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18+ Club In Las Vegas: Best Teen Clubs In The City

18+ Club In Las Vegas

18+ Club In Las Vegas

If you are in the age group of 18 to 21 and are planning a trip to Nevada, these 18+ Club in Las Vegas is the best place to have the fun of a lifetime. Las Vegas is a city that is really incredible for adults. The city has too many nightclubs and bars where the adults can chill at the weekends.

You may be planning a trip to Las Vegas and may search online: are there any 18 clubs in Vegas? The answer is, yes. The specialty of this city is that it never forgets its inhabitants who are under 21. The clubs and bars for the adults are surely fabulous places in Las Vegas. But you can’t just ignore the special under 21 clubs in that city. Those places, too are really worth visiting.

In an 18+ club in Las Vegas, teenagers can hang out with their friends, dance with the rhythm, or meet new people. Therefore, you should know about the Las Vegas 18 clubs, before you visit the city with friends.

18+ Top Most Favorite Clubs in Las Vegas for the People Who Are Under 21

Las Vegas, the place of light, life, and laughter is the best place for youth to have fun. You can certainly enter various pubs, bars, and nightclubs even if you are under 21 here. However, you need to be 21 to have access to gambling. Nevertheless, there are many nightclubs you can go to grooving to the beat!

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How to attract traffic to Las Vegas bar clubs:

For young people, bar clubs are great places to relax. Here are 18 classic Las Vegas clubs for your reference. How do such venues attract customers to experience them? Bar and club owners usually hold regular membership events, or holiday parties to attract people to come and play. At the same time, they will also bulk custom pins, stickers and other promotional gifts to customers. These small souvenirs can increase the popularity of the store and leave a good impression on customers.

Let’s check out the top 18 under 21 clubs Las Vegas:

1. Could 9 Hookah Lounge

Could 9 Hookah Lounge

Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge is a fab 18+ club in Las Vegas. It is a small lounge which you can find out at the west of the main Vegas city. Don’t worry, they never serve alcohol as it is an under 21 club. Though, hookah is available here. They also offer movie nights to all its visitors.

Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge is a remarkable place for chilling out for those are between 18 to 20 years old. At this place, you can feel the cool vibe similar to a dancing pub.

Timing – Monday To Sunday – 6 pm to 3 am

2. Under 21 Clubs Las Vegas: Little Darlings

Little Darlings

Little Darling is truly the best option for the under 21 people in Las Vegas. If you are in Las Vegas and you do not visit Little Darlings at night, you are really missing out on something unique. The atmosphere of Little Darlings gets totally wild at night, even though they do not serve alcohol.

Therefore, you can get permission from your parents to go there. Not only that, this place is ideal to sit back in relax, hang out or even have a dance in private.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 6 am

Must Try – Cocktails

3. Havana Grill

Havana Grill

As an 18+ club in Las Vegas, Havana Grill includes excellent dancing opportunities particularly on Wednesday to Saturday. They have their own excellent DJ and professional dancers. With them, the teen people can experience and enjoy a fabulous party there.

Havana Grill is always ready with all sorts of things that are perfect to remember forever. Whether it is food or beverages, Havana Grill is unmatched by others.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 10 pm

Must Try – Puerco pork

4. Las Vegas nightclubs 18: Zen 18

Zen 18

Zen 18 arranges some really cool events for people who are under 21. Such special events like Frozen 75, The Attached Club, and more are the all-time favorites of the teenagers. This place is totally non-alcoholic and it serves only sodas and energy drinks.

This place is perfect for people who are between 14 to 17 years old from 8 o clock in the evening to 11 o’clock at night. After that, they have to leave and it will be open for the people who are 18 years old or more.

5. Las Vegas nightclubs 18+: The Joint

The Joint

As an 18+ club in Las Vegas, The Joint is actually a place for concerts. The Joint is located inside the Hard Rock hotel and casino. The Joint is open for the under 21 people regularly for the concert. The concert hall is designed in a way in which the seats are located near the stage.

When you visit this particular place, you can feel a vibe similar to the operas in middle- ages. Famous brands and musicians like The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, The Killers, Bob Marley, Kenny Chesney, and Motley Crue performed in this concert hall.

6. LUV Lounge

LUV Lounge

LUV Lounge is just a picture-perfect place for teenagers for hanging out with their friends. The uniqueness of this place is the cool atmosphere and selection of stupendous hookahs. You can grab special mixtures of hookahs with eternal flavors. 

