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Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play

Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play

Power Hour drinking game is great for a group and is sure to be a hit at any party. Power Hour might be the game for you if you’re sick and tired of King’s Cup and Beer ball. It’s straightforward and simple to play, like all good drinking games.

However, whether you’ll make it to the end of the game is a completely different matter. Power Hour while drinking can be a time or real fun! I know, you must be wondering what kind of Power are we talking about. Well, its time to know your power of drinking!

What Is Power Hour Drinking Game ? 

Power Hour is the drinking game of the Gods, has a one-hour compounding blackout. It is Hour  in which players consume one beer shot every sixty seconds for sixty minutes. The simplest way to describe it is as a single shot, minute, or hour.

That is good enough for Swim Boggs. That is all. Over the course of an hour, sixty shots of beer (roughly six to seven beers) are consumed, with shots taken every minute to a music playlist of your choice. A Power Hour is a great way to get ready for a party because it requires you to drink one beer every ten minutes for an hour and will definitely get you feeling before it ends.

Because there is no competition or thought involved, it is also a great social drinking game and a very chill way to drink with friends.

Equipment for Power Hour Game

1. Speakers / Sound System

2. Each player will need one shot glass

3. Six to seven beers

4. Timer

You do not want to put anyone at risk of being wasted after their first few shots because Power Hour can last for sixty rounds. Make sure you have enough shot glasses for everyone because each player will need their own. In addition, you’ll need a way to play music loudly so that everyone knows when a new round starts.

Power Hour Game Plan

During the song change, you could make a playlist of songs that only last one minute. It is acceptable to play the songs using your smartphone. However, to be fair, we would suggest either a boombox or a Bluetooth sound bar.

The Setup Of The Vigorous Hour

A single shot glass and 6-7 beers are all that are required for each player.
Then, speakers are loud enough to stream a power hour mix so that everyone can hear when the song changes. Choose a Power Hour Mix that you like first. So that listeners don’t miss a drink, a good power hour will sample a consistent sound when the song changes.
Throughout the hour, 60 tunes will play, and an injection of brew is taken toward the finish of every moment.

Rules And Gameplay

Power Hour will be played by everyone seated for the next hour. A player should shoot after sixty seconds. Players ought to take their shot as soon as possible. But they’ll still be in the game as long as they drink before the next song starts.

In many ways, the Power Hour drinking game is a true endurance test. Sixty shots are certainly a lot, and it will be difficult to reach the end. Although the gameplay is straightforward, it won’t be easy to win or make it to the end.

Naturally, you win if you complete all sixty shots and make it to the end.

Not withstanding, contingent upon how adaptable you need to be, you can, obviously, grant the last player to stop as the champ. Because Power Hour is a drinking game, the rules don’t really matter to you. The ultimate objective is having fun!

This drinking game is unique because, contrary to what you might expect, there is no actual chance involved. The game is about perseverance and perceiving how long you can endure.

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