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DIY Liquor Cabinet Proposals To Blow Your Mind!

DIY Liquor Cabinet

After reading the title, you must be wondering, how is this possible? Well, when it comes to creativity, all things are possible! but Also, you want to build all the things by yourself but aren’t finding the right ideas that fit perfectly in your bar. Well, we understand that. After all, if you do not have a saved cupboard, it could spill over into your kitchen cupboards and occupy genuinely necessary space. So, if you want to know How to Build a Liquor Cabinet? Here comes the music to your ears! There are some super interesting DIY liquor cabinet ideas, in this read along with some safety tips for keeping liquor at home. So, let’s get started!

Unique And Creative Home Bar Cabinet Ideas

So, tell us, are you bored of seeing your old liquor cabinet? Want to create something new that attracts the eyes? Well, here we will look around some of the coolest DIY liquor cabinet ideas!

1. Converting a Closet to a Liquor wardrobe

A Closet to a Liquor wardrobe

Do you have a small hanging closet lying around? Then, bring it out of the darkness and make the most of it. In this DIY, you do not need any wood skills, so rest easy, lads! All you have to do is remove the doors, add cabinets and modify it a little bit to turn it into your new hanging liquor wardrobe.

If you wish, you can also add some colorful lighting for easy visibility. Furthermore, you can paint the cabinet which suits your living area or pick a color of your choice. After completing this DIY, we are sure it will leave the ordinary wall mounted liquor cabinet behind.

2. Repurposing Antique Armoires to a Liquor Cabinet

Repurposing Antique Armoires to a Liquor Cabinet

Do you have an old-fashioned armoire sitting in your storeroom? Well, you can use it in the 21st century. All you gotta do is add a glassware holder at the top and a bottle rack on the bottom of it. As you can see, armoires have large rooms, so you can use this to your advantage to accommodate all liquor essentials, serving dishes, bar snacks, and other accessories. We are sure you will earn compliments after creating a DIY armoire liquor cabinet with all well-stocked accessories.

3. Tambour Door Single Bottle Liquor Cabinet DIY

Tambour Door Single Bottle

For this quick DIY, you need to create a tambour cabinet that has a single door. If you are a beginner, you can get one from a nearby cabinet store. The tambour liquor cabinet with lock is the best thing about the entire project because it will keep the underage, wandering hands away from your alcohol.

4. DIY Making a Liquor Cabinet from a Book Shelf

A Liquor Cabinet from a Book Shelf

Who knew that one can create a liquor cabinet from a bookshelf, right? For this DIY, you will need handles, a screwdriver, a paintbrush, paint, and a hammer. And fret not! This task is easier than it looks, you just have to remove the back panel, add mouldings, fix a handle, and paint the entire cabinet. Your brand-new liquor cabinet is ready!

5. DIY Vintage TV Conversion To a Liquor Cabinet

DIY Vintage TV Conversion

You can use these materials as per your need and the size of your TV. But before starting the DIY, make sure to get rid of the contents inside the TV, which are filling up the place. Furthermore, gut the console and dust the entire unit before fixing the plywood. For easy opening, you can fix the hinges on the sides.

Well, these were our five handpicked DIY liquor cabinet plans to make the most of your old stuff, which you don’t want to throw away. Further, once you get your alcohol bureau ready, planning what to add to it is more essential, to make it look truly aesthetic and vintage, as per preferences. So, enhance the look!

6. Ikea’s Besta Cabinet With A Cane Door 

Ikea’s Besta Cabinet With A Cane Door 

You would never realize that this charming alcohol bureau began with the very straightforward DIY liquor cabinet IKEA. The crafter (who is not shrewd in any way) purchased the entryway and a few extras from Norse Interiors, an online retailer that offers viable pieces to go with IKEA’s well-known BESTA and MALM series. That woven clincher? It is a crate that simply ends up seeming as though it is incorporated into the piece. 

7. An Old Cabinet with A Paint Job 

An Old Cabinet with A Paint Job

Whenever you are driving by an old household item that a neighbour’s put out on the pavement, consider dialling back. On the off chance that you paint it, you could wind up with something as cool as a home bar. It is stunning what a layer of paint and a bit of styling can do to a generally dated piece. 

