Top 10 Halloween Drinking Games For A Fun Spooky Night

Are you a fan of the spooky and scary night of Halloween? No doubt celebrating Halloween as a kid was fun, but doing it as an adult can be even better as you know, you get to make your own rules. Wish to stay out late? You have the chance now. Do you want to choose your costume? Go as wild and bigger as possible. But the best part is you can throw your party. Wish to know how to make it more exciting?

Halloween drinking games are there to offer you an epic night of fun and thrill. Are you unsure about the Halloween drinking game or the activities you can do with your friends? Read ahead to get an idea about the most popular Halloween party games and what you can do with your friends.

 Halloween party activities

Halloween is all about having fun with friends and family. Be it a spooky party or a basic get-together, you will have all the fun. But to make things exciting, go as creative as possible to get everyone involved in the party drinking games.
Now, are you looking for some creative Halloween-drinking games? Do you wish to have fun at your party? Read ahead to get insights about the best games you can incorporate into your party.

10 fun games for a Halloween party

If you wish to incorporate Halloween drinking games into your party, here are the top recommendations for a fun night.

1. Eyeball Beer Pong

Halloween Drinking Games

Drinking game fans must already be familiar with the rules of beer pong. But this version is here to make things spooky. Want to know how it will fit in your spooky party? Take out the ping pong balls and bring store-bought eyeballs to make it scary enough. Now, go on to play and have fun.

 2. Halloween cocktail challenge

Halloween Drinking Games

Festivities are about drinking and eating. But with many festival Halloween cocktails that are both terrifying and tasty, things can be complicated. A quick solution is getting the guests to bring their favorite cocktail to the party. Now you can compete to find the winner with the best drink.

3. Good Witch, Bad Witch

Halloween Drinking Games

Bring in all the excitement for your guests with this fun Halloween drinking game. In this coin-flipping drinking game, the player needs to land the coin on heads. If successful, they will get to drink a good witch shot that can be a lemon dropper or anything tasty mixed with the drink. If it lands on tails, the player will get a bad witch shot that will be whisky or tequila.

 4. Boozing for Apples

Halloween Drinking Games

Spice up your Halloween party by incorporating a bobbing setup with liquor bottles. They will float alongside the apples. The players grab the bottles instead of the apples, or they can get both if they feel more ambitious.

 5. Trick or Drink

Halloween Drinking Games

If you have a lot of kids in your neighborhood, then you will not want to miss this game when throwing a party. Plus, when the kids ring your door well before the festivities, you will get the best of both. Simply invite your friends over and ask them to sip the drink.

  • The doorbell rings
  • When anyone at the party says trick or treat.
  • You get a witch at the doorstep.

 6. Monster Mash

Halloween Drinking Games

Counting can be quick and easy unless you are drinking. In this game, the players need to count as loud as possible, except they need to say monster on the numbers divisible by three and mash on the divisible by 5.

Now comes the fun part: if any of the players mess, they have to take a drink. Wish to make this Halloween drinking him a lot more fun. You can ask the player to perform a silly task. This will bring in all the laughter.

 7. Horror Movie Trivia

Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween drinking games are already popular online. But if you wish to go creative, make your own rules with your friends. If you think scary movies aren’t your type, you can try the hocus pocus drinking game, a classic of the Disney film to bring out everyone’s laugh.

 8. Costume Bingo

Halloween Drinking Games

This drinking Halloween game will begin as the guests enter the party. If you find someone coming in with a stereotypical costume like a bunny, witch, etc., everyone needs to drink except the person who points out the costume.

9. Thriller Flip Cup

Halloween Drinking Games

Bring together the fun of Flip the Cup and musical chairs with this game. Once the music starts, everyone must start dancing around the table. Now, when it stops, they need to have a drink and then flip the cup in front of them. The player who fails to do it on time will be eliminated. Sounds fun, right? But be careful, as your friends can get wasted pretty easily.

10. Tipsy Halloween Trivia

Halloween Drinking Games

Split your gang into teams or play as an individual. The trivia game is all about testing the knowledge of Halloween traditions. Start by using the impressive Halloween facts to get everyone motivated. Now, bring in the questions to personalize the game. When someone answers the questions right, they will get a point. If not, you know the drill.

frequently asked questions

Q1. What are some good rules for drinking games?

Ans: You can go as creative as possible with the rules. Make your own rules to make things fun. But generally, there are some basic rules that involve no swearing, no saying the word drink, calling out anyone’s name, or pointing at anyone. Any player who fails to follow the rules will have to drink.

Q2. Which are the most typical Halloween games?

Ans: The spooky Halloween night is all about fun with friends and family. Try incorporating games like Halloween Bingo, Halloween story game, Mummy Wrap, Apple bobbing, etc. It will bring in all the fun.


Make the spooky night of Halloween fun with drinking games. Try some popular games to make your time with everyone memorable. For sure, the spooky night will end up with everyone getting wasted and having fun.

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