How to Play Baseball Drinking Game

Can baseball be a drinking Game? Well, Well, Well, a lot can happen at drinking parties. And So, Baseball drinking games can happen too. It works like the real game but instead of playing it in the field, we play it in a party room with a group of friends, and instead of baseballs. We use ping pong balls and the bases you score aren’t on the field but the red solo cups. While the outline remains the same, the rules of the game change but this does not mean that it is any less fun. It is also very convenient especially if you are unable to play outside due to rain or some other reasons. This game will have you testing your shooting skills along with the benefit of getting the losing team drunk. 

What You Need 

Baseball Drinking Game

In order to set up this game, you only need a few things which are listed as follows-

  • Four or more players
  • Four shot glasses
  • Beer
  • A table
  • Ping pong balls
  • Red solo cups

Baseball Drinking Game Setup

Baseball Drinking Game

Once you have got all that you need to play this game, let us talk about how to set it up. 

First, you need to assemble two teams with at least two players on each team.

Then, you can arrange the red cups. For this, you will be requiring a table. You can get any kind of table including a beer pong table and line up four cups perpendicular to the short end of the table for scoring a single, double, triple, or home run. Besides this, you also need to place three cups on each side of the table for first base, second base, and third base. Pour some beer into these cups. If you don’t like beer, you can also pour some water into the cups.
Now let us talk about people and the positions they will take. All players will line up behind their bases. For the batting team, a batting order is required in which they will shoot the ball. For the team on the defensive, there will have to be a catcher.

Rules and gameplay

Once the cups and players have been put in their positions, let us now get to the rules f the baseball drinking game and how to play it. Similar to the real game of baseball, here each batter is given three strikes and each team has three outs. The first batter has to score a single, double, triple, or home run with the ping-pong ball

They move to the respective base if the ball falls into a cup. For example, if they score a double, they move to the second base. If they fail to put the ball in the cup and do not hit anytime they are out.

If they fail to put the ball in the cup but hit the edge of the cup, it is a strike and they get to take another shot. If they hit the edge of the cup and the ball is caught by the catcher in the air, they are out.

The next batter will also have to do the same and try to put the ping pong ball in the cups to get on a base. The batters also get to move other base runners up. For example, if the first batter hit a single and gets on the first base and the second batter hits a double and gets on the double bottom, the first batter will move up to the third base.
Scoring a home run means points for the batters on base.

If you miss all three strikes, you are out.

Opposite the batter, a defending player stands with whom, at any time, the batter can choose to have a flip-cup battle. This battle provides a great opportunity for the batter to win some extra points for the team. In this battle, they will both have to drink the beer from cups and flip the cup after finishing their drinks. The first person who flips the cup wins the battle. If the batter wins this battle, they get to move up a base. If the defender wins, it means the batter is out.
You can play as many innings as you want in this game. To decide on the winner of this game, both teams can keep track of the points scored by each and whoever has scored the most points by the end of the game wins.

Rules on how and when to drink in the game-

The red solo cups should be filled with beer
if a player gets a hit on the beer cup; they have to take a drink from the beer cup depending on the number. For example, if they score a single, they have to drink three shots, and if they hit a triple, they only have to take one shot. But if they get out, they must take all four shots.
If a team scores, the players from the opposing team have to take a drink for each run scored by the other team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many people can play a baseball-drinking game?

Ans: In order to play this game, it is the most convenient if you have two teams with players in even numbers on both sides. But each team should at least have a minimum of two players on each side to play the baseball-drinking game. You can also play this game with two or more players. 

Q2. How many ping-pong balls do I need to play a baseball-drinking game?

Ans: While you only require one ping pong ball to play the baseball-drinking game, it is best to have at least 3 so that if one ball rolls away somewhere you are not able to find, you will have a few spares.

Q3. Is baseball drinking a game like a ping pong?

Ans: In a way, the baseball drinking game is very similar to the game of ping pong or flip cup. It has elements of both. In the former, the players have to put the ping pong ball in a cup to score bases which is similar to a ping pong game. If the batter challenges the catcher or defender, they also play flip cup where they both have to finish their drinks and flip the cup. The first to do so wins. 

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