Casamigos Tequila Price And Taste Guide

A true boozer always goes for the best and when it comes to tequila, why should one go for the second-best! Having said that, one should not compromise and should try the Casamigos Tequila Price.

If you don’t know about the Casamigos Tequila price or about the drink itself then you are in luck today as we will sharing all the interesting insights right here. With that, let’s sneak peep into what’s coming ahead.

What Is Casamigo Tequilla?

What Is Casamigo Tequilla?

Casamigos is a company that is known to produce quality tequila. The Casamigos tequila company was founded by none other than the famous actor George Clooney. He established the company along with his two friends as the three of them wanted a tequila-like none other. At first, they kept the venture private, and only in 2013, did they commercially started to sell the tequila. The tequila very quickly became famous as the George Clooney tequila.

They were so successful that in 2017 they sold the company to The Diageo Beverage Company for $700 million. The Diageo Company is a multinational alcohol-making venture which has its headquarters in London. The company was found by Wolff Olins in 1997. Now many people think that George Clooney tequila and Casamigos tequila are different and search for the George Clooney tequila price on the net or look for them in stores.

If you had been making the same mistake so far as well then note that both are the same thing. Putting it even more simply, Casamigos tequila is George Clooney tequila! The company produces four varieties of it. The four bottles are named as the Casamigos Blanco, Casamigos Reposado, Casamigos Anejo and the Casamigos Mezcal Joven.

  • All the bottles come in 750ml.
  • Wondering, how are they different?
  • The difference between them lies in the taste.
  • Furthermore, Casamigos sells its Casamigos tequila in a lot of price options and editions.
  • Let’s take a look at them one by one.
Casamigos Tequila Tequila Worth

Casamigos Tequila Tequila Worth

We know, enjoying the classy yet playful tastes of Tequila is indeed a matter of love for the drink. But everything comes with the right price Intrigued to know, HOW MUCH IS CASAMIGOS TEQUILA? So, here we are with the price details that you definitely need so you can e ready to spend your weekend just the way you want.

How Much Is Blanco Tequila for? The Blanco is made with vanilla, lemon meringue, and apple. The drink is fermented for 2 months and has a sweet taste. Liquor testers say that if you are trying out Casamigos for the first time go for the Blanco. It is priced at $41.99.

How Much Is Reposado Tequila For?

The next version Reposado is made with black pepper and peppery agave. The drink is fermented in American white oak casks for 7 months. The flavor of this one is very peppery. It is priced at $45.99. Ready to order? Well, wait, here is the next version too!

Casamigos Taquila

How Much Is Anejo Tequila For?

Following the Reposado is the Anejo. Made with custard oak, sweet vanilla, dark chocolate, toffee penny, mango, and citrous papaya, the Anejo tastes fantastic. The drink is fermented for 14 months and one bottle of it costs $51.99 which is surprisingly less than other brands of Anejo.

How Much Is Mezcal Joven For?

Last but not least comes the Mezcal Joven. This is the strongest tasting Casamigos tequila available in the market and is priced at a lofty $54.99. Taking the talk forward, all four bottles have a lower value version. The prices for them are $39.99, $42.99, $49.99, and $49.99 in the order in which they have been mentioned earlier. So far, we hope, you must have made your mind to finally trying the best versions according to your taste. But, we know, you must be thinking of experience it in one shot. And if we are on the same page, here is what you need to know.

How Much Is A Shot Of Casamigos?
How Much Is A Shot Of Casamigos?

How Much Is A Shot Of Casamigos?

The price of this shot can change very dynamically. Just like other tequila shots, Casamigos tequila shot price can also go up and down depending upon demand. It also varies based on club to club. The posh bar will charge high with a tax ad on whereas in a normal bar it is available at an affordable rate. In general, the price of the Casamigos tequila shot varies between $7.25 to $12 /per shot. But the price can also vary if you have a club membership that provides you discounts.

So, get set ready to try a big one-shot with big fat discounts. Moving on, you must be wondering that if Casamigos makes such good quality tequila then they must be making other good quality liquors as well. We won’t tell you if they do or not but the next section will surely answer this particular query of yours.

Casamigos Liquor

Casamigos Liquor

The Casamigos Company only makes tequila. There are no other liquor products like wine, beer, whiskey, scotch, rum, etc. Frankly speaking, the tequila made by Casamigos is so good that you will become a tequila fan if you are not already. Now if you are going to a bar and there you want to try Casamigos tequila shot then read on.

Some Facts About Casamigos Tequila

While you can always drink the Casamigos tequila just like that; you can always make a very good Margarita out of it. All you have to do is mix Casamigos tequila, lime juice, orange juice, agave nectar, and orange liqueur for 10 seconds in a shaker. You can serve it with ice. It can be a good cocktail to enjoy with friends on some occasions. Let’s now move on to answering your frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Casamigos Liquor

Q1. Is Casamigos Top Shelf?

A. No, Casamigos is not the top-shelf tequila available in the market. Roca Patron Reposado is the best and top-rated tequila on market for $81.

Q2. Is Casamigos Worth The Money?

A. While a few dedicated Clooney fans like the Casamigos tequila but in general not many people like it because they say it tastes artificial, more watery, and very sweet. So Casamigos is not worth the money.

Q3. Is Casamigos Tequila Healthy?

A. Yes, Casamigos tequila is very healthy and in fact, it’s the healthiest among all the tequila available in the market. A serving of 1 ounce has just 64 calories.

Final Words

Casamigos Tequila is made by using the finest raw ingredients in the perfect ratio and is fermented in the best quality tank and casks. Drawing a close on these talks it is safe to say that the Casamigos tequila is something that you get used to with time. You may find the taste not so good for the first time but then if you keep on its consumption then may start liking the taste. It’s better than the other tequilas in aspects of health as its addiction is not so harmful in comparison to others. With that, hope our good read on classy CASAMIGOS TEQUILA helped you to get ready to experience an interesting shot for a lifetime. Let us know your views and keep reading with us.

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