Alcoholic Drinking Board Games DIY  Ideas & Guide

Whether you are a vodka lover or beer drinker, or someone who loves to enjoy the party, there are a lot of drinking board games DIY and readymade games that will make your night young. From a group of 3 people to beyond, there is a list of the best DIY drinking board games for all sorts of party settings. As there is no shortage of DIY board games, continue reading, pick any game from our list, and get ready to play the adult board-drinking game. 

How To Make A DIY Alcoholic Drinking Board Game

 Drinking Board Games DIY

Here is the list of things you need to do to make a DIY drinking board game:

Create The Rules
Fun Fact to begin with, drinking board game DIY, you can pick any rules for alcoholic drinking board games.  Having said that, the rule maker of the game becomes the god, as he has all the rights to modify his or her style of instruction.  And while writing them, try to be clear and precise.
Map It Out
You just have to make a simple square flow. If you want a longer game then you can make a complicated route. To avoid any mistakes, make sure to do the markings with pencil. If you feel satisfied, then you can continue with the pen.
Just like snakes and ladders games, you can make longcuts and shortcuts to make the board game more interesting. 
Color The Squares
The next step after mapping the flow of the drinking game is to color the squares. As we all know this is a DIY drinking game, you have it is up to you which color as well as the shade you want to use. You can also go with the theme of the party or event to make it more fun.
Write Tasks On The Board
After coloring, write down all the tasks or challenges. You need to arrange tasks that include everyone and make them drink, do a consequence, question the game, send a safe spot, or take a shot.  Apart from that you can go with all the ladies or gents, and drink. Then you can switch places, play a game and the loser has to take a shot. 
Prepare The Alcohol
Your board is all prepared for the drinking board game? If yes, then now it is time to prepare alcohol for the game. All the participants should have one cup of their own to drink. Next, you need to fill it with alcohol like whisky, beer, vodka, or flavored alcoholic beverages.
You can even try to make some alcoholic punch to have a fantastic time or you can choose vodka, brandies, rum, wine, whiskey, and other distilled spirits that are high in alcohol content.
Start The Game
Once all the set is ready, drinks are ready, and the board is set, then it is time to start the game. Make sure you haven’t skipped any of your favorite drink buddies to play the board drinking game. You just have to roll the dice, grab your cups, and play the game as per the instructions. 

What’s An Alcoholic Drinking Board Game? 

Alcoholic drinking board games are the same as any other board games. The only difference here is that liquor is involved. In the alcoholic drinking board game, the player is either rewarded or punished by others just for fun. Don’t fret after hearing the word “punish”.

The punishments in these games mostly include fun challenges or consumption of alcohol.  The main motive of this board game is to make the drinking session fun and exciting because the player will have two options:

a.) To perform the challenge

b.) Or chug on the drink

If you feel you are getting tipsy, then you can pick your own champion. What does it mean? It means that you can choose someone among the players to take a shot or add the drink to the center cup.

How Does An Alcoholic Drinking Board Game Work? 

An alcoholic drinking game has quite simple rules. If you want to make this game work, then you will have to do the list of things that I have shared below:

Make a group:
You need to gather a group of 3 or more than 3 players. The bigger the number the better! This group will take turns performing various tasks or taking shots.
Follow the rules:
Once you have found the players for the game, let them know the rules and instructions to play an alcoholic drinking board game.  Make sure that the players know that it is mandatory to perform all the tasks in each box.
But apart from tasks, you should also know that if you don’t want to do any challenge then you will have to take a shot. And I assure you, the game becomes more fun when there is alcohol involved.

The Supplies You Need

Gather Supplies: Ensure you have all the necessary supplies, including a foam board or cardboard, pencil, ruler, colored Sharpies, and scissors.

  • Foam board or alternative cardboard (Canvas recommended).
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Colored Sharpies.
  • Scissors.
  • Pawns (optional).
  • Dice.
  • Drinks.

Making The Board of Drinking Board Games DIY

Drinking Board Games DIY

Determine Size
  • Decide on the size of the board. If unsure, a standard size suggestion is 20” x 15”.
Cut The Board
  • Using scissors, cut the foam board or cardboard to your desired size.
Outline The Board
  • Before drawing directly with Sharpies, outline the board with a pencil. Use a ruler to help with straight lines and measurements.
Choose a Template
  • Decide on a pattern for the game path. Options include zigzag lines, circular patterns, snake-type lines, or any other creative design you envision.
Divide Into Squares
  • Once you’ve chosen a pattern, divide the board into squares. These squares will later contain the game’s rules or dares.
Overline With Sharpies 
  • Trace over your pencil outlines with colored Sharpies to make the design stand out.
Write Dares 
  • In each square, write down a dare or rule that players must follow when they land on that square.
  • Optionally, add small illustrations or designs in each square related to its rule or dare. For example, for an “arm wrestling” dare, you could draw two hands wrestling.
Final Touches 
  • Add any additional designs, decorations, or labels such as “Start” and “Finish” to enhance the board’s appearance and playability.

Once the board is complete, gather your drinks, dice, and friends to enjoy the game!

