-age Crowd

San Diego is highly known for its world-class family places. And when you are here with your loved ones, you must also know the names of bars where you can visit and have a ball of a time. Below are 10 such bars that are not just the best in the city but are also fit for the 18+. You can buy liquor and enjoy a drink or two but not alone. And these 18 and up bars in San Diego have the maximum customer ratings too. so, do check them out.

Poseidon Resturant Del Mar
Poseidon Resturant Del Mar

1. Poseidon Resturant Del Mar

What do you get in a bar that is on the seafront? A great outdoor setting with amazing views. And that’s the first reason why people come here. The second reason is when they sit and have Poseidon’s seafood with their drinks. No doubt they are amazing to the core and know how to serve their customers too. This is one of the best 18 and up bars in San Diego!

Timings Tuesday to Sunday – 11 am to 9 pm

Must-Try – Prawn martini

San Diego Club Crawl
San Diego Club Crawl

2. San Diego Club Crawl

A huge club that has got its sections to enjoy the different events in different halls. People like visiting the San Diego club crawl for its huge space, less crowd, cleanliness, and some of their amazing food items. The music is good and the vibes are posh. Overall, it is one of the luxury bars in San Diego that has created its world inside those walls. Do not miss these 18 and up bars in San Diego.

TimingsFriday & Saturday – 9 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Tacos and chocolate strawberry

Onyx Room Nightclub
Onyx Room Nightclub

3. Onyx Room Nightclub

You cannot enter the Onyx room nightclub without reservation. And this rule also ensures the club is not houseful and everyone gets space to dance and enjoy the show. Famous for playing both Latin and Hip-Hop music, the Onyx room is highly recommended by the folks that have visited it already. They have 3 floors and every floor plays a different genre of music which is why people like coming here.

Timings Friday & Saturday – 9 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Loaded nachos

Air-Conditioned Lounge
Air-Conditioned Lounge

4. Air-Conditioned Lounge

There is a huge group of people who like dancing to the tunes from the 50s era. And therefore, all of them come to the air-conditioned lounge. You can count it among one of the best 18 and up bars in San Diego. Because they don’t just play the 50s songs but also play some of the best pieces of music that people often don’t stop dancing to here. And if there’s something that is banging on in the air-conditioned lounge after their music, it’s their ambiance and beer.

Timings Wednesday to Saturday – 5 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Beer

Side Bar San Diego
Side Bar San Diego

5. Side Bar

A lavish bar where bartenders are absolute beauties and services are always on point. While the bar gets filled up soon since they don’t have a huge space. People still love coming here because it has got the best crowd. This 18 and up bars in San Diego will blow your mind. Another thing that has been praised about side bar is their bottle service and killing music. The elegant and hottest club is what people call side bar in San Diego.

Timing – Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday – 7:30 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Chicken tenders

U-31 San Diego
U-31 San Diego

6. U-31

U- 31 makes everyone’s Sundays a lot better by showing sports matches. Even on the other days when a sports match theme is not hosted, the place is always packed and the DJ does an amazing job of keeping everyone entertained. They are majorly known for their food and burgers specifically. Apart from the inside, the bar has a massive outside area that can accommodate a lot of crowds at one time.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 5 pm to 11 pm

Must-Try – Brunch burger

The Office Bar
The Office Bar

7. The Office Bar

The office bar is known for representing the north par vibes also as one of the happening 18 and up bars in San Diego. And just like its name, there’s an old-school office theme that runs in the bar most of the time. The bar is highly recommended for its craft drinks. While the club is dim but the music is not and according to what people have to say, only lit music is played inside the office bar.

Timing – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 7 pm to 2 am & Friday & Saturday – 6 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – esquire

Rumba Lounge
Rumba Lounge

8. Rumba Lounge

Every weekend, a fresh list of the latest top 40 songs is made and played in the Rumba lounge. The highly energetic bar has got 3 rooms. And every room has varied music so that the audience can choose which tune they want to groove to. Their Friday nights and ambiance is what gets the maximum praise from people.

TimingsFriday – 9 pm to 3 am

Must-Try – French 57

Aero Club Bar
Aero Club Bar

9. Aero Club Bar

One of the top-rated bars in San Diego, Aero Club bar is insanely famous for its whiskey collection and tap beers. You should not miss visiting any of these 18 and up bars in San Diego. Their ambiance is bang on too and is always improving with new renovations every time. People love their free popcorns here with whisky a lot. Overall, it’s a huge space, with lots of games and great drinks to have a great time. 

Timing Monday to Sunday – 2 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Pizza

The Tipsy Crow
The Tipsy Crow

10. The Tipsy Crow

A bar that hosts multiple shows including live music, comedy shows, theme parties, etc. in case you don’t know, The Tipsy Crow is known as the longest-standing bar in San Diego and it is still doing pretty good with high ratings. Their food is always praised and their drinks are reasonable. They have 3 floors and every floor has a different theme to entertain a huge crowd. This can be considered one of the best 18 and up bars in San Diego!

Timing Monday to Friday – 5 pm to 2 am & Saturday and Sunday – 12 pm to 2 am

Must-Try – Margarita


And those were some of the best, some of the oldest, some of the highest-rated, and all of the amazing 18 and up bars in San Diego. Every bar mentioned above knows how to fulfill your expectations and is lit in its way. So, where would you like to go?

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