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Flip Cup Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

Flip Cup Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

We’ve all seen movies and series where a bunch of teens standing around a table with their plastic drinking cups placed inverted on the edge of the table, screaming and flipping those cups.  As much as this game looks fun in the movies, it is an excellent source of entertainment at parties and get-together. 

let’s know how to play flip cup: Flip Cup begins with the first members of each team drinking beer, placing their empty cup back on the edge of the table, and flipping it completely upside down with their fingers. The following player will play their turn by chugging and flipping, and so on, after the first player has successfully “flipped” their solo cup.

The team with the fastest solo cup flip wins!

Material Required for Flip-Cup

Setup For Playing Flip-Cup

Choose teams: In most cases, the flip cup is played with a group of people. Divide your group into teams of equal size. It is acceptable to have an odd number of players! Pick a player from the team with the fewest members to drink twice.
Set your cups up: Fill your Flip Cup Setup with the amount of beer you want. Make sure that everyone pours the same amount on both teams. On the same side of the table, each team will line up their cups.
Behind their cups stands each player. Each team’s first two players begin. They cheer and begin drinking simultaneously. The player places his hand on the empty cup when the cup is empty and flips it over. The winning team is the one in which all players have their hands on the empty cups first.

Instructions For Playing Flip Cup Drinking Games

Set up the cups. On a rectangular table, arrange plastic Solo cups . The flip cup has two teams. After each player has finished drinking from their cup of beer, they flip the empty cup over on the edge of the table until it perfectly lands upside down on the tabletop. Play flip cup with at least three people on each team.
Fill up the booze: Fill each player’s cup with the beverage of their choice.
On either side of the table, form a line. Match up with your partner. Each person looks across the table in search of a “match with” when their cups are equally full.
Before starting the round, touch the cups: In order to “touch cups” with the opposing player across from them, everyone at the table raises their cup. Check to see that everyone at the table has chosen a partner and is prepared to begin the round.
Scream “Go!” to start: The first player from each team consumes the beer as quickly as possible from their cup. You must flip your cup in the air so that it lands upside down on the table before the next player on your team can start drinking.
Go on! Flip it up: Tap the bottom of the cup with your finger to flip it in the air. Make an effort to tap so lightly that the cup only rotates 180 degrees. The open-side-down position of the cup on the table is ideal. If the cup doesn’t land on its side, Reposition it on the table’s edge and flip until you get it right.
Keep going down the line until one team stops drinking and flipping: The team that finishes first wins. On the tabletop, each cup ought to be placed squarely upside down.

Extra Guidelines For The Drinking Game Version Of Flip Cup

Here’s a thing with all the drinking games: you can make or break rules anytime and have fun with it. Here are a few ideas on adding a bit more to this game:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you win the flip cup every time?

Ans-Tap lightly and make sure the cup makes fewer rotations in the air. 

Q2. How do you play the cup game?

Ans-The flip-cup game is best for drinking time. The players make 2 teams, each standing on either side of the table. Each team should have a cup filled with alcohol. The next step is to chug the drink all in one go and place the cup upright on the edge of the table. Now you need to go down, tap the cup and flip it over to land it in an inverted position. 

Q3. How do you play flip-cup with kids?

Ans-For kids, just subtract the drinking part and you’re good to go. They will have fun flipping the cup. 

Q4. How do you play flip cup elimination?

Ans-Instead of playing in teams, a player individually flips the cup. The last player flipping it right wins the game.

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