The hip-hop music at this place can drive you almost crazy and you can dance like a pro on the floor.

Timing – Monday To Sunday – 5 pm to 3 am

Must Try – Tabouli Salad, Hummus

7. The Holsteins

The Holsteins

It is a non-alcoholic place. It serves its teen customers milkshakes, sodas, and other energy drinks. With its chilling vibe, you can grab the finely crafted burgers, traditional American snacks, and other meals that you will love to eat.

Timing – Monday To Sunday – 11 am to 10 pm

Must Try – Kale salad, Crazy bird

8. VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub and Lounge


A perfect place for dining, drink, and dance for teenagers, it is one of the wildest places in Las Vegas. You can hit the dance floor with your friends or even with the stars. A perfect place for the summer evenings, the refreshing breeze is another uniqueness of this place.

Here, you can also avail yourself of the VIP bottle services.

9. XS Nightclub

XS Nightclub

It is one of the most sophisticated 18+ club in Las Vegas. It offers its customers a passionate and enhanced club atmosphere. Roger Thomas, the designer of this club designed it with Encore’s parking pool around it. 

With their best services to the customers, this place remains among the top 5 teen clubs in the city.

Timing – Friday to Sunday – 10.30 am to 4 am

10. Drai’s Nightclub

Drai’s Nightclub

Teenagers can party here for the late night. The dimly lit place can give you a relaxing vibe when you enter here. If you want great entertainment at midnight, do visit Drai’s. They have the best hip-hop music that can drive you wild.

Here, you can also avail of bottle services, live performances, and special events.

Timing – Thursday to Saturday – 10 pm to 6 am

11. Tao Nightclub


As to talk about the under 21 clubs Las Vegas, Tao Nightclub is a place, where you might discover yourself partying and dancing next to a celebrity. This club has its own best DJs, music, and sports that are perfect for your enjoyment.

You can avail of the VIP service with 8 private skyboxes. You must visit this place if you are in Las Vegas.

Timing – Monday To Sunday – 5 pm to 11.30 pm

Must Try – Dim Sum, BBQ

12. Marquee Night and Dayclub


Marquee Night and day club is a hot, happening, and trendy place for the under 21 people in Las Vegas. It is a club where you can enjoy crazy dancing music with the global DJs and several dance floors. 

Surrounded by the pool deck, you can experience a chilling atmosphere at this place. They ask their customers for a particular dress code matched with the atmosphere. They accept trendy yet relaxed attire.

Timing – Friday To Sunday – 10.30 pm to 4 am

13. Piranha Nightclub


If you want a cozy outdoor patio dance, Piranha Nightclub is a great place for you. This place is enhanced with drag shows, theme nights, and more. It is a compact and lush gay nightclub where you can avail yourself VIP skyboxes, bottle services, etc.

This club for teenagers was established just a few years ago and day by day it is becoming the fab place of Las Vegas.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 10 pm to 5 am

Must Try – Baronet, Countess

14. Encore Beach Club


Enjoy wild pool parties both day and night in Encore Beach Club. Music lovers can also visit this place as in the evening this club is filled with the modern and latest music. 

Like Marquee nightclub, Encore also has some particular dress codes for its visitors.

15. Rosina Cocktail Lounge


It is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for teenagers. It is a great place for date nights, happy hours, cocktails, and reservations. You can enjoy the best cocktails at its Palazzo casino floor.

Timing – Thursday to Sunday – 7 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Cocktails

16. Gold Spike

Gold Spike

In Fremont Street, it is one of the most popular combinations of a bar and a club. Teenagers can visit this place. They can party here legally without a proper dress code. You can have a living room and backyard. Both places have various games and entertainment to enjoy.

Timing – 24 hours open

17. Sin City Club

Sin City Club

Have a blast of enjoyment with the party nights at Sin City Club. It offers various packages that include entry to the 3 biggest nightclubs in Las Vegas, free transportation, and free drinks. Their VIP hosts ensure all your comforts until you leave the club.

18. Light Nightclub

Light Nightclub

Being a super classy nightclub, you can enjoy unlimited fun on the dance floor and at the bar. Light Nightclub will never disappoint you with the best services to the customers. Enjoy dine, drink and dance in a single place and make the most of it.

Timing – Friday and Saturday – 10.30 pm to 4 am


If you happen to be in Vegas and are under 21 years, then these Las Vegas 18+ clubs are the best places to have fun. Sing, dance, party, and enjoy to the fullest while you are at these clubs, because “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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