Harry Potter Drinking Game :Rules And How To Play

Wave a magic wand and get your party started in style. Take out your best companions your drinks, and call in some friends in Hogwarts for tonight’s fire. Better if they put on hats, and mufflers and carry their magic wand themselves. Wondering , what is it all about? Here is the game!

What Is Harry Potter Drinking Game?

The harry potter drinking game is what all Potterhead have been waiting for. This fantastic Harry Potter drinking game will set you up for a magical and boozy evening at home. Grab some butterbeers. Indeed, when the magnificent universes of Harry Potter and liquor impact, extraordinary things occur!

The Harry Potter drinking game is a great way to watch the greatest film franchise of all time with your closest friends. Therefore, let’s get started… Accio alcohol! Harry potter series are used combining them with alcohol and some simple rules. This amazing game of all times is all about fun and magic that’s about to set your party on fire in no time (don’t worry, not literally!).

Even if you aren’t very familiar with all of the movies, you shouldn’t be too worried. However, this will give the Potter heads in your group the upper hand when they compete against you. Be on the lookout, though, because they will use your weakness against you.

Material You Need For Harry Potter Drinking Game

  • Access to Amazon Prime or any other Harry Potter-themed streaming service.
  • Have a few different mixers, a selection of wines, spirits, shots, and perhaps some light beers.
  • Fun group of Potter fans and muggles.

How To Setup?

Sorcery like this one definitely requires a special setup. This isn’t like all other drinking games. It takes a good knowledge of harry potter, mischief in your mind, and some spells and curses to win the harry potter drinking game. 

Put up any of the crowd’s favorite picks of the harry potter movie series. Play it on either tv, laptop, or projector for a blow in the night. you drink when a certain word or action is said. Now, all of you sit with your drink laid in front of you. Don’t bother about pre-boozing. The game will give you enough occasions to pick up your cups and drink. 

You are free to play with as many people as you like. The game is great for any group of people, regardless of the number of players, even if you’re looking for a fun drinking game for just two people because there is no set number of players.

Rules And Gameplay: Let’s Begin

These guidelines apply to all Harry Potter films.

Drink Once 

Someone says “Harry Potter” 

Someone says “wand” 

Malfoy is pompous 

Anyone says “Expelliarmus” 

Ron says “bloody hell” or “blimey” 

Ron has a bewildered or confused expression 

Ridiculously noble statement or speech 

Voldemort is mentioned 

Ron eating or being hungry 

Voldemort is mentioned 

Someone says “Neither can live while the other survives.”

Shots Shots Shots!

The Weasley twins talk at the same time 

Someone speaks Parseltongue 

Ron and Hermione have a “moment” 

Hermione breaks a rule 

Harry catches the snitch 

A horcrux is seen or spoken of 

Harry’s scar hurts 

Drink Twice Everytime

Snape insults James Potter

Every time you see a Dark Mark 

Hagrid says, “I shouldn’t have said that.” 

Harry saves the day when someone you know dies (for example: Cedric, Quirrell) 

A curse that cannot be broken is used (Cruciatus).

Sip Your Drink 

A spell is cast by someone.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the Incomparable Corridor.

Hedwig appears on screen

Hermione does an eyeroll.

Malfoy shouts “Potter”

A trick is played by Fred and George.

The term “Muggle” is spoken.

Hagrid’s hut is visited by Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

“Bloody Hell,” says Ron Weasley.

On the screen, there is a magical creature.

A ghost, you see.

Surprise Blend!

On the off chance that you’re a specialist in the drinking game’s strength, you will presumably be good to go and have many beverages prepared on the game evening. Because you can use it as one of your game’s actions, this can be useful when playing the Harry Potter drinking game.

Make a small drink for the person to your right whenever you see or hear a phrase from the list below, for instance. Use any combination of drinks on the table to accomplish this. For the Surprise Mix portion of the game. Here are some bombers:

Someone claims that Harry has the eyes of his mother. 

You can hear the spell “Alohomora.”

The Marauders Map is used, 

a banquet is held in the great hall, 

Molly Weasley scolds Ron, George, and Fred on screen, 

Snape swishes his cloak. 

Harry uses his invisibility cloak. 

Malfoy talks about his father.

We kind of forgot to tell you something. In the event that it seems to be asking, we couldn’t care less, accept it as asking: Drink responsibly, please! We understand that you want to have fun, but don’t get so drunk that you get that stupid tattoo! 


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