Is It Weird To Go To A Bar Alone?

Frankly, It’s not that weird! Rather, going alone at the bar is kinda fun and it lets your hair down for a while and unwinds your thoughts. However, it indeed depends on how loner, single, and ready to mingle expression you want to give to the crowd. Just joking! But in reality, it depends on how comfortable you are being solo. We are certain, it’s a task for now! But is it impossible? Not at all! We often want to try new things like going to the mall alone, or the theatre alone which is pretty easy though.

But, going to a bar by yourself and drinking at the bar alone can be like biting the bullet at the initial stage which eventually makes you feel if ‘is it weird to go to a bar alone?  Well, to know the answer to it, do the trick this time and take a shot in the dark! Don’t forget, it’s not a bad idea to enjoy your own company and have quick booze and make new friends and chill out.

So stop thinking and start drinking! Bcz you are not alone, someone, somewhere else is also drinking too! But, Yeah, we know, it’s easier said than done. So, let me know how to make it happen like a pro! So, if you are all set for going to the club alone. Don’t delay the good read that will answer you on how to go to a bar alone with some pro tips and the right things to do.

Pro Tips To Visit Bar Alone

1 You Can Get To A Bar When You Are Traveling.

To understand this, let’s start with a situation! Suppose you are traveling alone to a new town for work or just hiding from your hectic life, then going to a bar alone on a weekend can be an exciting plan. Because, you know what, most of the time, you will spot 2 out of 10 travelers finding a safe refuge in a bar to grab a bite.  In olden times, men travelers used to ride on a horse to an isolated town and spend two or three nights in a local tavern. At the same time, they used to either watch a match on TV or make small conversations with the locals. 

You might have also seen old classic movies of Clint Eastwood, where he travels to the barren land and takes a night halt near a local motel cum bar. If this worked out back then, it still works for people in similar situations now. So, after knowing all about historical patterns for work and fun, you must have understood that going to a bar as a man or going to bars alone as a woman is not actually a new normal, rather it is an old goldie way of fun!

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Is It Weird To Go To A Bar Alone

So, if you are planning to embark on a solo journey, you can enjoy as many drinks as you want at the bar. You won’t notice weird stares from the crowd because the entire bar could be possibly filled with travelers.  So, you can hang out all by yourself at the bar. Later on, take your drink and continue your drinking season in your hotel room. This is totally cool! But watching reruns of old melodramatic shows and chugging down your beer is most definitely not cool. Jokes apart,  If you are on your own, don’t feel shy and make the most of the night at the bar.

2. You Can Go To A Bar Alone If You Are Planning For A Solo Lunch.

Getting drunk on long lunch breaks and eating seafood looked so much fun in Mad Men. The period drama was pretty sweet and made us wonder where we can find such a job and get drunk on martinis. Though there are no such bosses that allow you to get drunk, you can try this thing on your day off. You can visit your favorite bar during lunchtime and grab a couple of drinks. Be cool and like Don Draper and make small conversations with the bartender.

3. First-Timers Can Go To A Movie And Dinner Alone To Get Used To The Solo Feeling.

If you are completely new to this “solo drinking thing”, and you can’t make head nor tail of it! Then you can start from the bottom. Date yourself! First of all, try going to a movie all by yourself and enjoy the feeling. You won’t feel lonely because you will be spending most of the time watching the film. Then, next comes the solo dinner date.

You can go for a lavish dinner or a small meal by yourself and get used to the feeling. Once you learn the art of solo eating, you can jump to the bar. Now, see the magic! Most of the time, people get nervous because they are worried about looking like a creep, weirdo, or loner. But the real magic happens when you own it! And now, you do own it! By this time you will know that there are many reasons to go to a bar alone and you will start enjoying it.

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Is It Weird To Go To A Bar Alone

4. Look For A Bar That Has Great Staff And A Cool Environment.

Finding a chill bar with a cool spot to sit is the key. So always get a seat near the bar where you can easily strike up a conversation with a bartender or other drinkers. If you are lucky enough, you may end up meeting another solo person just like you. Aha, now we are talking, right?

5. You Can Visit Your Favorite Bar For The First Time.

This time, don’t try the new Spot!  begin your solo bar trips by going to your go-to bar. We know that the situation may become awkward when we visit an unfamiliar environment.  The familiarity and comfort of the setting will take some of the load off of your chest without stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember! This is your first step. And the next step will be meeting new people and starting a conversation.

As you are familiar with this bar, pulling off a conversation with the bartender is not a tough task because they already know you. And trust us, sometimes, they are the most fun and interesting people in the bar. This will help you to master the art of getting comfortable in no time. And now you are ready to checkmark your experience list by visiting some new bars too!

6. Go To A Bar That Entertains People Who Have Similar Interests To You.

You can find a bar that resonates with your favorite bar or has fun stuff to do. You can also search for bars that attract like-minded people who you might be interested in meeting. And it is completely okay to take an activity along with you. It can be a journal, a book, or maybe just a newspaper. It takes a lot of decision-making, confidence, and comfort in doing something alone at a bar.

Is It Weird To Go To A Bar Alone

7. Don’t Keep Your Eyes Hooked To Your Phone All The Time.

When you go to the bar solo, always avoid being glued to your phone because it looks uncool. Keep your body language open and try to drink less because you will be there all by yourself.  And you gotta rely on yourself to take yourself back home, right?

8. Try A Hotel Bar If You Feel Normal Bars Are Crowded.

If you feel local bars are overcrowded, then you can go to a hotel bar. They not only provide great services but are friendly to their customers. And you can be totally yourself here and feel less awkward. Hotel bars are selective so you will feel warm and welcoming. And the staff is friendly which also including the bartender. You can start a conversation with them and others who are not known.

And there is a high chance of running into these unknown people three or four years later at another hotel bar. People love to visit these places because of their hospitality. If you really like the environment, you can become their regular customer and try new drinks. If the bartender becomes a close friend of yours, he may even offer you a free drink. The drink will be totally on him!

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