8. A Retro Look with An Ikea Cabinet

A Retro Look with An Ikea Cabinet

Another IKEA hacks! This time, the crafter utilized IKEA’s IVAR bureau as the base. She added a couple of bent bits of MDF to the front of the entryways with a wood stick, then, at that point prepared and painted the entire piece an astounding retro-roused green. You can use whatever color you seem fit. She polished the entire thing off for certain legs and equipment. 

9. Pallet Cabinet

Pallet Cabinet

On the off chance that you have some additional pallets lying around, this is a reasonable choice. Numerous neighborhood organizations might permit you to get their pallets from them free of charge, permitting you to construct this for essentially the cost of the handles and pivots. 

While it is not planned expressly for alcohol, you can undoubtedly plan the racking inside to be utilized for alcohol bottles. This is a beautifully straightforward bureau that should rapidly be possible to be constructed by fledglings and experienced carpenters the same.

Liquor Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Well, if there isn’t much of space to build a cabinet, that does not mean you need to go out and buy one. You can still some perfect ways to store a liquor cabinet even in small spaces.

1. Above the Fridge Cabinet

Above The Fridge Cabinet

Many alcohol lovers keep their alcohol above the fridge, so if you are looking for the best liquor shelf ideas, then this is it, and we will tell you why. These cabinets might be out of the way, but they won’t overcrowd your kitchen. Plus, this is the best place to keep your liquor if you have kids.

To get things started, you will need to get a small cabinet that can occupy even taller bottles and other accessories. After you find the right one, you need to attach it with some screws above your fridge. And voila, your work will be done!

2. Simple Wall Cabinets

Simple Wall Cabinets

A hanging liquor cabinet has become quite a thing nowadays! You didn’t know it? Well, we will fill in all the juicy details for you! If you are hunting for a small place to put your liquor bottles, you can add a small cabinet to your living area.

You can get all you want to match the design of the cabinet with your living space and designate it to a new home for your bottles and other accessories. That’s it! Isn’t it a straightforward plan? One good thing about this DIY is that it can be done by anyone, including beginners with zero experience. Yes, it is that simple!

3. Custom Liquor bottle and bar glass Cabinet

Custom Liquor bottle and bar glass Cabinet

It would be unfair for the liquor glasses if we only think about liquor bottle storage. If you are looking for some alcohol bottle and bar glass storage ideas, or want to create a liquor cabinet with some extra space for bar glass and other accessories, we will tell you how to build one! For that, you need to find a small customized cabinet, which can display all the liquor items you have. This DIY might take a little more time, so patience is required. If you are all set with your liquor bottles and bar glasses plan, then go ahead and give it a shot.

4. Reclaim a Console

Reclaim a Console

Did you know that consoles are full of small cabinets, which makes them perfect for small liquor bottle storage cabinets? So, by chance, you happen to have one lying around in your house, then it is time to get schwifty. You can simply paint it, add extra shelves, or style it as per what type of console you have and what your needs are. The best thing about this DIY is that you already have a console, so there is no need to create one from scratch. You can take help from a pro if you are a beginner.

5. Small Sheet-Metal Cabinet

Small Sheet-Metal Cabinet

This aesthetically pleasing liquor is here to stay. It will not only be perfect for your bar but also become a centrepiece of your living space. You can also use the countertop to store the liquor glasses while all your bottles will be safe behind the locked metal doors.

You can design the sheet-metal cabinet as per your style, for example, you can paint it all white or leave it as it is for a more farmhouse style look. These ideas sound like fun, right! Tell us, as any of the above inspired you? Looking for more! Let’s explore some more liquor cabinet ideas DIY for creative minds.

6. A Liquor Drawer 

A Liquor Drawer 

We have seen a lot of underlying storage room drawers previously, yet we have never seen them utilized for liquor. This is a particularly extraordinary thought! Peculiarly because the cabinet makes it simple to perceive what is stowing away toward the back.  

Liquor Cabinet Essentials

Well, a cabinet looks perfect when it is utilized in a planned way. So, lets find out some cabinet plans:

1. Know Your Poison 

Make a rundown of the relative multitude of beverages you realize how to blend. Then, at that point, put a star by the 2 to 5 beverages that you have most frequently. For instance, you might pick bourbon, vodka, gin, rum, vermouth, cognac or tequila, or any combination of these mixers that are regularly found in blended beverages. 

