12 Must-Visit Bars in Gaslamp San Diego

Do you also like sitting on a chair in a pretty ambiance, with good food, amazing services, soothing music, and exemplary beer to enjoy with your favorite company on a Sunday evening? Well, you must explore the best bars in Gaslamp San Diego in that case. Then have you tried all the places that have got such experience to offer you?

And when you are in a city that has got the most carefree vibes and soulful atmosphere i.e., San Diego, whether you are a visitor or a permanent resident, you must know the 12 best bars in Gaslamp San Diego for lit evenings and fun-filled weekends. Since the bars in the city are like no other you must try them all. The outside sitting arrangements, the rooftop feels, and the inside of the bars with an amazing crowd, comfortable sittings, and the mood that is exactly perfect to have a drink and relax.

The good news is that most of the bars in San Diego are open late till 2 in the night which makes drinking till late at night after a busy day possible. So, wouldn’t you like to know more about such places so that you can visit them asap? If yes, and if you are ready to explore the finest bars to drink the best cocktails in San Diego, see the information that unrolls below.

Best Bars In Gaslamp San Diego

Noble experiment
Noble experiment

1. Noble experiment

One of the top and best bars in Gaslamp, this speakeasy place called ‘noble experiment’ got its name after the noble experiment of prohibition and is famous for its crafty cocktails. It is located secretly and is hidden inside a restaurant which means you will get all the privacy once you are inside this excitingly mysterious place. Also, don’t forget to get your bookings done before you show up at their door.

Timing- Monday to Sunday – 6 am to 2 pm 

Must-Try– Garlic Fries

The Grass Skirt
The Grass Skirt

2. The Grass Skirt

Who doesn’t like Tiki bars? A great fusion of cocktails to enjoy in the evening with a bunch of friends? This laid-back hangout space called the grass skirt is hidden behind a freezer door. And it has got great food for you along with an amazing collection of the rum-filled menu and an over-the-top Polynesian ambiance to enjoy all this and feel lively.

Timing – Tuesday & Wednesday – 5 pm to 11 pm  & Thursday to Sunday – 5 pm to 12 pm 

Must-Try– Pork Bowls, Pupu Platter


3. Fairweather

Here are your most talked about rooftop restaurants San Diego known as Fairweather, this place is perfect to have some best gin drinks when you are done with the day’s hustle and want to relax a bit. Enjoy their exclusive sandwiches with craft drinks on a rooftop when the sun is setting the feel the calm of life on your fingertips. The thoughtful ambiance with the view of Petco Park stadium and cool breeze on your face will light up your evening in the best way possible.

Timing – Monday to Thursday – 3 pm to 10 pm  & Friday to Sunday – 12 pm to 12 am 

Must-Try– Singapore Sling, Kickin Shrimp Taco


4. Charles + Dinorah

Located in the pearl hotel, Charles + Dinorah is an oyster-shaped pool with an indoor and outdoor setting that gives you an experience like none other. As much as exciting the theme of this bar sounds, live movies to enjoy your time work as the cherry on the pie. Whether it’s cocktails, food, a mid-century themed eatery, a well-planned food and bar menu, or the happy hours that make your time all the more worth it!

Timing – Tuesday to Saturday – 4 pm to 10 pm 

Must-Try– Beef carpaccio, Fish Tacos, and grilled oysters

Donut Bar
Donut Bar

5. Donut Bar

Looking for cocktail bars San Diego and ended up here? Who said that a donut bar cannot serve some refreshing wine and cocktails? That’s the specialty of the donut bar, it turns into a beer and booze spot after 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. And this is what visitors love the most about this sweetly overloaded space. Doesn’t this sound like one of the cool bars in San Diego? 

Timing- Monday to Friday – 7 am to 12.30 am  & Saturday & Sunday – 8 am to 12.30 am 

Must-Try– Unicorn donuts, overload Nutella donuts

Polite Provisions
Polite Provisions

6. Polite Provisions

Gaslamp quarter bars are never out of amazing options for you and if you like having your craft cocktails and microbrews in a retro-style then your wish has been granted by polite provisions. This bar offers a modern take on the old times soda and drugstore where you can dispense beer, wine, craft cocktails, and batch spirits from the taps and enjoy an evening filled with your favorite booze.