Illustrating The Board 

Here are the steps for “Illustrating The Board for Drinking Board Games DIY”:

  • Gather Art Supplies: Ensure you have colored Sharpies, pencils, and any other desired art materials on hand.
  • Review the Dares: Before illustrating, familiarize yourself with the dares or rules written in each square to ensure the illustrations match the content.
  • Sketch First: Use a pencil to lightly sketch illustrations in each square. This allows for corrections before finalizing with Sharpies.
  • Use Relevant Illustrations: For each dare or rule, draw a related illustration. For instance, for an “arm wrestling” dare, sketch two hands wrestling.
  • Add Color: Fill in your sketches with colored Sharpies to make them pop and add vibrancy to the board.
  • Guide Arrows: If your game path isn’t linear, consider adding arrows to guide players on the correct path.
  • Start & Finish Signs: Clearly label the starting and ending points of the game with bold “Start” and “Finish” signs.
  • Decorative Elements: Enhance the board’s visual appeal by adding decorative elements like dots, lines, or patterns in the background or empty spaces.
  • Thematic Touches: Consider adding thematic elements like drink glasses, bottles, or party hats to reinforce the drinking game theme.
  • Final Review: Once all illustrations are complete, review the board to ensure clarity and consistency, and that all illustrations match their respective dares.
  • Protective Layer (Optional): If you want to preserve the board for multiple uses, consider laminating it or covering it with a clear protective sheet.

With the board fully illustrated, you’re ready to dive into the fun and enjoy the game with friends!

10 Best Drinking Board Games For Your Next Party

We have collected the top 10 alcohol-drinking board game DIYs that are specially designed to get players drunk. Some games may seem familiar because they are inspired by our childhood favorite games. But now that we all are 21, we can play them with excellent cocktails, craft beers, and great vodkas.

For those who enjoy a little extra excitement, why not enhance your gaming experience with online casino sites for New Zealand players? Now you don’t have to drink the saccharine swill that you used to drink in your childhood years. Things are about to get messier and funnier, so let’s not wait and stretch this conversation and get straight to the main topic!

Trunk of Drunk
Drinking Board Games DIY
Want to play a lot of drinking games at once? Don’t want to continue the same game throughout the night?
Then play Trunk of Drunk which has around 12 drinking games as well as 20 reusable red plastic cups, a rule booklet, two custom decks of cards, and four ping pong balls.
These things are enough for you to not get bored!
Bingo Shot Glass Drinking Game Set
Drinking Board Games DIY

Many think that Bingo is a game suitable just for grannies. Even I used to believe that. But this is not true. 
This version of bingo will definitely prove you wrong. In this game, drink when the color of your glass and the color of the selected ball is the same.
This game is all boozy!
Wheel Of Shots Drinking Game
Drinking Board Games DIY

Wheel of Shots goes round and round!
In this game, the player has to step right up and spin the wheel. Yes, it is as simple as that!
Here, you will either make a fool of yourself or end up getting tanked, or probably both! What else can we ask out of a drinking board game?
Moving Pong Robot
Drinking Board Games DIY

If you have ever played pink pong or beer pong, then you will love this game.
Now is the time to take your passion for pong to a whole new level with a rotating robot. Yes, a robot!
But beware! This rotating robot is going to make things extremely difficult for the players to aim and make a shot. 
There are smart sensors present in the rotating robot that keep it from falling off the table or bumping into the wall or things so you can focus on the game.
Intriguing, no?
Deer Pong Game
Drinking Board Games DIY

Another board game is Deer Pong which is an outdoorsy twist on the classic beer pong. You will have to be extra prepared for this game to hit the right spot.
In this game, the deer holds six cups that have two different colors. You can divide all the participants into two teams and do a face-off in a battle of shots or sips
Travel Hoop Shots Drinking Game
Drinking Board Games DIY

This drinking board game requires luck and correct hand moves. Even the weakest players have a chance of winning this game.
So make sure to give your best shot or take a shot. For this one, you need to let out your inner Shaq, Jordan, Larry Bird, and LeBron, or else just take the shot.
Alright, I have run out of sportspersons’ names.
Drinking Board Games DIY

You might be asking yourself, “I know what a monopoly is, but have never heard about Beeropoly! What is it?”
Well, it’s a cousin of Monopoly, but a drunk one because this game has a lot more drinking. 
This is a beer-themed Monopoly board game that includes colored bottle caps as players. All you have to do is move your colored piece around the board and try to win the game.
Portable Mini Flip Cup Challenge
Drinking Board Games DIY

I swear, this game is going to be your new favorite game. I’m really obsessed with the portable mini flip cup challenge.
This fun-sized game is best for those parties when you don’t have a full-sized table or want to play a small-sized board game.
These Cards Will Get You Drunk
Drinking Board Games DIY

In this game, no two games or cards are going to be the same. You just have to follow the instructions on each card that has commands like “imitate another player, and the first person to guess correctly gets to assign someone to drink.”
Here, there is no reason nor any rhyme – just continue the game by choosing the cards!
Totally Tober Drinking Game
Drinking Board Games DIY

Don’t worry the spelling of this game is correct!
In Sotally Tober, you have to pick a card – it can be any card!
Every five card colors represent a different category. You just have to follow the instructions and gulp down the drink.
Here is an example of what you can expect in the game:
“Pick a player to thumb wrestle with, and the best out of three rounds gives out two drinks.

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