2. Check Your Spirits

Purchase this short rundown of mixers as a base for your bureau. Alcohols typically have no additional sugar, so they are utilized as the base for drinks that likewise include blenders or alcohols. Purchase 1 or 2 forte mixers or alcohols. Possibly purchase these alcohols on the off chance that you use them in a blended beverage, or on the other hand if you appreciate them as an aperitif or a digestif.

        Quick Tips To Buy mixers

  1. Mixers are spirits with flavorings or added sugar. Just as being utilized as an expansion to many blended beverages, some famous mixers are served alone or on ice previously or after supper. An aperitif is an alcohol served before supper and a digestif is an alcohol served after supper. 
  2. Purchase a jug of sharp flavoring, on the off chance that you intend to blend drinks. Sharp flavorings are concentrated alcohol that is regularly blended to make Manhattans, Sazerac, and a few martinis.
  3. You can also purchase enhanced sharp flavorings, like orange, lime, mint, and even chocolate to add to forte beverages. 
  4. Accumulate your blenders. It is a smart thought to keep 1 unopened container of your normally utilized blenders in your alcohol bureau. For instance, keep a little container of carbonated water, seltzer, cranberry squeeze, or lime juice. 

3. Contain Your Syrup

Make or purchase a container of straightforward syrup. You can purchase fixed containers of simple syrup in most alcohol stores. Simplify syrup at home by consolidating water and superfine sugar in a proportion of 1 to 1 in a little pot. Warm it on medium until it is disintegrated. Stock it in the fridge after jugging it. You can likewise build the proportion of sugar to water to make a thicker, more extravagant syrup. 

4. Show Off Your Glass Collection

Stock your glasses. Most mixed drinks have a claim to fame glass in which they are served. You can request them on the web, search for them in stores, or purchase a little assortment of any 8 oz. estimated glasses all things being equal. Purchase a shaker, shot glass, muddler as well as stirrer. Keep anything in your bureau that assists you with making your mixed drinks. You should clean them well after use and before setting them back in. 

5. Other Important Belongings of cabinet

Add napkins, toothpicks, and some other things you like to present with your mixed drinks. Also,sauces, for example, cherries or olives should be put away in the cooler and get before serving. And voila, there you have your homemade liquor cabinet. So, tell us, are your essentials ready to be placed? If not really, because you don’t much space. Let us share some more inspiring ideas for small liquor cabinets for small space

3 Important Safety Tips for Storing Liquor at Home

Have you just stocked your home with a new collection of liquor? Then, there are various safety concerns to keep in mind when you are keeping the alcohol at your home. Make sure your alcohol maintains its quality by following our three safety tips.

Store Out of Direct Sunlight

Do not compromise the taste and aroma of your liquor by displaying them near your window. Keep the bottles away from the direct or indirect contact of sunlight because the harmful UV rays can bleach the color from dark spirits. Instead, you can store the liquor bottles in an enclosed bar cabinet away from the natural light and at room temperature.

Use a Lockable Liquor Cabinet

Do you have kids in the house? If yes, then be responsible and get lockable liquor cabinets. Make sure the bottles are unreachable to your kids by all means. Kids have no clue as they can innocently drink alcohol and can get hospitalized due to various reasons. You can also store your prized bar glasses and china along with the liquor bottles.

Stand Bottles Vertically

Various alcohol bottles are closed with a cork to control the air pressure in the bottle. If you put these bottles on their side in a refrigerator or cabinet, it will cause a reaction between the liquid and the cork, which will give out moldy aroma. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure the bottles are stored vertically, and each of them has enough space as per their sizes.

Final Thoughts

Creating your DIY liquor cabinet has many advantages, such as cuts on the cost of getting things done by a professional, customization to your preference, fitting the cabinets as per your available space, and much more. We hope that our blog was helpful, and feel motivated to create and customize your liquor cabinet by using our ideas. Last but not the least, follow all the safety rules to store your liquor collection. These things are of the highest importance so that your favorite drinks taste great and are accessible to all the adults in your home. Good luck with your DIY!

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