Top 12 Outdoor Drinking Games To Make Your Party Exciting

Lighten up the mood and get the party started with the outdoor drinking games. You can enjoy any outing with your friends or family. Be it a little hanging out with your friends or a special day, the right games can bring the spark to the party and ensure everyone enjoys it.

But are you aware of the top drinking games? Do you know how to play the most popular drinking games? If not, go on to read ahead. The guide will provide clear information about all the top games you can enjoy.

What Are Outdoor Drinking Games?

Outdoor drinking games are fun activities where the penalty or consequence of losing is alcohol. In the outdoor drinking games, every time someone misses the cup, they need to drink. The best part is you can make your rules to bring in fun. Or you can take an activity and bring in booze to increase competitiveness.

Be it a card game or dice game, you can incorporate drinks with it all. After all, outdoor drinking games are all about incorporating fun activities with drinks.

Why do people play outdoor drinking games?

When camping outside with friends and family, there is nothing better than enjoying a cocktail or a chilled beer. But what’s better is you can start playing outdoor drinking games to make your time fun and memorable.

Choose to gather around a few friends to have all the fun in the evening and set a good mood. Vacations are the perfect time to get it all outdoor drinking games. It will bring great excitement to your time together. People love such games because they are competitive or wish to socialize with everyone else.

Not to mention it’s best to meet with new people and get away from anxiety for some time. No matter the reason, it’s going to be fun, and you are going to get wasted pretty fast. But for this, you must know the top drinking games you can enjoy at your next outing.

Top 12 outdoor drinking games

Are you excited about the outdoor drinking games? Here are the top 12 popular options to bring fun to your next outing

1. Drunken Jenga

Outdoor Drinking Games

Bringing alcohol to the game can make it fun. If you wish to play it in a light mood, then the person needs to drink every time he fails. While in the expert mode, everyone has to drink whenever someone properly takes out a block.

You can make the game fun while playing outside and increasing the size of the tumbling tower. Customize it well to make a game difficult. It will be fun to watch everyone drunk.

2. Beer Pong

Outdoor Drinking Games

Next on the list is the time-tested game for a good reason. You might already be aware of this popular game. Here the cups are all arranged in the pyramid at the end of the table. Now go ahead to make a team of two or four people. One player from team one will try attempting to put a pink pong ball into the opposition’s cup by tossing it in from the end of the table to the edge of the other side.

If the person is successful in dropping the ball in the cup, the opponents need to take a drink. Continue doing this until you see one side is completely out of the drink. The one who finishes wins the game.

3. Bottle Bash

Outdoor Drinking Games

Do you have an upcoming party? Incorporate this one game for a great time. Based on the level of challenge or competition you wish for, it can be played between zones that are 20, 30, or 40. It is an extremely simple game to enjoy. It involves the use of fake bottles that looks real. Besides, there are retractable battle poles that can be used on grass or sand.

In this game, one team needs to throw off flying Frisbee toward the opposite player’s pole. The target is the bottle positioned on the top of the pole. If successful, the other team needs to drink.

Trying cooperating with this game at your next party to have a memorable time. For sure all of your friends will love it.

4. Never Have I Ever

Outdoor Drinking Games

Tired of your dull outdoor gatherings? Do you wish to bring in more fun? If yes, include these additional outdoor drinking games in your party to have a great time. It is a low-cost game. Everyone just needs to complete the sentence Never have I ever (anything that they have never done in their life). Anyone else in the game who has completed the task must drink.

Continue with the game until everyone is at the breaking point, and you get to know about secrets.

5. Cornhole

Outdoor Drinking Games

My favorite on the list is Cornhole. It is a fun drinking activity to play outside. The rules can be changed to include punishment, alcohol, or reward. You can easily find Cornhole sets available online. The game is about developing your own personal Cornhole. Do this if you wish to make things fun and impress your friends.

But do not forget to carry all the outdoor pieces so that you can start with the game without any difficulty.

6. Dizzy bat

Outdoor Drinking Games

Does the name excites you? Well, you indeed will love it. For this game, all you need is a whiffle ball bat and drinks. You can create two teams. The first member of the first team needs to chug a beer, then place the cup on the handle and swing it around ten times. After that, the member can smash the cup. Now the member of the second team needs to deliver the smashed beer cup to the original player.

Want to know something exciting? Everyone on the other team needs to drink if the initial pair successfully knocks the cup during the first three rows. If not, their team needs to take a drink. No matter the winner, all your friends will have a great time.

7. High Noon

Outdoor Drinking Games

Want to know about an exciting outdoor game without any equipment required? Go ahead with high noon. You can imagine two people standing back to back, chugging drinks. Here the players need to chug the drink from the cup and then throw it at the opponent side. In order to win this game, one needs to be extremely fast in chugging and must have good aim.

8. Quarters

Outdoor Drinking Games

Who hasn’t heard of this wild and popular drinking game? You can enjoy the game both indoors and outdoors. The rules here are extremely simple. If the person is able to put the coin in the glass, he gets to ask somewhere to take a drink. If not, the player will be the one to drink.

9. Egg Roulette

Outdoor Drinking Games

This exciting game is already loved by the late-night host Jimmy Fallon. But don’t get over-excited, as things can get messy. The game involves the use of similar eggs, but one will be hard-boiled. Everyone in the group needs to take turns to break the eggs on their head until one explodes. The one who does will be the loser. After all, you must have already heard the saying you need to crack some eggs on your head to enjoy a good summer barbecue.

10. Kubb

Outdoor Drinking Games

Enjoy this popular Swedish game at your next party. It’s all about tossing large wooden blocks at the other wooden stakes to log it off. It can be played anywhere but will be best if played on sand or loose soil. So save this for your beachside barbecue nights.

11. Dodgebeer

Outdoor Drinking Games

Once you get to the game, you will wish your gym was as fun. It’s available for those who are looking for time to get away from the trappings of beer pong. In this game, you can assume the regular form position with one beer on each side. Here the objective of the opposing team is to hit the other team’s beer with a ping-pong ball. Now while it drops, the opposing team needs to sip till one gets the pong back on the table and yells Stop.

12. Tipsy Toss

Outdoor Drinking Games

In order to start with this game, you will need two bottles, two posts, and Frisbee. Put the post into the ground and then add a bottle on the top. Each of the players gets that to throw Frisbee on the bottles. Anyone who missed the shot needs to drink, while those who get successful can make others drink.

frequently asked questions

Q1. How do adults play outside?
Ans: Outdoor drinking games have been there forever. It’s the adult’s way of enjoying their time with friends and family.

Q2. How do you play dizzy bat?
Ans: In this game, the participants need to chug a full beer from a whiffle ball bat, place the cup on the handle and swing it around ten times. After that, the member can smash the cup. Now the member of the second team needs to deliver the smashed beer cup to the original player. If successful, the first team needs to drink, and vice versa.

Q3. Can you play drinking games with the boys?
Ans: Yes, there is no specific rule to have girls for enjoying outdoor drinking games. Even only boys group can have a great time playing some of the games.

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