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Charge It To The Game Drinking Game : Rules And How To Play

Charge It To The Game Drinking Game

A few weeks back, one of my closest friends threw a house party. And to make the party more lit , drinks and games like Horse race game and power hour game were also played.. And, I still remember the blast we had! And one the game which made the party more fun was Charge It To The Game Drinking Game !

And trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss details!

What Is Charge It To The Game Drinking Game?

By reading the word, “charging”, you must have thought what kind of game is this? Or is it really a game? Well, to your surprise, yes it’s a game and an interesting one! Don’t get confused or judge the game by its name because you have no clue what the charge it to the game drinking game is all about.

Infact, there is also a drinking game app where people can play through their phones. But, now, let’s get back on togetherness.

So, in this game, players need to charge it to the game cards to play with their friends. We know that it still doesn’t make any sense because you have a lot to uncover about this game. So, here it is!

What You’ll Need To Play ?

Luckily, to play Charge it 2 the game, you don’t need a lot of materials. All you need to gather is the game drinking cards.  The dimension of the package weighs around 6.3 ounces and the dimensions are 4.92 x 2.87 x 1.42 inches.
A question must have definitely crossed your mind about what’s inside the card box? Well, Charge It 2 The Game has 90 cards which are sufficient enough for the game. Each card has something written on it which is pretty fun and humorous. You can carry this box of cards to all your drinking card games events without losing its awesome quality.
Apart from that, the manufacturer recommends that this game can be played by two to twenty hardy yet courageous players (I don’t recommend more than 20 players because the cards are limited). and have amusing moments.

Setup For Charge It To The Game

Well, you don’t need any extra set up to play this game. But you do need extra bottles of liquor because you will be needing it later as the game progresses. 

Rules And Gameplay

Playing Charge It 2 The Game is extremely easy to learn and enjoy the endless night of entertainment for any social events with your pals. Though there are no strict rules in this game. It’s just simply flipping the cards over and beginning the game.

Apart from all this, there are some instructions you need to follow while playing this game. Don’t worry, these instructions are pretty simple. You just have to read the cards and do what it says. Simply put, each player has to simply flip the card, read what’s written, and start playing the game.

So thankfully, you won’t have to memorise any rule from the rulebook. And when we get drunk, things also become challenging. So no tough rules!  Simple right? Moreover, this game is a drinking game for which only 21 of the above groups are allowed to play.

Last time I played this game, there was a group of 3 people, aka my best friends. One of my friends was the host so she started the game. This was the first time I got introduced to this game and now it has become one of my favorite and the best drinking games.

Aside from this, there is no need for a judge in this game as all players are friends and know all the things about each and everyone of you. And I swear each task written on it is extremely interesting. I’ll give you quick examples of what you will find written on the cards.

Biggest booty on the room take a shot or balance a cup on it
Without saying names, take a drink if you would sleep with another player
Venmo everybody a dollar or take a shot
Give a player of your choice consent to slap your ass or take a drink.
Drink if you have any of the following tattoos: Cloud, Flower, Bird, Or Lion.
Vote: Is water wet?
Big bank card: everyone must drink except the player that has the most cash on them.
Take a drink if you ever faked a nut.
Drake card: Take a shot or text your ex “I miss you”.
All women wearing fake eyelashes, take off one eyelash or take a shot.
Put all phones face down for the rest of the game. Two shorts if you are caught touching it again.

I would write all the 90 tasks here but it would spoil the fun for you. The above list was just a starter pack. You will be surprised what other list of cards holds.

The list of the tasks goes on and on…

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