How Old To Be A Bartender ? Bartender Age Laws by State

In 26 states, the minimum age to serve alcohol is 18, however local laws and even licensing requirements can substantially affect this.

Serving alcohol and working in a bar are not always identical, as some states permit serving wine to those under 21 but not genuine alcoholic beverages. In some areas, you must additionally complete alcohol awareness training in addition to obtaining a bartending license, which you can do after beginning employment. In essence, it depends on the state in which you reside. Bartenders must be at least 21 years old in 17 states; some state-level municipalities may have additional restrictions.

Am I Too Old To Start A Bartending Career?

Obviously not. Bartenders that can communicate with upscale patrons are needed in upscale hotels, bars, and four- or five-star restaurants. These venues will be an excellent first step for your bartending profession if you believe you can manage discussions about economics, stocks, businesses, etc.

Find clubs that have bartender job openings if you enjoy going to clubs. What you desire will determine how. Play around with your skills. Furthermore, a mature bartender who can conduct a discussion with their affluent patrons is required for an elite hotel, martini bar, and five star restaurant. A sports bar is a terrific spot to watch games and follow the results if you’re a sports lover.

How Old To Be A Bartender
How Old To Be A Bartender

What Can I Expect From A Bartending Class?

You need to know more than just how to prepare cocktails when working as a bartender. Before you start, there are other requirements for a bartender, such as knowledge of the various wines, beers, spirits, and liquors as well as skills in customer service, upselling, and alcohol awareness. These are some of the important things that you can expect to learn from a bartending class.

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Can I Work As A Bartender If I Am 18?

By state, the minimum age to serve alcohol ranges from 18 to 21. Find out below how old you need to be to work as a bartender in your state in this table below:

Wyoming (WY)21Wyoming Alcohol Server License Online
Wisconsin (WI)18Wisconsin Bartending License Online
West Virginia (WV)18West Virginia ABCA Alcohol Server Permit
Washington (WA)21Washington Liquor License Training
Virginia (VA)21Virginia ABC License Training
Vermont (VT)18Vermont Alcohol Server License (ASAP)
Utah (UT)21Utah Alcohol Bartending Training
Texas (TX)18Texas TABC Certification Online
Tennessee (TN)18Tennessee ABC Alcohol Server Permit Training
South Dakota (SD)21South Dakota Alcohol Server Training
South Carolina (SC)18South Carolina Liquor License Training
Rhode Island (RI)18Rhode Island Alcohol Server Online Certification
Pennsylvania (PA)18Pennsylvania RAMP Training Certification
Oregon (OR)18Oregon OLCC Permit Training
Oklahoma (OK)21Oklahoma Alcohol License Training
Ohio (OH)21Ohio Alcohol Server License and Training
North Dakota (ND)19North Dakota Alcohol Server Training
North Carolina (NC)21North Carolina ABC Permit Training Course
New York (NY)18New York ATAP Certification Course
New Mexico (NM)19New Mexico Alcohol Server License Online
New Jersey (NJ)18New Jersey Alcohol Permit
New Hampshire (NH)18New Hampshire Liquor License Training
Nevada (NV)21Nevada ABC Liquor License Training
Nebraska (NE)19Nebraska Alcohol Permit and Training
Montana (MT)18Montana Alcohol Server Training
Missouri (MO)18Missouri Alcohol Certification
Mississippi (MS)21Mississippi Alcohol Server Permit
Minnesota (MN)18Minnesota Alcohol Server Training
Michigan (MI)18Michigan Alcohol Server Certification
Maine (ME)18Maine Alcohol Server License
Maryland (MD)18Maryland Online ALcohol Server Certification
Lousiana (LA)18Louisiana Alcohol Server Permit ATC Approved
Kentucky (KY)20Kentucky LIquor License Training
Kansas (KS)21Kansas Alcohol Permit and Training
Iowa (IA)18Iowa ABD Alcohol Training and Certification
Indiana (IN)21Indiana Alcohol Server Certification
Illinois (IL)21Illinois BASSET Certification Online
Idaho (ID)19Idaho Alcohol License Certification
Hawaii (HI)18Hawaii Alcohol Server Online Certification
Georgia (GA)18Georgia Alcohol Server Certification
Florida (FL)18Florida Alcohol Certification Online
Delaware (DE)21Delaware Alcohol Server Training
Conneticut (CT)18Conneticut Online Alcohol Server Certification
Colorado (CO)18Online Colorado Alcohol Server Training
California (CA)21California Alcohol Certification Online
Arkansas (AK)18Arkansas Alcohol Server Certification
Arizona (AZ)19Arizona Liquor License Certification
Alaska (AK)21Alaska Alcohol Serve Training Certificate
Alabama (AL)21Alabama Online Alcohol Server Training

Prerequisites For Bartending Licenses

The last subject that needs to be discussed is licensing. Since serving alcohol does not need a bartending license, the majority of bartenders lack one. However, depending on your specific state and local government, you can be forced to complete one of these courses if you are at or below the indicated age.

Check out their websites before submitting an application because they should have this information posted there. To prepare for a career as a server or bartender, you can also enroll in these courses independently. If you intend to pursue a long-term career in the hospitality sector, it would be worthwhile to consider obtaining your sommelier certification, cicerone certification, or other relevant credentials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old are bartenders usually & How Old To Be A Bartender?

A working bartender is 33 years old on average. Hispanic or Latino (16.8%) and Black or African American (70.6%) are the two most prevalent racial or ethnic groups among bartenders (5.3 percent ).

Q2. Can you bartend at 18 in NY?

The state of New York does not require a bartender to be qualified and have a bartending license as long as he or she is at least 18 years old. When it comes to competition, a certified bartender does have an advantage over a non-certified bartender.

Q3. What are the requirements to be a bartender?

Qualifications to Work as a Bartender

  • Professional bartending degree.
  • Diploma in Flair Bartending and Mixology.
  • Bartending Craftsmanship Certificate Program.
  • Wines and spirits certificate program.

Q4. Can you be a bartender at 18 in Michigan?

Yes, In Michigan, the legal drinking age is eighteen. Additional Requirements along with that age that Could Be Useful:

  • Driving Permit
  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • ability to endure prolonged standing
  • understanding of simple drink recipes

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