Top 15 Party Drinking Games Without Cards To Play With Your Pals!

Drinking and enjoying card games sounds like ancient times now. But, drinking games without cards are trending in parties and other events. In fact, there is a list of games to play that doesn’t require investing your money in materials.

And, these are  so much fun as it spikes up hilarious conversation, gossip and chit-chat  in no time. So without a further ado, let’s look at 15 best drinking games without cards that make your party more enjoyable. 

So, you can catch up with your friends, create more new memories and become closer to your loved ones. 

15 Drinking Games You Don’t Need Cards To Play

Are you ready for the big list of 15 most played drinking games without cards and to refill your glasses and let the fun begin!Also remember to drink responsibly!

1. Most Likely

In this game, one player has to ask everyone who they think is most likely to do something.

2. I’m Going On A Picnic

This game can be played between three or more people. The game begins with a statement saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing chips”. It’s up to them what they want to add to their picnic-worthy list. The next player adds a new item of their own and repeats what the first player said. 

3. Medusa

The Medusa game is just like the urban legend tale where players have to stare at other players. But if they lock eyes, then need to say Medusa. The person who says it in the end has to drink.

4. Cheers To The Governor

Four or more people can play this game. A lot of rules have to be followed and the players have to count from 1 to 21. The last person who counted the number can change the rules. 

5. Never Have I Ever

This is the most popular game where the player has to say Never have I ever and finish it with something they have never done. Those who have done it have to drink. 

6. Thumper

Four or more players come together and each player has to mimic the animal they want to be. The second players imitates his favourite animal and the one mimicked by the previous players.

7. Fingers

Four to eight people can play this game. A drinking glass has to be put in the middle of the group and everyone has to put their fingers on the brim of tyr glass. A designated person counts “three, two, one, three.” The other players can keep their fingers or take it off. If the guesser guesses it right, they are out of the game. If wrong, they have to drink and continue the game.

8. Drink While You Think 

This game is also called the name game where the group chooses any category like band names, movie titles or celebrities. The game continues by saying the name or object of that category. If tany player says a name whose first name starts with the last person name, then the game gets reversed. 

9. Paranoia

Trust us, this game is more fun than its name. First player whispers a question in the second player’s ears. The second player has to answer that question out loud. If any player wants to know what the question was, they have to drink.

10. Two Truths And A Lie

Here the players say three statements and the person on the left has to detect two truths and a lie.

11. Suffocation

This game is cooler than it sounds and all the players have to do is where one person goes from asking simple to funny questions and to personal questions which other cannot answer and has to drink instead. 

12. I Drink And I Know Things

In case you guys wonder, yes, the phrase is from Game of thrones. In this game, the person says  “I drink and I know” and answers the question. If their answer is right, they get to ask a question and others who answered and asked the question drinks. If not, the group drinks and continues the game. 

13. Westernmost Never Have I Ever

Player one makes a statement about the player on their left. If it’s true, then the player on the left drinks. If not, then the player one drinks. 

14. Taboo Game

In this game, the players have to use some specific words/phrases and actions. Note them down and if any person says or does something in your list has to drink.

15. I’m Going To The Bar 

In simple terms, the player who messes up the made up story or takes too long has to drink. Make sure you remember the complete sentence said by the other players.

Why Would You Like Drinking Games Without Cards?

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should play drinking games without cards:

1. Saves Your Money

The drinking games cost nothing and you don’t have to purchase extra stuff like cards to play this game. The only thing you need is alcohol. 

2. Drinking Games Are Fun

The game becomes more happening after chugging shots after shots. All the players get an equal chance to drink the game. And if you are a good player then you won’t have to drink. 

3. Drinking Games Connects Everyone

When everyone gets drunk, they become more open and learn things about each other. You get a chance to share facts about yourself which are not known to your friends. 

4. You Can Play Drinking Games Anywhere

The players can play these games at any time and place. Such games are mostly famous to play at a game night, any party, streets, beach, restaurants, bar, or wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 What are fun drinking games?

Some of the fun drinking games to play are Never have I ever, Drunk Jenga, Kings, Flip cup, Beer pong, Fuzzy duck, Truth or dare?, Quarters, and Power hour.

Q2 How do you play fuzzy duck?

In the fuzzy duck game, the players are made to sit in a circle and turn by turn have to say the words “fuzzy duck”. The game begins with the first nominated player who either has to say “fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz”. Then the  second player can say “fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz” or “does he”.

The game passes on as the second player says what the first player said. A player can also say, “does he?”. In that case, the game resumes in the opposite direction with players instead of saying “ducky fuzz”. However, you cannot say the same phrase twice but say “does he” instead. The session can last till any of the players makes a mistake. 


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