Irish Car Bomb Drink: Recipe & Steps

If you are into drink and stuff, then you must have heard about Irish car bomb drink and boilermaker. Additionally, if you are one of those who keep on experimenting with different cocktail recipes, then you must try this one once in your lifetime. 

Without delaying much let’s take a quick tour of what’s in an Irish car bomb and why is it so popular. By the end of this article, you will know about how to make an Irish car bomb, all the dos and don’t too. The Irish car bomb is a cocktail. Basically, it is a beer-based cocktail. Irish car bomb drink tastes almost similar to a boilermaker. Two of the main ingredients are Irish cream and Irish whiskey which is why the name starts with the word ‘Irish’. 

Make The Best Irish Car Bomb Drink

If you want to add an extra-strong flavor of caramel, you can do that too. A ‘car bomb’ simply specifies some struggles and car bombings that bartenders usually face during preparing the drink. This is the only reason why some of the bartenders hesitate to prepare the car bomb drink. The Irish Car Bomb Drink started to seek attention in the late ’90s. It was almost popular in every single Irish pub and bar in the United Kingdom. Then people across the world started to enjoy its taste too. It is a unique combination of beer and shot cocktails. 

You need only three ingredients to prepare it: Irish whiskey, Baileys Irish cream, and Guinness. The moment you prepare the shot, you’ve to drink it otherwise the drink will take no time to curdle. The taste after the car bomb drink gets curdled is not appealing at all. Make sure to drink Irish car bomb drink very quickly after preparing it. 

The name of the drink perfectly goes hand in hand with the taste. Moreover, the word ‘bomb’ does full justice to its flavor. For a moment, the taste will exactly feel like a bombing. Quite a few times, people enjoy witnessing the moments while preparing the drink. 

Irish Car Bomb Drink
Irish Car Bomb Drink shots

Many people actually appreciate the art of its preparation. The most eye-catching moment is when the shot dropped in beer. The way the drink spills is soothing to the eyes. If you replay that moment in your head in slow motion then you will undoubtedly feel delighted.  As mentioned earlier, one of the most struggling parts is getting rid of curdling. The main reason behind it is the Irish curdle. Within a few minutes, the Irish car bomb shot will make lumps out of the ingredients. 

We have a trick for you to avoid awful situations like this. You have to make sure to chill up some of the ingredients thoroughly till you mix them with whiskey. Keep the Guinness stout in the fridge and take it out only at the time of use. You can also keep the Irish cream in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to chill them right before mixing. When the drink is ready, you can have it before it surpasses room temperature.

You can get lots of recipes from too many sources. Well, most of them might give you good results. But if you stick to this recipe, it will not only serve you a clump-free drink but also a strong taste. You can use caramel as an add-on. Much to your surprise, caramel gives not only a stronger taste but also enhances its flavor too. 

The making of irish car bomb
The making of irish car bomb

The Irish car bomb recipe is very easy and simple to learn. You need only three ingredients. You just have to keep a few things in mind before you start experimenting on your own. Now you must be excited to know how to make an Irish car bomb and what’s in an Irish car bomb. Well, you have to consider the exact amount mentioned below.

Irish Car Bomb: Ingredients

  • Guinness stout (¾ pint)
  • Baileys Irish Cream (½ shot)
  • Irish Whiskey (½ shot)


  • Pour out the Irish cream into a glass & put the Irish whiskey in the same shot glass.
  • Take a beer mug and pour Guinness stout in it & wait for the moment till the foam settles down. 
  • Assemble all the ingredients of the Irish car bomb drink. Once the foam settles down, drop the shot glass in the Guinness beer mug and drink very quickly.

Hopefully, this Irish car bomb recipe has been a help to you. It’s an easy and simple recipe to try anytime at home. 

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