Pizza Box Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

Party, songs, booze, and pizza! What else sounds like a perfect weekend? But, we have a twist to add to the party this time. And I hope this weekend’s story can be made worth remembering the fun moments over the coffee some day. 

So,  Pick up those empty pizza boxes that you just sideline into the corner of the room. Those are the real party bangers. 

What Is The Pizza Box Drinking Game All About?

The Pizza Box Drinking Game is a dare-based game that is both fun and addictive. It allows you to drink a lot of alcohol while having a good time and laughing with your brothers or squad. It’s the ideal method for perking up any night up and can prompt recollections that you will all esteem for the lifetime of your associations.

Therefore, if you have never played the game before, why not spend some time learning the rules? It is worth your time to fully comprehend them because we are about to provide you with a more in-depth explanation of them. Let’s go!

What You’ll Need To Play?



Empty Pizza box: the empty pizza cardboard. Didn’t order pizza? Worry not! This game can be played with any sort of cardboard box.
A coin: you need a 1 rupee coin or any coin that you might have with two different faces. This coin will be utilized to manage the game.
A marker:  a pen would do, but a thicker marker will help all the drunkards’ visibility a little easier. 
One standard drink for each person: Drinks to have fun time with your friends.

The most effective method to PLAY:

Open the empty pizza box on the ground or on the table so that the lids are level with the ground. 
Each participant takes their drink and places it on the pizza box in a specific location. 
With the marker, make an outline of your drink and write your name on it. 
One person is chosen to proceed first after everyone has finished drawing and writing their name. 
In an effort to land the quarter in the name of another player, this person must bounce the quarter into the pizza box.
If a player misses the pizza box, they can try again twice. The other player must drink if the quarter lands on their name. 
When you land the quarter in a spot where no one’s name is visible. Your beverage must be placed above the quarter. 
Make a rule out of it and draw around it. You must drink if you can’t get the quarter in the pizza box after two attempts.

Furthermore, the game continues until there is no more room for new rules to be drawn.There is no end to possible rules! Rules like “Talk only in an accent,” “No laughing,” or “Crawl around like a snake” can be followed, and games like “Never Have I Ever” can be played.

Game Rules And How To Play?


Game Rules And How To Play?


The pizza box drinking game’s rules can be broken down into six steps as follows:

Step 1: Instruct each participant to form a circle around the pizza box after placing it on a table or the ground.
Step 2: By flipping or tossing the coin with their thumb, the person who has been designated to go first must attempt to land it on the pizza box.
They must consume one finger of alcohol if the coin does not land on the pizza box on the first try. Additionally, they must continue tossing or flipping the coin until it lands on the surface.
Step 3: They must pick up the dark-colored permanent marker once the coin has settled on the box’s lid and draw any shape they want on it. They will then be required to write a task, dare, game, or another challenge in the shape they just made.
Step 4: The person on their left who comes after them must do the same.

However, there are two possible outcomes from this. Which could be either
a) When the coin lands on an empty space, they complete their turn by creating a new shape with a task.
b) Any part of the coin that lands in a “claimed” space with a task must complete it.
Step 5: After several rounds the board will be totally loaded with various shapes that present fluctuating undertakings. When this occurs, the player with the last drawn shape takes the lead in the final round of the game. By this point, each of you ought to have performed an outrageous or amusing act.

Tricks To Ace The Drunk Game:

The Pizza Box Drinking Game is best played with at least six to ten players.
Be careful not to draw the shape too large. This way, you can include a wide range of challenges and dares.
Use a keyword rather than writing the entire dare. This gives you more room to add more dares! Therefore, if you want someone to perform a freestyle rap, for instance, simply write “rap” on the box.
When it comes to making the dares, be sensible. Don’t do anything that could put people in danger, ruin someone’s night, or result in them being charged as a felon—this game is all about having fun.
People shouldn’t be coerced into doing something they really don’t want to do. All things considered, acquaint a differentiation with the challenge where they can decide to drink 2 fingers of all things considered if they could rather not make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is pizza box drinking game?

With the marker, make an outline of your drink and write your name on it. One person is chosen to proceed first after everyone has finished drawing and writing their name. In an effort to land the quarter in the name of another player, this person must bounce the quarter into the pizza box.

Q2. How do you play the box drinking game?

The game rules and procedure of playing the game are discussed above in detail.

Q3. What can you make with a pizza box?

Pizza box can be used to make the following: 
Bed for cats.
An Art Easel for Kids.
Soccer Set for the Table
Stand for laptops.
A homemade birdhouse for the outdoors.
Wall art.
A maze of marbles
a board for tic-tac-toe.
An eventful evening by playing pizza box drinking game

Q4. What is the ABC drinking game?

This game is a drinking (what fluid you need, or in any event, eating) game. You play clockwise, turn by turn. Every player needs to give a word that starts with first name’s most memorable letter answer to the inquiry: What do you mean by “home” to you? Therefore, I should say “door” or “drinks” if my name is David.


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