10 Amazing Downtown West Palm Beach Bars: Get Beachy

If you are in Downtown West Palm, Florida, you should not be bored. Everything about this place, from the beaches to the bars, is bubbling with life, and there is something for everyone here. The place has active nightlife, and we have handpicked the top Downtown West Palm beach bata for you here. 

Copper Blues
Copper Blues

1. Copper Blues

This is one of the top downtown West Palm beach bars that are popular for the fantastic craft beers. The locals often refer to this place as the brewpub, and you will surely enjoy the craft beer and the beautiful beaches for which this place is known. This place has over 60 beers on tap, including some of the most popular local brews. In addition to the great food and beer, the place hosts rock performances every Wednesday to Saturday! 

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 4 pm–1 am & Friday to Sunday – 11 am–2 am

Must Try – Burgers 

The Blind Monk
The Blind Monk

2. The Blind Monk

The next best downtown West Palm beach bars on our list is The Blind Monk. This joint is close to Clematis Street and is hard to miss. The wine bar of this joint is super famous and offers more than 400 varieties of wine. In addition to the wide gamut of alcohol, the ambiance of this place makes it perfect for a date night. The candle-lit lounge is ideal for the nights, and you have the plush leather couches and decorative lights to set the mood. Overall this is the perfect place if you want a low-key evening. 

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 4 pm – 10:30pm & Friday & Saturday – 4 pm–12 am

Must Try – Pan Con Tomate, Fresh Mozz & Heirloom Tomatoes, Chicken Liver Pate

The Blue Anchor British Pub
The Blue Anchor British Pub

3. The Blue Anchor British Pub

This place is one of the top downtown West Palm beach bars that serve the best breed across the pond. But that’s not what people come here for. The place has a lot of historical stories to tell. For instance, this place’s doors and stained glass windows are shipped from London, which was this place’s original location. The pub hosts rock music performances on most Thursday and Friday nights, and the happy hours are lit. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 12 pm–2 am

Must Try – Hot pies served with Guinness gravy

Roxy Pub

4. Roxy Pub

The next downtown West Palm beach bars, Roxy Pub is a multistoried Irish pub on West Palm Beach. If you are a sports fan, you can go to the bottom floor and join other fans watching the different Florida sports teams play it off while sipping beer. The next level has two bar stations; you can hit anyone to have a drink and look out at the city from the deck. The place also sets the perfect mood for dancing with house music and videos playing on the projection screens. 

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 3 pm–3 am

Friday to Sunday – 12 pm–4 am

Must Try – Smoked beef brisket on flour tortillas with shredded lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, & salsa verde, Bacon, Mac & Cheese.

City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill
City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill

5. City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill

If you are in West Palm and want to enjoy a refreshing drink, you cannot miss going to the City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill. Owing to its huge popularity, we had to include it in our list of top downtown West Palm beach bars. The extensive wine selection and food menu of this place will leave you spoilt for choices. In addition to the great food and drinks, the balcony seating with the courtyard view is breathtaking. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11:30 am–12 am

Must Try – Seafood, meat, wood-oven pizza

e.r. bradley's saloon
e.r. bradley’s saloon

6. E.R. Bradley’s Saloon

The next pick in our list of downtown West Palm beach bars is located on the outskirts of West Palm Beach. The place is famous for the drinks it serves and the patrons keep coming back for more. The drinking experience enhances due to the amicable behavior of the bar keeps of this place. Many customers opine that their experience of this place was amazing. 

Timing – Monday to Friday – 11 am–2 am & Saturday & Sunday – 8 am–3 am

Must Try – French Onion Crock, Daily Soup, Hollywood Cobb

Bar Louie
Bar Louie

7. Bar Louie

If you are near Clematis Street, you must check our pick in the downtown West Palm beach bars list, Bat Louie. This place is trendy for its incredible drinks and delicious food. The atmosphere of this place is breathtaking, be it near the beer or upstairs in the seating area. In addition to their drink menu, the food menu of this place is quite extensive. The place has a super chill vibe, and you can enjoy watching sports here. 

Timing –

Monday to Sunday – 11 am–2 am

Must Try – Burgers and sandwiches

Boston's On The Beach
Boston’s On The Beach

8. Boston’s On The Beach

Our next pick in the list of downtown West Palm beach bars has been serving New England-style seafood and local fish to the tourists for the last 35 years. The place just steps away from the beach, and the place’s vibe attracts all the tourists in the area. There are over 30 TVs in the place so you can enjoy the game or listen to music. The entertainment never ends at Boston’s.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11:30 am–9 pm

Must Try – Salads, sandwiches, and lots of seafood selections.

Square Grouper
Square Grouper

9. Square Grouper

This place is unlike all the bars we have mentioned so far. Square Grouper is a small tiki bar that plays live music. The service of this place is amazing, and you can get an amazing rum drink and wine while listening to the local reggae a s acoustic. But that’s not it about the place. You can walk straight to the docks and check out the Jupiter lighthouse from this place. Overall this place is perfect for a date night. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 11am–12 am

Must Try – Coconut shrimps, fish dip, chicken wings

1,2,3 Datura
1,2,3 Datura

10. 1,2,3 Datura

If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood bar located at the heart of downtown West Palm Beach, don’t miss out on 1,2,3 Datura. The place serves excellent food and great drinks, and the vibe is worth it! Owing to its NYC origin, the menu of this place is equally delicious and simple. 

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 5 pm–2 am

Must Try – Grandma-style pizza and drinks 


As we told you earlier, there s no death of incredible places to drink at West Palm, but we have included the best downtown West Palm beach bars so that you don’t have to hunt your way. So, enjoy the picks and do visit these places. 

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