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10 Best Beach Bars In Costa Rica: Time For Vitamin-Sea

Best Beach Bars In Costa Rica

Best Beach Bars In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has around 300 beaches and a coastline stretching over 912 miles. Thus naturally, there will be some beautiful and posh best beach bars in Costa Rica around this area. The absolute number of best beach bars in Costa Rica is plenty, but we have picked up a few that you must visit. 

El Vaquero

1. El Vaquero

This place is all that you can imagine when you think of a local beach bar in Central America. The small bar has a thatched roof and multiple long picnic tables on the sand overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the serene view of this place while enjoying the icy cold brew served on this place. Besides, the food menu is extensive. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 7 am –9 pm

Must Try – Craft beer, Fish salad


2. Lola’s

Lola’s is a popular restaurant and a campus daytime Beachfront bar located in Playa Avellanas. There is a small trivia about this place; the joint is named after a pig named Lola; however, she is no more. Lola is a beautiful open-air space and one of the top locations for spending your day in Costa Rica. In addition to the lovely and refreshing drinks, the place has some of the most lip-smacking pub grubs. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 9 am–6 pm

Must Try – Fresh ceviche, fish tacos, fish and chips, smoothies

Costa Rica Sailing Center

3. Costa Rica Sailing Center

For those of you looking for the best beach bars in Costa Rica for fun that lasts the whole day, this is the place you want to go to! This place is ideal for the adrenaline junkies and has some of the most sought-after activities, including kayaking, volleyball, sailing lessons, and much more. Additionally, this place is also a great bar cum restaurant. You will love their exhaustive menu and have a blast all the way to dusk while enjoying the beautiful sunset. 

Timing – Tuesday to Sunday – 8:30 am–4 pm 

Must Try – Chili guaros and chilled beer

Coco Loco

4. Coco Loco

Another best beach bars in Costa Rica is Coco Loco, located on Playa Flamingo. This beachfront bar on the white sand is all you need to shed off the care in the world and simply let go. This place offers a truly Central America beach experience where you can sip a rum drink from coconut with your toes in the sand. The food, drinks, and the whole ambiance of this place have been a local favorite since 2012. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11 am–9 pm

Must Try – Ceviches, salads

El Chiringuito

5. El Chiringuito

Though this is a relatively new place in Tamarindo, El Chiringuito is one of the best beach bars in Costa Rica. This place has become extremely popular among the locals and those looking to enjoy the happy hour sessions. The ambiance, food, and amazing drinks here make this place the best hangout destination for friends and dates. 

Timing – Tuesday to Sunday – 12 pm – 8:45 pm

Must Try – Burritos, Gallo Pinto, Mahi Mahi, Made-to-order cocktails and tapa-style dishes, and seafood. 

Banana Beach

6. Banana Beach

Located on the beaches of Santa Teresa, this place is one of the best beach bars in Costa Rica. The best thing about this place is the seating options- there are multiple, and you can choose any that suit you. Banana Beach has a kick-back vibe which is very comforting. You get fantastic breakfast, dinner, and lunch options here and, of course, happy hours for the famous cocktails. Do drop in for the super cool vibe and sunset view. 

Timing – Open 24* 7

Must Try – Sesame Crusted Tuna, Tuna Steak, Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Mixed Green Salad

The Point

7. The Point

Though Costa Rica is a beautiful place, not many Americans reside here. However, things are changing, and as per the locals, it’s primarily due to the opening of The Point, one of the best beach bars in Costa Rica. The joint combines the local flavor with the American culture, i.e., the place serves cold craft beer while offering seven-screen sports screenings. Owing to its chill ambiance, locals and tourists frequent this place to enjoy a bit of American fun coupled with the sandy beaches of Costa Rica. Though the skull and crossbow on the bar’s approach are a bit off-putting, the staff here is amicable. 

Timing – Open 24*7 

Must Try – Wraps, burgers, shakes

Playa Biesanz bar Costa Rica

8. Playa Biesanz

This place is not a conventional beach bar per se, but a nice beach where the locals set up stands. However, as per many visitors, this place is no less than the popular beach bars mentioned in this list. You can chill on the vast expanse under an umbrella available for rent and enjoy the amazing food and drinks served here. In addition to food and drinks, you can rent kayaks and snorkeling equipment and have a fun beach time.

Timing – 24*7 all day

Must Try – Pina colada, seafood salad

Tortilla Flats

9. Tortilla Flats

This is yet another best beach bar in Costa Rica located right on the cobblestone street from Playa Dominical. This place has an open bar and restaurant with an amazing chill vibe. Tortilla Flats is frequented by servers who come to enjoy the icy beverage and great food options in between surfing and basking on the beach. This place is frequented by locals and tourists alike. 

Timing – Wednesday to Monday – 12 pm – 8 pm

Must Try – Wine

Tasty Waves Cantina

10. Tasty Waves Cantina

This place is an epitome of a cool bar! Located at the very popular Playa Cocles, Tasty Waves Cantina is nothing short of a happening bar where you can feel the local vibe. Besides the amazing food you can have all the killer cocktails this place has on the menu and of course, the icy cold beer is heavenly. The place hosts entertainment events throughout the week to keep the vibe lit Patrons who have visited this place before having tons of good things to say about this place so don’t miss it. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 12 –11 pm

Must Try – Pizzas, burgers, cold brew, and tacos


Once you are in Costa Rica, don’t miss the fantastic beaches and Beachfront bars of the place. Indeed there are many options available; however, we have tried to streamline the options for you here in this article, so you can pick an option that suits you. So put on your swimwear and beach outfit and head out.

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