Timing- Monday to Thursday – 4 pm to 2 am  & Friday to Sunday – 12 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try- Smashed meatball burger

Kettner Exchange
Kettner Exchange

7. Kettner Exchange

Trying to sneak out of your house to have a party? Or looking for after-party scenes? Then why haven’t you landed in the Kettner exchange yet? This one from the list of San Diego Gaslamp district bars has everything to lure you by its charm. The live DJ knows how to give you the right feeling of both private parties and to have some wine along with the lively crowd. Just wait for the sun to go down and see the place transforms into a different world of itself with exquisite vibes giving you the best of San Diego nightlife Gaslamp.

Timing – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday – 5 pm to 12 am & Friday & Saturday – 5 pm to 1 am 

Must-Try– Royal Red Shrimp Garlic Noodles

coin-op game room san diego
coin-op game room san diego

8. Coin-Op Game Room

Do you mind being sporty, full of enthusiasm, and competitive while drinking your favorite beer? Based on the 80s retro theme, this one of the Gaslamp district bars is called Coin-Op game room is a bar that offers an ambiance that will force you to travel through time and look at the posters that will remind you of the cinema that you have seen while growing up. All this with a glass of wine and some amazing games like a pinball to binge play and spend a lovely evening inside this bar. 

Timing- Sunday to Thursday – 4 pm to 12 am  & Friday & Saturday – 4 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try– burger and nachos

Pendry San Diego
Pendry San Diego

9. The Pendry

Would you like to spend time in a lavish and uber-hip bar that looks nothing less than a grand hotel with its 4 stylish and completely different joints to satisfy your needs? The Pendry offers several venues in just one place that makes you comfortable and feel the air of ease. From rooftop pool to a beer hall and from the buzz-filled lobby to the social club where you will dance on the tables. This bar is everything you’ll ever need!

Timing- 2 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try– chicken wings and potato fries

Trailer Park After Dark
Trailer Park After Dark

10. Trailer Park After Dark

Theme bars make you feel like you are in some different world. And if you like that feeling then you should spend the evening at Trailer Park after the dark. This is because their park theme restaurant and lounge give a feeling that you are having all the fun while sitting in a park and enjoying your drink with a bunch of strangers. With so much comfort and ease this place makes you feel at home while enjoying their great food and bar menu.

Timing- Thursday – 5 pm to 12 am  & Friday & Saturday – 5 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try– Jell-o-shots

False Idol
False Idol

11. False Idol

Who would leave the chance of feeling Italian vibes while sitting in San Diego? An Italy-styled frame of cocktails that you see after passing through a cave-like entrance with glowing skulls and exotic sealings is enough to encompass the excitement of being at this oh-so-different bar and gulp your favorite cocktail from the menu. Enjoy some tiki classics and false idol’s original menu when at this place.

Timing- Monday to Thursday – 5 pm to 1 am & Friday to Sunday – 5 pm to 2 am 

Must-Try: Tonight or never

The Nolen in San Diego
The Nolen in San Diego

12. The Nolen

The last but not the least breweries in Gaslamp San Diego is the Nolen. This one is located on the 14th floor and you can imagine the view you would experience there. But apart from the great skyline view, this rooftop hotel also has a tasteful menu with creatively named cocktails that will force you to try them. Just book a table on a Friday evening and enjoy some quality time with the best views, best location, and best food & drinks on your table.

Timing- Monday to Thursday – 5 pm to 12 am, Friday & Saturday – 5 pm to 1 am & Sunday – 10 am to 12 am 

Must-Try: Hot girl summer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  How many fun bars in gaslamp san diego?
There is many bar in gaslamp san diego but when we talk about the fun bars in gaslamp san diego here are such names that is come in everyone’s Mind .Such as : 1. Noble experiment 2. The Grass Skirt · 3. Fairweather · 4. Donut Bar  5.  Charles + Dinorah  Etc.

Q2.  How many cool bars gaslamp san diego?
There are More Then Fifty gaslamp san diego businesses that offer a variety of cool bars. Some of these bars offer drinks such as beer, wine, and cocktails. Others have food options such as pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

Q3. Best bars in san diego california?
Ans. There are many great bars in SanDiego California. Some of the most popular choices include The Rialto, The Standard, and The Embarcadero. If you’re looking for a more alcoholic night out, you should try theDistillery Room at The Park or The Bazaar at El Greco.

Q4. Happy hour  Moments in gaslamp san diego? 
Ans: It’s not difficult to find happy hour deals in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. The bars and restaurants offer a variety of drinks and appetizers, so you’re sure to find something to your taste. Some popular happy hour destinations include the Bootlegger’s Bar & Grill, The Laughing Gonk Joint, and the Old School Pub.

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