Bachelor Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

The favorite television show for hopeless romantics is back. The drama of The Bachelor is extremely addictive, despite the fact that it has been demonstrated that the couple never really stays together after this lengthy journey. 

The Bachelor returns for yet another year and season. This season promises to be a good one, regardless of whether you love it, hate it, or, like me, feel absolutely no shame in your total obsession with Bachelor Nation.

Despite the fact that the bachelor himself may not always be the fan favorite (shout out to Mike!), Drama, awkward cocktail parties, and way too many windmill jokes are all guaranteed to occur. In addition, Chris Harrison will always stir that pot whenever Pilot Pete bores us.

The watch parties that accompany Bachelor Nation are the most important aspect of the show because while it is entertaining, watching it with friends is far more enjoyable. Consequently, here is a fun drinking game to get the party started for all of you who are hosting or attending Bachelor parties tonight. It’s time for the Pilot Pete cocktail party, baby, so pour some champagne.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you need for this game is an episode of the latest season of the cult show called ‘The Bachelor’ and a cart full of drinks for all those romance fanatics sitting beside you. Give your friends some moments to remember the easy-peasy yet lemony sour rules. These might as well burn your throat down and get you wasted for the night. But, of course, it’s going to be one hell of a night. 

How To Play The Bachelor Drinking Game?

How To Play The Bachelor Drinking Game?

So the rules game is very simple and easy going for it has no hard and fast rules. Just fun and memories. Set up a projector or a big screen to watch the show on. The next thing you should want is a crate full of your crowd’s favorite drinks stacked up nicely. Now, put on the show and follow the rules given below. 

Rules And Gameplay

The rules are simple yet twisted in the manner that they’d have you lying on the floor, laughing, rolling, and having fun, just pure fun! Here are some amazing first-hand rules that you can follow. Don’t forget to add up to these and own the game and the night with your friends. 

Rules And Gameplay

Take A Sip Whenever… 

  • Someone weeps, 
  • someone kisses, 
  • someone uses the L word.
  • Words are silenced or beeped.
  • A girl uses the word “like” in a sentence 
  • Ben kisses someone 
  • The girls complain that they are not getting enough time with Ben
  • Someone claims they love Ben 
  • A girl begins to talk about her past to Ben 
  • A girl talks about how worried she is about going home 
  • Zach is shirtless
  • Joke about someone’s age 
  • A live musician plays 
  • Plane ride 
  • Boat ride 
  • A conversation about kids, family, or an ex-boyfriend 
  • The phrase “Right reasons” is said 
  • The bachelor uses the word “wife” The contestant or Zach

Take Two Sips If

  • Becca’s virginity is mentioned 
  • Olivia claims Ben is hers (and doesn’t stop until she finishes) 
  • Someone leaves outside of a rose ceremony 
  • The contestant talks about being a model or content creator 
  • The jacuzzi/hot tub/pool date has been announced 
  • Zach says “my wife could be in this room” 
  • The contestant refers to Zach as her boyfriend

Finish Your Drink When

  • The Bachelor announces that one of the contestants has fallen in love for the first time. 
  • Your favorite contestant has been eliminated.
  • Someone strips off.
  • A contestant drinks champagne or takes a shot. 
  • Someone calls an ambulance or needs attention 
  • someone mentions the windmill.
  • Someone asserts that someone else is present for “the wrong reasons.”
  • Someone enters wearing a costume.
  • if a former bachelorette appears out of nowhere
  • if the rose is given to a blonde white girl at first sight.
  • every time someone is called a slut.

Best Bachelor Drinking Games To Play

Best Bachelor Drinking Games To Play

Are you running out of bachelor party games to keep your group entertained throughout the evening? You are under a lot of pressure because you want your groom-to-be to have the evening of his life before he walks down the aisle. Sadly, it can be difficult to maintain people’s spirits during bar crawls and other daytime activities.

You’ll have even more time to have fun and party if your bachelor party is on the weekend.

1. Drink-A-Palooza

It is a brand-new and exciting board game that brings together a number of popular bachelor party games into a single package. There will probably be a lot of people at your bachelor party who have particular strengths and weaknesses. Some people are great at quarters, beer pong, and other games.

Drink-a-Palooza lets everyone at your party shine and have a great time. You will receive everything from Beer Pong to Flip Cups, Quarters, and more in this all-in-one set. There’s even a tabletop game included if you have any desire to plunk down a tad. Even if you have a large group to manage, there is something for everyone in the games for two to twelve players.

2. Shot Roulette

It is especially important to look at if you want to dress your groom in a ridiculous outfit before he starts drinking. He is more likely to follow your plans the more shots he has had before leaving. Shot Roulette is a quick and easy game in which players fill a roulette wheel with a variety of alcoholic beverages.

One shot might be filled with whiskey, one with a fireball, and one with beer. If the ball lands on your number, you drink whatever is in the glass that corresponds to it. Each member of your team chooses a number.

3. Ping pong with a beer

is one of those bachelor party ideas that seem to fit into any planned evening. Not only does it appear that everyone knows how to play, but also setting up the game is incredibly simple. A few plastic cups, a few ping pong balls, and a lot of beer are all you need.

If you ask nicely and don’t make too much mess, some local bars and pubs will even let you play Beer Pong at their tables. Or, for the special occasion, you could find a cool custom beer pong table. If you’ve never played beer pong before, all you have to do is divide into two teams and try to get your ball into one of the glasses on the other team’s team.

Assuming you’re fruitful, they need to drink whatever is in that glass and afterward eliminate it from play. You can play a game of him versus the rest of the party if you want to quickly get your groom drunk. However, the night will not continue for very long after that.

4. Drunk Jenga

If you want, you can easily host this bachelor party without getting too drunk. Jenga is a game everyone enjoys, after all. Basically, all you want to begin playing is a rendition of the exemplary prepackaged game that you’ve changed to suit your unhitched male party action thoughts. Mark some rules on the blocks with a sharpie.

You can, for instance, write “Don’t speak for the rest of the game” or “make someone else drink” on one block. The fact that you can be as imaginative as you want is one of the best aspects of drunken Jenga. If you want, you can even add some dares and truths to the mix.

You can continue playing the game as usual once your blocks have been set up. Just keep in mind that when a rule is pulled out of a block, they will be expected of them to follow it. The person responsible must finish their drink if the tower falls.


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