Top 11 Craft Breweries in Calgary Must Be Visited

The breweries in Calgary aren’t just for savoring crafted beers but also for bonding with your friends, family, and kids, isn’t it? Today, Calgary, Alberta has become a powerhouse of handcrafted beers, and more breweries are becoming a popular scene every year. Just imagine a jug or can full of satisfying Calgary craft beer. Good Food.

A starry summer night to chill. And your gang. What else do you need? It is true that a good brewery is the perfect spot for tourists or to let yourself loose after a hectic day at work. So stop scouring the internet because here, we have curated our very own favorite 11 Calgary breweries list, which you can visit and enjoy with your friends and family. 

breweries in calgary
Cold Garden Beverage Company

1. Cold Garden Beverage Company

Founded by three friends, Cold Garden Beverage is an eccentric and eclectic micro-brewing business that offers eight different kinds of beer with fun names like Cakeface Ale, Vanilla Cappuccino Porter, Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Irish Red Ale, and This Must Be the IPA. One thing the customers love about this brewery is that they have cronks for sale and colorful merchandise. 

It is the best brewery in Calgary because of its terrific atmosphere and wide space where you can have a great time with your friends. Sadly, it does not have a kitchen, so you are allowed to bring your favorite snackable items along with you. This family-friendly brewery is located in the heart of Inglewood and is only two blocks away from Revival Brewcade.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 11 pm

Must-Try –  Red Smashed In Buffalo Jump

breweries in calgary
Wild Rose Brewery Ltd

2. Wild Rose Brewery Ltd

Who knew that just a mere idea of two friends having a small brewery would become a successful business in 20 years and one of the best breweries in Calgary? Wild Rose Brewery serves nine crafted beers with a locally inspired menu. The best thing about this brewery is that you can rent their converted World War ll Air Force hangar for any events and impress your guests with their iconic beers and savouring food.

If you are confused about which drink to try first, then you will get no better wheat ale in the city than The Velvet Fog. Plus, it is the best place and patio to hit to quench your summer thirst. We are sure that you will fall in love with the craft beers at Wild Rose Brewery, so just go ahead and try it.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 11 am to 10 pm

Must Try – IPA

Revival Brewcade
Revival Brewcade

3. Revival Brewcade

There are hundreds of breweries in Calgary, Alberta, but Revival Brewcade is special in itself because it gives laid-back bar vibes. If you visit this retro arcade and brewery place at night, it will take you to the next level because of its top-quality beers, pinball from the ‘70s, ‘80s, variety of board games, and ‘90s, tasty snacks, and more. Whenever you visit this place, fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

But if you visit Revival Brewcade during their happy hours, then they might spoil you with their big promos and great discounts. Moreover, the cofounder, James Dobbin, says that parents should go out and have their time to enjoy themselves. His main motto is to make the grown-ups feel like youngsters again, along with their little ones, while playing Twins and Pacman and many other games. This nano-brewery is located just a jump away from Dandy. Another good thing about their food menu is that it is children friendly which includes candies, chicken fingers, tater tots, pop tarts, grilled cheese, cereal and milk, and much more.

Timings – Monday to Sunday – 3 pm to 10 pm

Must-Try – Mango Pale Ale and Pineapple IPA

Annex Ale Project
Annex Ale Project

4. Annex Ale Project

Are you looking for a nice brewery that has the best craft beer, soda, and wine? Well, Annex Ale Project is one of the best breweries in Calgary, which offers a variety of drinks like eight beer blends, flights, growlers, a modern yet aesthetic taproom, four non-alcoholic drinks, three wine options, as well as, five boozy soda flavors. Their North American Bitter is the most loved drink of all.

Founded in 2015, their Insta worthy microbrewery is soaring the sky, and their customers always love to come back for more award-winning ginger beer and root beer. And as their website says, their drinks satisfy each age group. From kids to adults, Annex Ale Project has got something for everyone. And not to forget their welcoming and warm staff who are always ready to serve you, be it late afternoon or night. Lastly, this brewery is gluten-free, vegan, contains no added colors, flavors, and has no high fructose corn syrup.

Timings –  Tuesday and Sunday – 12 pm to 9 pm

Must-Try –  Peach Sour and Root Beer

Railyard Brewing
Railyard Brewing

5. Railyard Brewing

Another brewery that is just all about drinks and games, is Railyard Brewing. From six core blends and twelve seasonal blends to ping pong tables and PS4 consoles, there is no better place than this one. You sure don’t want to miss watching their artistic designs and products in the brewery, which are taken from graffitied yet traditional rail cars. It is called the best breweries in Calgary for various reasons. One can even host small parties here. Oh, and don’t forget to try their seasonal Peanut Butter Milk Stout V2 if you don’t have a dairy or peanut allergy, of course!

