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Golf Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

You might have mastered the tricks to make that golf ball end up in one of the holes on the course, but hitting these holes becomes all the more enthralling when you’re two shots down. The Golf drinking game has you tripping on the golf field while you try to focus on the holes and the ball. So, let’s know more about it!

Drinking games like beer pong and kings cup may have helped you make it through college but now that you’re stepping up in life, it’s time to up your drinking game according to your circle and interests. This game enthrals people with a new form of entertainment. 

What Is Golf Drinking Game All About?

The games and rules differ based on which baddie you choose to get drunk this day. We have mentioned a few games that can be easily played and added to your golf routine to make it more fun and unforgettable. 

How To Play Golf Drinking Games?

Golf drinking games are essentially a series of games that require you to drink and aim at the holes of the golf course to put the ball in it.  Now, golf might seem easy if you’re a regular player, but being drunk on the golf course is not something that you have experienced.

So, let go of the records for once and step in with your head dizzying and heart pounding, tripping on the grass, dropping golf clubs midway. Instead of just drinking and playing golf, there are a number of fun rules you can add, whether you want to have a drinking session while playing golf on a video game or during an actual game on the course.

Golf Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Your golf swing won’t improve if you drink beer at every hole, but it will make it much easier to forget your score.  You’ll be drinking just about everything that happens during a golf game in The Golf Drinking Game. Every shot, whether the players score or miss horribly, will make you drink a little. 

Players will finish their drinks whenever a golfer makes a hole-in-one, sinks their ball into the water, or, by some divine intervention, captures an albatross. When a player sinks the ball in two shots on a par 5, they are performing an albatross, which is much less common than a hole-in-one. Therefore, get ready to drink a lot to make golf watching bearable.

The Best Drinking Games To Play In A Golf

Here is the list of some tripping games to oomph your golf game Beer Bogey

It is the perfect opportunity to take a few shots in between strokes. Beer Bogey requires players to hit a shot whenever they go over par on a hole by one stroke. On the first hole, drinking tequila is enjoyable; on the ninth, it is not. 

Consider sipping beer instead of a shot if your golf game needs some work and you consistently see seven on your scorecard. Have the player with the highest score on each hole take a shot for a less-alcoholic alternative. This is bad news for your friend who spends half the round looking for his golf ball, but it is good news for people who always manage to finish in the top 10.

Risky Play 

Even the best golfers occasionally have to play from the rough. Why not make them drink in celebration? Golfers who land their ball in a water or bunker—or, optionally, anywhere other than the fairway—in Hazard Play must drink. This game is a great choice for larger groups with golfers of varying skill levels because it does not require a specific score. If you want to keep seeing clearly, hit it straight.


Why not play a golf-drinking game that requires some marksmanship if you’re running with a group of extremely skilled golfers? The other players present must drink each time a player makes a birdie. If everyone in your golf group makes a lot of birdies (*insert our exaggerated eye roll*), you can take a shot every time a player makes an eagle.

Even and Odd

It is the best option if you’re looking for a drinking game that doesn’t care about your golf score. This game has players haphazardly pick either level and chances. After making their decision, players either have a beer or play odd or even holes. Before finishing the hole, the player who is drinking must finish their beer. They will be required to drink two at the following hole if they do not finish in time. Yikes. The good news is that after 18 holes, everyone will be equally drunk.

Don’t Forget Your Beer

In accordance with this rule, you should always have a beer in your hand—hitting is the only exception. You need to drink every time you forget to bring your beer.

If you play golf online, you can follow the rule by always holding the beer in your hand, whether you’re sitting on the couch or moving around the room.


If you don’t know what a “mulligan” in golf means, it’s a second chance to do something that went wrong the first time around. This could be the result of a mistake you made or just bad luck. Drink first and then hit whenever you need to use a mulligan. 


Q1. How do you pub in golf?

Ans– Having a drink on the golf course is no sin. You can use a drink or two to amp up your game a little. You can bring in some booze, with permission of course, and set several different rules based on your choice or pick up any one of the above-mentioned games. 

Q2.What is a water buffalo in golf?

Ans-The maintenance crew at the 18-hole Laguna Golf Lăng Cô, which is located along the coast of central Vietnam, includes water buffalo, which are referred to as the “living tractors of the East.”

Q3.What do people drink while playing golf?

Ans– Of course, it’s a good idea to drink Gatorade and water to stay hydrated. You should also eat salty snacks like salted nuts or pretzels if you prefer to drink water. To maintain electrolyte levels in the bloodstream, you need to eat or drink sodium because sweat contains a high concentration of sodium.
Talking of the booze, you can pick anything that suits your choice- whiskey, vodka, beer, or even a nice cocktail. 

Q4. Is it okay to drink while playing golf?

Ans– We hope you understand that when we say it’s okay to drink while playing golf, we mean it as a way to have fun and enjoy the game. You might be able to drink to the point where your arms feel loose and your eyes become so blurry that the target is all you can focus on.
Naturally, we cannot assume any liability for what transpires following a drinking games golf round during a competitive game

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