We have been familiar with the idea of uniforms and formal attire since our childhood, but the idea of a nightclubs dress code seems rather strange. A place of glamor, gloss, and fun, having rules on night out bar outfits? Well, we dress to make an impact, feel confident and happy. Every club has its own set of standards, and we’re gonna show you the typical nightclubs dress code of every high-class bar. 

In your local friendly bar, there isn’t usually a specific way to dress as long as you make yourself look presentable enough to enter a public space. In more formal bars, the managerial guidelines set up a certain dress code to avoid women showing too much sex appeal. Once you know the difference between a local bar and a formal high-class bar, we will tell you what exactly the guidelines are, set up by the high-class ones. 

The Punk Graffiti Streetwear

1. The Punk Graffiti Streetwear 

We all love the coolness of Streetwear, with grunge t-shirts and black boyfriend jeans. As urban and in-style as that sounds, it won’t suffice to go to a formal bar. While it is not the most restricted outfits on their list, it is definitely frowned upon by the bar’s authorities. 

Comfy and Carefree

2. Comfy and Carefree

You can pretty much wear trousers, t-shirt and flip flops on a college campus day, or while going camping. However, in some bars, your “comfort over style” mindset is difficult to play out, due to strict guidelines adhering to something a little more extravagant. 

The Club Dress Code

3. The Club Dress Code  

So, discarding the two most restricted nightclubs dress code, we have noted down a few preferred looks on both Men and Women, that go along the lines of something like :

Men- Khakis, Formal Trousers and Jeans (preferably black). Leather shoes or expensive sneakers. 

Women- A Little skin and elegance. No jeans or ripped pants. A body con or flared attire looks best. 

nightclubs dress code
Smart But Cool Look

4. The Smart But Cool Look

If you’re still hell-bent on the idea of casual wear and want to wear something that’s easy on your body instead of making you uncomfortable, we totally get it. How do we have fun if we don’t even feel comfortable in our own element? That being said, listed below are things you should absolutely discard as the chosen nights out bar outfits

  • Sports shoes and joggers – They scream “lazy and stale” in the glamor of nightclubs. 
  • Shorts – Apart from providing comfort, shorts don’t contribute to the presentable look. 
  • Sports shirts or jerseys- Let’s limit the Argentina Jersey and Cricket Caps to casual places, and choose something more elegant for the night out. 
  • Baggy jeans, or jeans that hang around your bum- They are quite unappealing, especially within men, where the latter kind of jeans grew popular very soon among the young generation. 
  • Sports hats and beanies – With the exception of fedoras that can be allowed and are usually okay to wear. 

Apart from the mentioned names, even elegance may come with a cost, when the brand you are wearing might cause a conflict of interest with the bar you are in. If somehow you end up in a beautiful attire but made by the same brand that has perhaps been at crossroads with the bar you are in, as in many instances in the past, things may elevate to worse situations. So, be cautious and have a fairly rough idea of the brand you are wearing or the location you are in, as you enter the bar. 

nightclubs dress code

5. Nightclubs Dress Codes: Formal 

A formal dress code doesn’t only end at office visits. It is so much more. It can easily be creatively fited into a nightclub or a party, as long as you wear the right combinations. It can be applied and showcased in the following way :

Men- any colour modern tux, suit, and a tie.

Women- Elegant cocktail dresses. 

Semi formal

6. Semi Formal

A bridge between the formal and the more casual attire, semi formal is also quite famous among the Nightclubs dress code style

Men- Suit that may or may not need a tie. 

Women- A Little classy, a little sexy, but don’t over exaggerate. 

nightclubs dress code
Street smart

7. Street Smart 

If you want to dress casual, dress smart, like mentioned below. Make sure to avoid the given items when going for the casual look :

Men- Dark pants and Khakis paired with a shirt instead of t-shirts or jerseys. 

Women- With the idea of a dress in mind, choose your jeans, pants, and skirts wisely. 

Nightclubs Dress Codes: Wrapped Up

With all that being said, Nightclub dress code is nothing but a disciplined measure to control our urges to go crazy with our dressing style. If you prefer to style your own way, that’s all good, and if you want to follow something stringent like the nightclubs dress code or the party dress code, that’s good too. However, an overdo should always be avoided. 


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