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Jenga Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

Jenga Drinking Game

Falling blocks and drinks in your hand make it appear more fun. A game of jenga can get you trippy like none other. You can modify the game’s rules to make it even more engaging. Read on to find out how to make a traditional Jenga game into a drinking game!

The astonishment of falling blocks is increased by multiple folds if you’re two shots down. You only need a 52-piece Jenga set and some alcoholic beverages to play.

What You’ll Need To Play

How To Set Up Jenga Drinking Game

Drunk Jenga combines two very complementary activities: drinking and attempting to avoid disaster. A copy of Jenga and a little imagination are all you need to play this drinking game of Jenga. Typically, a different rule will be written on each block, such as “Drink one,” “Girls drink,” and “Never have I ever,” among others. 

All that is expected for the Jenga Drinking Game requires the exemplary Jenga game and a couple of sharpie markers. However, you must first decide on the hilarious rules and actions for your drunk Jenga before you can set it up. On one side of the block, these actions are colored. The side of the cube that contains the action is placed face-up when it is assembled.

This way, you have no idea what action you’ll pull from the tower. There are 52 distinct blocks, each with its own unique challenges, actions, or just funny twists. Before you begin putting together your drunk Jenga, you must first gather the values of your 52 cubes. 

Rules And Gameplay

Jenga is a drinking game that can be played with a gathering. The objective of the game is to stack blocks without falling over the tower. You must consume alcohol if you damage the building. The basic premise of the game never changes, but different rules can be used to play it!

Make sure each piece has a rule written on it before the game starts. Make sure that all of the blocks in the tower are facing down so that no one can see which rule they will get before they do. After this, the play continues as usual. Players alternate eliminating blocks from the pinnacle and putting them on top. The person who destroys the tower loses and must consume a full beer as a result.

This game is a blast, and setting it up is almost as much fun as playing it! I always prefer to let players make their own rules for this game because it keeps them interested while they wait for their rules to be used. It is a great way to meet new people and get a little drunk at the same time.


1. Drink 1: The block-pulling player must drink.

2. Drink 2: The player who pulls the block is required to drink two drinks.

3. Drink 3: The player who pulls the block is required to drink three times.

4. All players drink

At the point when this block is pulled, all players should take a beverage.

5. Drinks to your left The player who pulls the block is obligated to serve drinks to the player to their left.

6. To your right drinks The player who pulls the block has a responsibility to get the other player to their right drink.

7. Make an educated decision The player who pulls the block gets to select any player to drink from.

8. Waterfall!

Everyone starts drinking when this block is pulled, and they can’t stop until the player to their right stops.

9. Thumb master: The thumb master is the player who pulls the block. This means that at any time during the game, they can place their thumb on the table. The player who is the last to notice and place their thumb on the table must drink.

10. Create a rule The player who pulls the block determines the game’s rules. They could, for instance, state that everyone who drinks must tell a joke.

11. Dare The player who pulls the block is required to dare. The dare can take the form of anything from silly dancing to singing.

12. Never Have I Ever… The player who pulls the block does something new. Take, for instance, “I’ve never skydived.” Drinking is required for everyone else in the group who has done that.

13. Categories: The player who pulls the block names an item from a specific category, such as animals. The following player must then call another item from that category, and so on. Drinking is required if a person cannot come up with an answer or repeats one!

14. Answer a question

15. Complete your beverage 

16. A shot must be taken by the player who pulls the block.

17. Everyone gets a shot!

Everyone must take a shot when this block is pulled.

18. The player who pulls the block gets to choose another player to take a drink with them.

19. The youngest member of the group is required to drink.

20. Tall one: The tallest individual in the gathering should take a beverage.

21. Person nearest the door must drink.

22. Happy birthday! The player whose birthday is closest to today must drink.

23. Most seasoned individuals in the gathering should take a beverage.

24. The youngest member of the group is required to drink.

25. Change of name The player who pulls the block must choose a new name for the game. They must drink if the other players call them by their real names.

26. Reverse Play: The person who finished last moves up, and the person who finished first moves down.

27. Sing a song and get started. The following line of the song must be sung by the person in the clockwise order. This goes on until someone makes a mistake or forgets something, at which point they have to drink.

28. Play a movie scene: One player starts playing a movie scene. The remaining players must then attempt to guess the movie within 30 seconds. The player performing the scene must drink if no one correctly guesses. Everyone except the player acting out the scene and them must drink if someone correctly guesses.

29. Pick a partner to participate in a staring contest. The person who blinks or looks away first wins and must drink.

30. Rhyme time: The player who pulls the block says a word, and the person next to them must say a word that rhymes with it. This goes on until someone can’t think of a word or says the same thing over and over, at which point they have to drink.

You can add up more rules of your own choice and enjoy the game. Also, enjoy solitaire masters along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you yell Jenga when it falls?

Ans- It’s only going to add up to the fun. Go ahead and scream at the top of your voice!

Q2. How do you play Jenga drunken tower?

Ans- You only need to put on some rules on the blocks of the game and play the regular Je ga while following whatever is written on the blocks being pulled. 

Q3. Is Jenga good for the brain?

Ans- Both mental and motor skills can be improved through playing this game.

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