Top 10 Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Woman

Girls’ night outs are always fun, isn’t it? But just imagine you and your girl gang are dancing the night away with the best cocktail drinks. Nothing could be more fantastic than this right? There are numerous bars that offer a lot of alcoholic beverages that differ in color, aroma, as well as flavor. But we can understand that you might be having a hard time ordering the right drink for yourself and your friends which all of you might enjoy.

So calm down! Because next time when you decide to hit the bar, you will know what exactly you want to order at a bar . In this article, we have shared a Top 10 drinks to order at a bar for a woman along with 4 more bonus drinks. Just the feeling of having a blast and enjoying quality moments with your girl besties gets your party mood started! Whip out this list of top 10 drinks for girls and try the best drink at the bar without any fuss.

10 Best Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Woman

1. Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

Are you craving chocolate? Or are you craving an alcoholic drink? why not get a combination of these two flavors in a drink? After drinking the Chocolate Martini, satisfaction is guaranteed. Plus, if you are having a girl’s night out, then this drink is a must-try for you and your girlfriends. This heavenly drink is made by mixing chocolatey and hard alcohol together.

And if you don’t have chocolate then you can add chocolatey components or cocoa powder. This cocktail can also be served as a yummy dessert, and you won’t feel guilty after having this instead of eating a pastry or a slice of cake. ABV of approximately 28.7%

2. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Another popular drink is Bloody Mary which you will mostly spot along with brunches. Plus, it is a nice option to drink at bars. Tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce are mixed together to make this savory-sour cocktail. In the end, you can embellish it with a celery stick. Its alcohol content should fall somewhere around 10 percent ABV

3. Pina Colada

 Pina Colada

There is no other gorgeous drink as Pina Colada. The entire setup of this drink is pretty cute and it is always served with embellishments like tiny umbrellas and cherries. You need to add rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk to make this trendy drink. The ingredients themselves are so refreshing then imagine how refreshing it would taste. Besides, you can either blend it like a smoothie or put ice cubes and shake it well. The 70-80% proof rum gives pina coladas a 13% ABV

4. Mai Tai

Mai Tai

If you ever visit tiki-themed bars and restaurants, then they would probably have this popular drink. Have you ever wondered what the word, Mai Tai means? In English, it means “out of this world”. You can make your own Mai Tai just how it is made in the bar by adding orgeat syrup, orange liquor, lime juice, as well as dark rum to make this summery yet tangy drink. And next time, if you are out with your girlfriends, order this drink and make your night extra fun. This extremely session able and refreshing liquid has 12% ABV which provides the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol with a clean finish

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5. Sangria 


Sangria is one such drink that can be easily made at home. And if you are hitting the bar with your ladies, then there is no other tasty yet crunchy drink than sangria. This drink is filled with all the goodness such as the best quality red wine, a large pitcher, as well as chopped fruits of your choice. The roots of this drink are from Portugal and Spain. Besides, the name Sangria is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sakari,” meaning “sugared wine.”  Drinks labelled as sangria must have an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 12% vol.

6. Margarita

Margarita is yet another staple bar drink that almost all of us have had at least once in our lives. It is not just a girl’s night drink but also suits every occasion. Talking about the ingredients, the classic margarita is made by mixing all the ingredients like lime juice, triple sec, and tequila stirred or shaken together and served in a dainty cocktail glass. Moreover, it is quite easy to fix drinks up for you and your ladies if you ever plan for a night over at your home and have fun. Margaritas have about 33% ABV

7. Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is an iconic name for a drink that was created by Ted Pizio. He is a Florida-based bartender who was searching to promote peach schnapps. The idea of naming this drink Sex on the beach came after beach and sex. These two things are the main reason why kids loved to go to Florida all the time during their spring break.

Even though it has a raunchy name, this tangy yet spicy drink is created by mixing peach schnapps, cranberry juice, as well as vodka. While sipping this yummy tropical drink, it will remind you of many beach lovers who came to visit the iconic beaches during their university days. Lastly, we are sure that your girlfriends are going to love this exotic drink. it has around 11.61% ABV

8. Cosmopolitan


If you frequently visit bars then you might probably know that Cosmopolitan is one of the most famous drinks loved by the ladies. It has gained popularity due to the Sex and the City movie where most of the characters were seen sipping this queen of the drinks. This may look like s simple drink but it tastes amazing and is synonymous with classy yet elite ladies who are working in the powerful corporate world.

Apart from that, this flirty yet tasty drink is made from a combination of Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice, as well as vodka. You can either serve it in a rainy martini glass or a cocktail glass. This drink is the best you can have when you want to chill out with your ladies or want to destress after a hectic day at your work.The main recipe stands at 27 percent ABV

9. Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri

Nothing looks sexier than a drink that is sweet yet tangy. Strawberry Daiquiri is a pretty-in-pink drink that is a worthy candidate to be on your girls’ night-out drink list. So next time you are planning for a night out with your girl gang then do not miss the chance to try Strawberry Daiquiri.  In this drink, you will find a mixture of fresh fruit, strawberry juice, lime juice, as well as dark rum. This is a truly refreshing drink that you can either shake in a cocktail shaker or blend like a smoothie. In the end, you can garnish it with a few strawberry slices on top of the cocktail glass. It has around 22.77% alc./vol

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10. Mojito

The number one drink ordered at any bar is none other than Mojito. The classic Mojito comes in various tastes. It is made up of mint, simple syrup, club soda, lime juice, as well as white rum.

This drink suits all the palate and goes down smoothly. So you don’t have to worry about getting tipsy in 2 or 3 glasses and enjoy the entire night with your girl gang. Apart from being a fun and refreshing alcoholic beverage, the Classic Mojito can be made colorless so that there are fewer chances of staining in case anybody accidentally spills the drink while they are dancing and having fun. So yes, now you can even flaunt your white dress because clear Mojitos are white dress friendly. The alcohol content falls in the 13 percent ABV

Four Bonus Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Woman

1. Frozen Daiquiri

Frozen Daiquiri

If you haven’t tried Frozen Daiquiri, then you are missing out on one of the best fruity drinks. This beverage is available in a wide variety of fruity flavors. Plus, it is a great choice if you are looking for a girly rum-based cocktail. And coming to its taste, this frozen concoction is flavorful and sweet with a touch of fantastic yet feminine presentations which most often include fruits as embellishments.

2. Jolly Rancher Martini

Raise your hands if you grew up eating Jolly Rancher candy! And if you still have a sweet tooth, then Jolly Rancher Martini is the best drink for a proper girls’ night out. The drink comes in vibrant flavors and colors that perfectly complement your night.

3. Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel Apple Martini

If you are a lover of sour and sweet combination drinks with an extra punch of fruity flavors. It is best for those who love Halloween-style drinks or just want to try something sour and sweet.

4. Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from colorful drinks, then we would recommend you to try this exotic alcoholic drink. Blue Hawaiian does not only have a beautiful electric blue color, but the taste of it will take you to the Hawaiian beach where you are sitting under the sky with a cold breeze playing with your hair. This sweet-flavored alcoholic beverage is for those who don’t like to blend in with the crowd but loves to try new flavored drinks.

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