Jenga Drinking Game Ideas : Rules And How To Play

What do I say about drunk Jenga? I used to play this adult classic game when I was a kid. And obviously with no alcohol. But adding the alcohol factor with the anxiety of the tower falling down adds a more fun factor to Drunk Jenga. Yes, nothing can beat the original game where you feel your heart pounding as soon as you pull one wooden block.

What is the Jenga Drinking Game All About?The Jenga drinking game involves small or big groups of people. Their goal is to remove blocks and perform the task turn by turn while making sure the block tower doesn’t fall.

The lead character of this game is alcohol, which makes this game ten times more entertaining. So, let’s have a look at what equipment you will need before jumping to the Jenga drinking game ideas

What You’ll Need To Play?

What You'll Need To Play?


Well, for drunk Jenga, you require

1. Jenga game kit

                                                                   jenga drinking game

2. A marker to write

                                                                            jenga drinking game

3. Bottles and glasses of your favorite liquor.

                                                                            jenga drinking game

Set -Up For Jenga Game

After you arrange all the equipment to play the Jenga game, here are few outlined things you can do:

Option 1: You can list down your own rules in the number from 1 to 54 on a paper. Also, write numbers on each jenga block. Then, print the rules and start playing. As soon as the number is pulled out, read the rule and let the player perform his or her task.
Option 2: Write down the rules in short form on the block itself. Make a list of detailed explanations of each rule on a paper and print it. Rest of the part is the same as Option 1.
Option 3: Write down all the rules and print them. Make a cut out and stick them on each block. To keep the card paper last long, use transparent tape to cover the cut-out. Doing so also avoids friction when pulling the blocks from the tower.

Now that you have printed all the rules, it is time to get your drinks ready, set up your Jenga tower, and get ready to have fun! Are you excited to play? But, hold on! You also need to know the rules and instructions to play this game. Let’s have a quick glance at drunk Jenga rules in the next segment. 

Rules And Gameplay

Every game has its own set of rules. So does the Drunk Jenga game. Lets know it all!

Step 1: Arrange a shared cup and place it on the middle of the table. All the drinks will be poured in the shared cup when the block is pulled and the player who has pulled the block has to drink or do the dare.
Step 2: Now, build a tower. Only one player can build this as he or she will be going first. The game begins right here!
Step 3: When your turn comes, remove the block carefully. The safest spots are anywhere above and anywhere below the highest completed layer.
Step 4: In the next step, read out what the rule on your block says. Then, stack the block on the top of the Jenga tower.
Step 5: Make sure to complete the 3-block layer before beginning the next one.
Step 6: Next, remove the stack one block per turn unless and until you are instructed.
Step 7: Use only one hand at a time to remove a block. You can also switch hands whenever you like. 
Step 8: Continue removing the blocks until the tower falls. Whoever makes the tower falls has to drink all the drinks poured in the shared cup.

Now, write these instructions down on a piece of paper and print it.

