Top 6 Fun Quarters Drinking Game For Your Next Party

Are you looking for some party games to bring fun and excitement? The quarters drinking game is the perfect answer to all your searches. You must have already heard of the coin game. It’s just yet another favorite drinking game of all. The game is about landing a quarter in a specific place, generally a cup or a shot glass. Stay cautious, as the drinking will depend on how precise you are in the game.

You can either screw up and get it wrong or have the chance to make others drink. So if you want to know how to play quarters drinking games, the most popular quarter games, then keep reading. The guide is just for you.

How To Play Quarters?

If you are one of those who are excited about quarters the drinking game, then the game’s simplicity will definitely cheer you up. It is a lot similar to any other no-cards drinking game. But do you want to know how to play the Quarters drinking game correctly? To begin with, start by deciding who will go first. You can choose a single person, the oldest or closest to the 30s.

The player who goes first is known as the shooter. He needs to take the coin and try bouncing it into the center of the cup. But stay aware as there are two main rules. First, the currency needs to land inside the cup. Secondly, the player must flip the coin at least once before tossing it in the cup. See it’s easy right? The game can excite everyone.

The best part even if you miss, there is no punishment. You can pass the turn to the player. If you are successful, you can make any player drink the penalty drink. Just remember to keep on filling the glasses again.The game is never about second chances. However, can choose to announce a chance and try again. But it comes with its own drawbacks. In case of a second unsuccessful try, you will have to drink whatever is in the penalty cup.

Want to add some rules of your own? Go creative to make the game fun. Here are some ideas to incorporate into the game.

  • If the player hits the tip of the cup, they can make another extra player drink.
  • The players can’t use the words drink or quarter. They can neither take a sip from the penalty drink.
  • The quarter must not bounce more than once.

You can go as creative as you want. The rules can be decided on the spot as well. The best part is you can end the game anytime it gets boring, or you have drunk enough. While if you are hoping for a wild night, then a power-drinking game will be the best. Here the players just need to drink a shot every minute. But be careful as the game gets tough as it goes on. The key is to distract the opponents as much as possible so that they forget to drink.Want more suggestions for your party? Check out the list ahead to learn about the fun drinking games.

Top 6 Quarter Drinking Games

Do the quarter’s drinking games excite you? If yes, here are the top 6 popular options you can choose to enjoy with your friends.

1. Landmines

Quarters Drinking Game

On the top of the list is the well-known drinking game loved by many. The basic principle of the game is to spin a quarter, drink and try to catch it between the two fingers. Seems easy? Well, the players, indeed, are rewarded for taking larger drinks. But it comes with a risk on the quarter, losing the spin and falling. So stay cautious and play well.

2. Classic Quarters

Quarters Drinking Game

Coming second on the list is the drinking game quarters, the best and easiest drinking game to enjoy at your party. As mentioned earlier, the players must bounce a quarter off the table into a cup of glass. If the player succeeds, he can make anyone in the game drink from the penalty cup.

3. Stairway To Heaven

Quarters Drinking Game

A different variation of quarters game is ready to make your party fun. Here the players need to bounce the quarter off the table into the cups. But the catch here is the cups keep increasing in size. The different height levels make it extremely challenging. If you wish to add wildness to your party, this drinking game will surely excite everyone.

4. Beer Hockey

Quarters Drinking Game

If the name excites you, wait until you know what it’s about. Here the coin will act as the puck, and the fingers are the hockey stick. The game is about flocking and spinning coins at the opponent’s net. Here it is represented by chance or beer bottles. In the traditional beer hockey game, there is no end. So you can select the desired number of points to play up to. It will guarantee you finally have a winner.

5. Flip, Sip, or Strip

Quarters Drinking Game

Are you ready for a wild party game? If yes, this one is the best way to get drunk or naked. Every player needs to take their turn to flip a coin. The game is about guessing heads or tails. You will be safe if you guess it correctly. If not, you must choose the punishment, which can be to remove a piece of clothing or take a drink.

6. Slip The Chip

Quarters Drinking Game

It is an all-night game. This is because the game is continuously played in the background. So you can multi-task by chatting with friends or dancing. The rules here are extremely easy. You just have to try to slip a coin into someone else’s drink without getting noticed. If you succeed, they need to finish up the drink and then pass it on.
So does the quarters drinking game excite you? If yes, try out your hands in that Harry Potter drinking game. Any Hogwarts lover will love to enjoy a Harry Potter night. Bring this game for a lot more fun. It is also a widely known game. But has got a different set of rules. So, get it all clear before you start with it.

Setup of Quarters Drinking Game

Make your party exciting by playing quarters drinking game. The best part is that the setup is extremely easy, and you don’t require any equipment. Gather your friends and make them sit equally opposite to each other around the table. Fill the cup in the center table with beer. Now, you are ready to start. Start by choosing two players sitting opposite each other to shoot quarters. The one who is successful decides who gets to drink the penalty drink.

Rules and Gameplay

Quarters the drinking game is the best to bring fun to your party. The best part the gameplay is straightforward. Here are some basic rules to remember.

  • Bring a full cup of liquor or beer to the center of the table. It will be the penalty drink.
  • Bring two goal cups and quarters. Please place them in front of two players on opposite sides of each other. The cups can be anything you have handy. But remember, the shots will be tough when the goals are smaller.
  • Once a neutral player tells you to start, you need to bounce quarters into the goal cups. If successful, pass the cup to the next player in the circle. It will go on in clockwise direction.
  • The players must bounce the coins into the cup faces but not the edges. The currency must bounce at least once to be successful.
  • The player who passes to the next one must stack their cup inside the other. This is known as screwing them. If a player gets screwed, you can take one final attempt to put the coin inside the stacked cups.
  • If unsuccessful, the player needs to drink the content of the penalty drink.
  • Once you refill the penalty drink, a new round will begin.

The players must continue playing until they have enough to drink.

frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the hidden quarter drinking game?

Ans: It’s quite a popular and fun game where players must try tossing a coin into the cup. If successful, they can ask anyone in the game to drink from the penalty cup. If you wish to add spark to your party, then make sure you include all your guests in it.

Q2. How do you throw a quarter in quarters?

Ans: The idea is to throw it so that the quarter heads the tabletop, bounces, and then gets in the bowl or glass. There can be some additional rules set by those involved in the game. Stay attentive and follow it all to enjoy a good time.


Quarters no doubt, is a great game for every possible party where participating people are ready to drink. The exciting part is the simplicity of the game. There are no specific rules or equipment required. You can try different variations of the drinking game. Get out your creative side to add fun and excitement to your party.

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