Rage Cage Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play


Similar to games like Flip Cup and Chandeliers, Rage Cage drinking game lets a large group of people participate simultaneously. The game’s straightforward rules make it easy to get a group of people to play quickly. 


If you’re a fan of beer pong and civil war drinking games, then you’ll love this one right here. This pre-gaming Rockstar game is all about putting the ball into the cup as soon as possible failing which the player has to gulp a good amount of their drink. Read on to find out the way to a blockbuster party.


Equipment For Rage Cage Drinking Game


Equipment For Rage Cage Drinking Game



    • Two ping pong balls

                                                                                  Rage cage drinking game

      • Twenty or more center cups

                                                  Rage Cage Drinking Game

        • One beer per four to five cups


        Prepare three to four cups for each person, as a general rule. There ought to be around 20 cups and a Kings Cup in the middle if there are 6-9 players. 


        How To Setup





        The Rage Cage drinking game is a fast-paced ball game in which players must quickly get ping pong balls into a cup. Otherwise, they must drink! Rage Cage, like other ball drinking games like Beer Pong and Slap Cup, is exciting, fun, and will quickly get people drunk!


        Most importantly, you should spread the cups out in a circle design. The cups ought to be close to each other or even touching. Except for the cup in the very center of the circle, beer should only be poured halfway into each cup.


        The final cup ought to be filled to the brim. Players should line up in a row at the front of the table once this is ready. The two middle players will start playing first. You can begin once each player has a ping pong ball ready to bounce.


        Rules And Gameplay


        Rules And Game play


        To begin playing Rage Cage, the front two players ought to take a cup each from the external layer of the circle. Both players should try to put a ping pong ball in the beer cup they drank after drinking it. The player who does this first will then give the player next to them their cup.

        A player stacks their cup into their opponents and moves the stack to the player next to them if they manage to bounce their ping pong ball before the other player. After that, the loser will have to drink another beer and try again to ping pong into a cup.

        Until all of the cups in the circle have been consumed and stacked, this gameplay loop continues. Nevertheless, the cup in the middle of the circle must be consumed last.

        Players are free to hand over their cups or stacks to anyone at the table if they are successful in bouncing their ping pong ball in on their first attempt. Rage Cage’s rules are simple enough to follow. As previously stated, this game is all about acting quickly. Simply consider it a race!


        The drinking game rules for Rage Cage are as follows:


        The game starts with a retrogressive “3, 2, 1” commencement.
        After the number “1,” the two ping pong players choose the cup that is closest to them, drink beer, and attempt to quickly lob their ball into the empty cup.

        They will give the ball and cup to the next player in a clockwise direction once they have succeeded.
        This goes on until a player lands in their cup while the next player is still bouncing.

        The player will then stack their cup on top of the next cup.
        The loser will move their stack in a clockwise direction, select a new cup, consume the beer, and continue playing.

        When all of the cups have been used up, the game is over.
        The center cup, also known as the King’s Cup, is the final beer-filled cup to drink. There are numerous ways to make your Rage Cage game more fun. If you want to make your game more difficult, think about adding these unique rules!

        Making your first attempt: If a player succeeds on their first attempt, they may pass it to any other player at the table, excluding those who are still bouncing.

        Making a middle cup: If the ball ends up in one of the cups on the table by accident, they have to drink that cup, stack it on top of the one before it, and keep trying to make it in the stack.


        Aim Of The Game


        This team-based game played using ping pong balls aims to get you drunk and give your party an unforgettable start. It can be entirely team-based, or it can have one or more winning players. The player who consumes the fewest beers is declared the winner if the latter rules are followed.


        However, when you finish all of your beers in the team-based format, everyone wins. In the gameplay section below, we will discuss the rules in greater detail. Let’s begin by discussing how you prepare the game for play. Please remember to drink responsibly as always! You should not get sick as a result of drinking too much alcohol in this drinking game.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q1. How do you play the drinking game Rage Cage?

        Ans- This is a fast-paced drinking game in which players must ping pong balls into a cup, typically a red Solo cup. When you play the Rage Cage game, you need to act quickly. You will need to drink more cups of beer the longer you bounce the ball into your cup.

        Q2. Is Rage Cage the same as a stack cup?

        Ans- Yes, Rage cage and stack up are names used interchangeably for the same game. 

        Q3. What is a Rage Cage Table?

        Ans- The table that you set up for the rage cage game with cups places on it in the manner explained above is simply the rage cage table. In the middle of the table is a cup filled with liquor. Around the filled cup (also filled), the other cups are arranged in a circle. It’s sufficient if all three cups in the circle are full. After that, you make another circle and stuff these cups with food. Repeat this process until all of the cups have been used.  


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