  • Make a Toast: Make a simple or funny toast.
  • Waterfall: Everyone starts to down their drink and they can only stop when the player to their right stops.
  • Moo when you drink: Moo every time you drink.
  • Call Birmingham: Call a random kebab shop in Birmingham UK, ask for Mohammed, If Mohammed gets on the line, everyone but you takes a drink. If no one there is called Mohammed, you take a drink. If the person you call Is Mohammed, everyone but you takes 2 drinks.
  • French Accent: Talk with a french accent until the end of the game.
  • Single: If you’re single, drink.
  • Duck Duck Goose: Play duck duck goose.
  • Ripple: The player who took the piece takes one drink, the people to their right and left take 2 drinks, then to their left and right take 3 drinks and so on.
  • Everyone slaps the person to their left: (What it sounds like)
  • Android users drink: (What it sounds like)
  • Indian Accent: Talk with an Indian accent until the end of the game.
  • Sing a Song: (What it sounds like)
  • Eat Cheese: You literally just eat cheese
  • Floor is Lava: Last person to stand on their chair drinks.
  • Flip Cup: The player gets 3 tries to flip and land a solo cup, if not then they drink.
  • Rule: The player adds a rule to the game, eg. take 2 pieces instead of 1.
  • Spin the Bottle: (What it sounds like)
  • Instagram: Like a picture on Instagram of someone not present in the game that is at least 30 weeks old.
  • Time Out: Literally go for a time out in the corner of the room facing away until its the players turn again.
  • Hand Cuffs: The player chooses another to be handcuffed to until the end of the game.
  • Everyone Drinks: (What it sounds like)
  • Sex Position: Everyone finds a partner and goes into a sex position, the last pair in a position or if someone is left out, they drink.
  • Gender Bender: Swap an item of clothing with another player of the opposite sex.
  • Partner in Crime: Pick another player to drink every time you do.
  • Categories: The player picks a category eg. Dog Breeds. Each player takes a turn naming one until one is repeated or the player can’t think of one.
  • Shit Degree: We collectively decided who in the game is doing/has a shit degree, those players drink. (We are all uni students)
  • Chicks: Girls Drink
  • Dicks: Guys Drink
  • Clap after drink: Clap after every drink
  • CCCave MaNNN: You can only speak in 3-word sentences for the rest of the game.
  • Swap seats: Swap seats with another player.
  • Guess underwear colour: The player has to guess the other player’s underwear colour, drinks for every wrong answer.
  • Pole dance: (What it sounds like)
  • Everyone votes for someone to take a shot: (What it sounds like)
  • Rhyme: Same as categories but with a rhyming word
  • Feminism Bitch: That player has to get drinks for everyone else for the rest of the game.
  • Sex Noise: Make a sex noise after every drink.
  • Shot: (What it sounds like)
  • Mystery Shot: Player closes their eyes, the remaining players make a shot using alcohol and food.
  • Nose Dive: Last player to put their nose on the table takes a drink.
  • Coin Flip: The player fills a cup with as much of a drink as they want, then flip a coin. If guessed incorrectly, they down the drink. If correct, they pass it on to the next player who adds more drinks and repeats. (gets very exciting if 3-4+ guesses are correct)
  • Apple Users Drink: (What it sounds like)
  • Least Drunk: Least drunk player, as voted by the group, drinks.
  • Birthday: Whoever’s birthday is next drinks.
  • Death: Take 4 drinks
  • Keep eye contact: Maintain eye contact with a player of their choice until their next turn.
  • Bipolar: Insult the person to their right, compliment the person to their left.
  • Feminism Bitch: The player has 10 seconds to name 5 influential women who aren’t actresses or artists.
  • Fuck Marry Kill: (What it sounds like)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do you make Jenga fun for adults?

Ans- To make drunk Jenga more entertaining and fun for adults, you can add workouts, dirty dares, funny dares, exercises like plank, balance on one leg, wall squat, push ups, sit ups, twirls, squats, burpees, lunges or physical actions like handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults.

Q2. How do I arrange my Jenga game?

Ans- To arrange the jenga game, you need to place the 54 blocks one above the other on a flat surface. Set three sets of blocks in horizontal and vertical position until the tower is 18 blocks high.
This game can be played even if you are missing 1 or 2 blocks. Then straighten your tower and make sure the structure is straight and sturdy.
Also, make sure the block layers interlock so the tower stands without any support. You can also use your hands to smoothen out or push any blocks that are out.

Q3. What is social in drunk Jenga?

Ans- In Drunk Jenga, Social is where everyone playing must drink one sip.


In my opinion, Drunk Jenga is one of the best drinking games you can play. The best thing I found about it is that you can also change your 1 to 54 rules as per the group you are with. Me and my gang mostly enjoy funny dares, so we write down 54 hilarious tasks and laugh our hearts out when anyone from our group does the task.


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