Timings –  Sunday and Monday –  12 pm to 7 pm

Must-Try – New England IPA and Pale Ale

Common Crown Brewing Co
Common Crown Brewing Co

6. Common Crown Brewing Co.

Did you know that recently, Common Crown Brewing Co. was named Canada’s Brewery of the year? As their motto says ‘crafting beer for good times and great conversations, they have always satisfied their customers with their lineup of beers, and the most popular one is Coppersmith Brown Ale. It is a brewery cum pub, which can be also said as brewpub Calgary. If you are craving some lip-smacking beer, then this brewpub will surely satisfy your craving with its seasonal releases. Do not miss out on the group as well as the private tours to their taproom and brewery. Though it is a smaller brewery, it is completely worth it.

Timings – Thursday and Sunday – 2 pm to 8 pm

Must-Try – Wheat Ale

Evil Corporation Brewing
Evil Corporation Brewing

7. Evil Corporation Brewing

Unlike its name, Evil Corporation Brewing is one of the best breweries in Calgary, filled with so much goodness. Their only motto is to provide quality craft beer in Alberta. If you visit this brewery, the nostalgia will hit you hard, and you will be taken back into the 1980s science fiction era. Cool, right? The best thing about this business is that the company is an active contributor and believes in giving back to its community. And currently, they have four delicious beers in their brewery such as Ponzi, White-Collar Crime White IPA, P&L [Profit & Loss] Pale Ale, as well as IPO [Initial Public Offering] IPA.

Timings – Friday – 4 pm to 8 pm & Saturday –  4 pm to 7 pm

Must-Try – Ponzi Porter and P & L

breweries in calgary
The Dandy Brewing Company

8. The Dandy Brewing Company

There was no chance of missing out the 2019’s “Most Notable Brewery” award winner, The Dandy Brewing Company, in this list of top 11 breweries. The best thing is you can bring your kids along with you as, this place hosts a lot of family-friendly events throughout the year, which also includes hosting skateboard competitions for kids below 18 years of age, an annual Stampede breakfast, Canada Day celebrations, and Neighbour Day Pine Car Derby. These events can be played in the parking lot, which is converted into an outdoor patio.

That said, Dandy is one of the popular breweries in Calgary among kids and families due to various kid-friendly sodas, games like blowing bubbles, red snow cones, sidewalk chalk, and much more. For kiddos, they have friendly menus, high chairs, and much more. Seems like they have taken the inclusion of kids very seriously! Apart from that, adults can have fun too by tasting popular full-flavored beers, ales, and sours like Dandy in the Underworld Oyster Stout, The Jungle Bird Tropical Dark Sour, and more. It is a must-visit brewery in Calgary due to its new-school brews and funky decor.

Timings  – Tuesday and Sunday –  2 pm to 10 pm

Must Try – T2G-IPA and Creme Brûlée Milk Stout

Heathen’s Brewing Inc.
Heathen’s Brewing Inc.

9. Heathen’s Brewing Inc.

Searching for a Gluten-free beer brewery in Alberta? Then your hunt ends now because Heathen’s Brewing Inc. is said to be one of the healthiest breweries in Calgary. So yes, all their products are 100% Gluten-free, and they claim that there is 0% contamination in their drinks. So this brewery is a holy grail for vegan and gluten intolerant people.

In addition to this, their products are fermented and canned properly to get that extraordinary beer flavor. Furthermore, Heathen’s Brewing Inc. distributes its products to various liquor stores and restaurants. And if you want a gluten-free beer at our home without stepping outside, then it can be delivered to your home as well.

Timings  –  Tuesday and Sunday –  2 pm to 10 pm

Must Try – T2G-IPA and Creme Brûlée Milk Stout

breweries in calgary
Township 24

10. Township 24

Township 24 is yet another brewery created with confidence to support local beer producers. It is said to be one of the most visited breweries in Calgary, Alberta due to its taste and passion for sharing the art and knowledge of fine brewing with its community. Situated in the heart of the finest malt barley regions, this brewery believes in choosing fine ingredients which make their beer taste even better. This company has come really far, and they are proud of everything they brew.

Timings – Tuesday and Sunday – 4 pm to 8 pm

Must-Try – Hijack kayak and IPA

Tool Shed Brewing Company
Tool Shed Brewing Company

11. Tool Shed Brewing Company

Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been at the forefront of innovation, be it launching a restaurant, building an amazing venue, or crafting delicious beer. If you haven’t tried their iconic Calgarian beer, then you are missing it big time. From filling growlers and a taproom serving light snacks to a group and private tours, this is one of the perfect breweries in Calgary to go during the summer season. 

We highly suggest you try People Skills, which is Tool Shed Brewing Company’s staple cream ale. The founder Graham Sherman shared that he met co-founder Jeff in Afghanistan, where they started planning about opening a brewery. Soon their plan turned into action, and their home brewing hobby became a flourishing business in no time in Calgary. Make sure to try their yummy lineup of beers!

Timings – Monday to Saturday –  11 am to 9 pm & Sunday – 12 pm to 5 pm

Must-Try – IPA

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