Glowing Fun: The Chandelier Drinking Game

Objective: Dive into the thrilling world of Chandelier, where the primary goal is to skillfully bounce ping pong balls into your opponents’ cups. But beware! If a ball finds its way into the central cup, it’s a race against time as you chug your drink and flip your cup faster than your fellow players.

Number of Players: Gather a group of 4-10 enthusiastic players ready for some fun-filled action.

Contents: 2 lively ping-pong balls, 1 individual cup for every participant, A central cup to up the stakes, 1 sturdy bowl (or you can improvise with an upside-down Solo cup), A generous supply of 1-2 beers for each player

Type of Game: Elevate your party with this Drinking Game.

Audience: Strictly for those aged 21 and above.

Introduction of Chandelier

Chandelier Drinking Game

Step into the exhilarating world of Chandelier, a game that seamlessly blends the excitement of Beer Pong with the adrenaline rush of Flip Cup. Ideal for those house parties or casual gatherings, all you need are some ping pong balls, cups, and a thirst for beer.


Chandelier Drinking Game

  • Begin by placing a bowl upside down at the heart of a table. If you’re feeling innovative, an upside-down Solo cup will do the trick.
  • Crown this setup by placing a cup atop the bowl (or Solo cup) and filling it to the brim with beer.
  • Players should then pour beer into their individual cups, filling up to a third.
  • Form a circle with the players’ cups, surrounding the central cup.
  • Add a twist by randomly selecting two players and handing them a ping pong ball each.

Middle Cup Rules

The central cup holds its own set of challenges:

1. Every player must empty their cups in unison.

2. Post the chug, the challenge is to flip the cup, aiming for it to land face down on the table.

3. The player lagging behind in this flipping frenzy bears the responsibility of finishing the contents of the central cup.

The Play

Chandelier Drinking Game

Dive into the core of Chandelier, where the objective remains to bounce those ping pong balls into the cups of opponents. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Players, one after the other, try their luck at bouncing their ping pong balls into the cups of their adversaries.
  • If fortune favors and a ping pong ball lands in your cup, without hesitation, down your drink, refill, and jump back into the game.
  • The climax? The game reaches its peak when a ball lands in the central cup.


Victory can be achieved in two distinct ways:

1. Scored Game

Opt for a more structured approach by having a referee. This individual keeps a keen eye on the number of successful shots each player makes. The crown goes to the player with the most cups sunk by the game’s end, provided they don’t falter at the flip cup. A misstep here, and they’re instantly deemed the loser, score notwithstanding.

2. Unscored Game

For those seeking a more relaxed vibe, skip the scoring. Here, the sole loser is the one who fumbles the flip cup, earning them the ‘honor’ of downing the central cup.

Dive into the Chandelier with gusto, but always play responsibly. Relish the moments, drink judiciously, and ensure all participants are of legal drinking age. Cheers to unforgettable memories!

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