13 Different Types Of Bars You Must Experience

How many Different Types of Bars you’ve visited so far? Bars are an important and integral part of society. They have existed for ages. Even before the rise of certain civilizations in the world. Centuries ago, lounges and public houses offered “watered-down beer-like beverages” to their customers for better publicity and engaging the crowd. They serve coolers, mock-tails and cocktails and much more. Initially, wine and other alcoholic drinks were used majorly for medical purposes. All kind of people including girls and women visit bars these days.

Nowadays, bars and clubs have become a go-to place for a lot of people, especially millennials, and Gen-Z. Bars have become a trend today. If your bias against hanging out in bars, then you should know that there are many types of bars that you should experience. To make your search simpler, we have put different types of bars in a list with a proper, and complete description. Now, there are chances that you must have visited some of these bar styles in your life, but you will also find some new and interesting vibes to go to. Here are some types of bars that you need to experience at least once in your lifetime:

Hotel Bars

Types of bar concepts within this guide:

  • Hotels Bars
  • Musical Bars
  • The Vintage
  • Fern Bars
  • One Drink Bars
  • Sports Bars
  • Dive Bars
  • Over The Bars
  • The Sky-High Bars
  • The Irish
  • The College Bars
  • Neighborhood Dives
  • The Pub

1. Hotel Bars

As the name suggests, hotel bars are self-explanatory. Hotels are open to all, and hence have visitors from all around the globe. They do not usually have a theme or style. Hotel bars usually have a larger stock of liquor and alcohol to entertain their patrons from all over the world. They have a basic design and are provide a friendly service and thus the locals also enjoy being patronized to these places. You will not regret this experience at all and it will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions. You should try out such places.

Musical Bars

2. Musical Bars

Live music joints are not the craziest and fanciest things that you will find around, but they sure are real fun. Live music is always soothing, and inspiring in some ways. And having drinks with it? Doesn’t that make it all perfect? The new and upcoming generations usually have a sweet taste for these places. They are interesting and pleasant. Try out such places, you would love it.

The Vintage

3. The Vintage

These bars are old and retro, giving out a nostalgic vibe. The vintage bars are a big hit among the older generations, like people who are in their 40’s. These bars have a great retro vibe and will make you fall in love with them. They will make you believe that “old is gold” and you will eventually like the vibe. Just go for it. We assure you; you will love it.

Fern Bars

4. Fern Bars

Also known as plastic bars, and yuppie bars, these are usually basic and minimal bars that do not have much of a vibe. But if you just want to go ahead and grab some alcohol without caring much about the environment and the atmosphere, then plastic bars are perfect for you. You may not fall in love with these places but you would not hate them as well. You will enjoy most of it and it will be a great, unforgettable bar night for you.

One Drink Bars

5. One Drink Bars

These bars usually have one specialty drink and they tend to revolve around that. There are so many kinds of specialty bars that you should go to. Like, martini bars, liquor bars, and even cigar bars. Martini bars are a big deal among people because of how popularized martini is. Now, cigar bars are something different. Unlike most places where smoking is prohibited, you can smoke here with absolutely no restrictions. It can be a great vibe and will give you exposure and whole another experience.

Sports Bars

6. Sports Bars

Sports bars are a chaotic yet fun place to go to. They have a completely different vibe. You would not feel like you are in a bar at all. It is a really exciting theme to be a part of. They have huge TVs, great food, and a fun vibe. We suggest that these places are a must-visit. The best part is that, nowadays, these bars are not just limited to men anymore. They are also becoming a little more women centric with each passing day. This can be the most fun and playful experience for you and you would never be able to forget it.

7. Dive Bars

Dive bars are the most random places you will find in town. They make you feel self-loved and appreciated. You find new, absolutely unknown people, and it is always good to have new people around. You get to know their stories and tell them about yours. You get to share your thoughts and opinions and learn brand-new facts about strangers, which can be interesting. This can be a “one in a lifetime” experience, and we believe that you would not want to miss it.

Over the Top

8. Over the Top

These bars usually have fancy names for their drinks and are a little overpriced. But they can be one of the most authentic places that you will ever go to. If you belong to the high, and rich lifestyle club then the “full of itself” bars are a perfect place for you. They have fancy cocktails and are a great place to hang out if you like royalty. They also feature local artists and you can have a great time there. In our recommendation, you should be a part of such places sometimes.

The Sky-High Bars

9. The Sky-High Bars

These bars are more of a “big city” thing. In cities like Los Angeles and New York City, these bars are quite popular. Usually set up on rooftops, they tend to engage a larger crowd. With exclusive drinks and beverages and great food, they also give away a classy vibe. These places are known for attracting tourists and providing an expensive vibe. If you are a bar person, especially an expensive one, you definitely to visit such places at least once. It will be a great experience and you will want to re-visit these places again.

The Irish Bar

10. The Irish Bar

Usually, the Irish pubs have a huge stock of whiskey and beer imported straight out from Ireland. These bars have an Irish vibe and you feel like one if you are not. They provide a great, and spectacular ambiance and theme. They have live music, gigs, and sources for entertainment. They can be a great place for you to hang out now and then and we recommend that you visit one if you find them. It will be a blast for you.

The College Bars

11. The College Bars

College bars are known for the less expensive, and affordable prices. These bars usually accommodate a young crowd and hence are comparatively cheap and cozier. Here, you will get to play some crazy yet interesting teenage games. And you do not have to worry about the dress code at all. Believe it, you can crash at one of these places in your pajamas and nobody will even bother to judge you. These places are super friendly and you will find them almost everywhere around you. You need to visit one of these whenever you can, you will love the vibe.

Neighborhood Dives

12. Neighborhood Dives

These places are often over-flooded with locals and people from your neighborhood. If you are the kind of person who believes that some things are unchangeable, and like to relive memories, then the neighborhood dives are exactly where you need to be. Believe it or not, neighborhood bars can be one of the most soothing places to be in, at times when you are not feeling too great. It gives you some sort of nostalgia and reminds you of how great times have been, and can be in the future.

The Pub

13. The Pub

Pubs are mostly, comparatively larger than regular bars. They are also known for having entertainment resources other than having just alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and other beverages. Pubs have dance floors, music, live gigs, etc., to keep their customers and visitors to keep them engaged. These places have great food and you would never regret going to one of such places. It can be an epic and unforgettable experience.


If you are a bar person, then you should consider exploring the different types of bars around the world. After some research, we have prepared a list of 13 different types of bars that you should experience at least once in your entire life. These places will not only give you a new bar experience but also change your daily routine a little. And it is good in both cases.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Many kinds of bar are there For Unlimited Enjoyment? 
Ans. There are a variety of bars for unlimited enjoyment all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a drink to cheers up before a game, or just want someplace to relax and enjoy your favorite tunes, there’s a bar for you!

Q2. What are the Types of lounge bars For Best Drink menu? 
Ans. There are many types of lounge bars, but some of the most popular choices include One Drink Bars, sports bars, steak houses, and water sports bars. However, it really depends on what type of bar you are looking for.


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