How to promote your bar’s page on Instagram?

If you are a proud owner of a new bar in your town and you are thinking about how you can make it filled with people nightly, this article is exactly for you. In it, we will tell you about several simple, but quick tools to use to make your place banging in just several days or weeks.

We all know that social media today is the only highly effective method of advertising – all the other tools we have previously had on our hands have gone to the past and lost their efficiency and actuality. So if you are thinking about where to start spreading the word about your place, we would say that there is no better place than Instagram. Why not Facebook? Well, it has less interactive formats of posting available and doesn’t help its users to promote a post other than by paid built-in instruments.

Generally, we will review the types of content that you definitely should be posting and talk about some paid third-party tools which can help with boosting the process – for example, a chance to buy Instagram story poll votes for giving your stories a head start and etc.

Where to begin

If you have just created your page, you need to make sure that you have filled it with all the kinds of information that you want your potential visitors to see – don’t just make several random posts, create a wholesome and organized structure that would make it possible for a person to clearly see what they can get from your bar, where to find it and what are the special offers that make it stand out of the row of lookalike places.

The main thing here is to organize highlights and make them in your special style. Don’t just blindly copy what pages your competitors have in stock. You can use them as a blueprint, but the content should be unique and should display something special about your bar.

How to start promoting
Except for the chance to buy paid third-party options you should be also creating reels to boost your pub’s popularity – think of creative ways to show what is so good about your place that cannot be found in any other places. Actually, there are specialists that help with making reels and can teach you some special tips and tricks, but the truth is that you can learn all of that yourself if you dive deep enough into Instagram and Pinterest.

Then, when you have done some stuff yourself, you can proceed to take on third-party paid services. We would recommend using them only when you are sure that you have enough content so that people who would come because of would see a filled page with a lot of stuff to check out here. You should also remember that the best way to use paid services would be taking on something for regular posts, and something for stories (while trying to make your stories as interactive as possible). And yes, stories are going to be your preferred way of interacting with the audience – by placing their polls, Q&A’s, and even tests if you know what kind of questions would be nice and interesting for your audience to guess.

For stories, you can buy poll votes (to show your audience that people are interested in participating in your profile’s activity), auto views, and reactions, but make sure that you are taking on quality services that are going to be delivered to you by dint of real people. Bots and fakes can negatively affect your profile and won’t bring you any benefits for sure.


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