Reasons Why Cider Is Rising in Popularity

Cider is gaining great popularity in different countries of the world today. It is an alcoholic drink prepared by fermenting fruit juice, most often apples or pears. In some countries, it is customary to add the mark ‘hard’ to the name to distinguish it from its non-alcoholic counterpart. The concentration of alcohol depends on the manufacturer. Most drinks contain 4.5-7% alcohol, but the indicator can be higher – up to 12%.

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This article is useful to read as it covers the useful properties of cider, interesting facts, the combination of drink with food, etc. Take sufficient time to study the information provided.

The Positive Effects of Cider on Human Health

Apple cider is an alcoholic drink, so it cannot be consumed by children and pregnant and lactating women. It has high acidity, which means that it is contraindicated in case of problems of the gastrointestinal tract (especially gastritis and peptic ulcer disease). Diabetics are also advised to refrain from drinking carbonated apple drinks, so as not to provoke a sharp rise in blood sugar. It is harmful to people who have diseases such as cholecystitis and pancreatitis to drink cider because of the high concentration of fruit acids.

Despite the restrictions on the use of cider for some people, the drink is generally considered quite healthy. This is mainly due to the fact that apples are used for its production. They are famous for their high content of tannin, that is, a substance that is very useful for the work of the human digestive system. It prevents the formation of harmful bacteria and, therefore, contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora.

Apples also contain pectins, which facilitate the processes of food digestion and removal of its residues from the body. Another function of pectins is to clean the intestines from slags and harmful toxic compounds.

The drink prepared from fruit is rich in ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. This vitamin is known to be necessary for maintaining and strengthening the immune system and increasing the body’s resistance to viruses and infections. For this reason, it is especially useful to consume cider during the flu and cold season.

The product also contains vitamin A, or retinol, which is responsible for the formation of bone tissue, maintaining teeth and nails in good condition. Retinol is also very useful for vision, and serves as a prevention of many eye diseases.

The cider is rich in natural antioxidants – substances that help the body fight the development of malignant tumors and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Antioxidants also help us keep our youth and good appearance longer.

Calcium and phosphorus contained in the drink have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, strengthening it and preventing injuries. The cider also contains iodine – a mineral important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the prevention of its pathologies.

The calorie content of cider is quite low – only 50 calories per 100 g. Also, the product contains practically no fat, so it can be consumed in moderate quantities even by people who follow a strict diet.

Features of Combining Cider with Food

There is nothing more interesting and desirable than the harmonious combination of food and drinks during a meal. What food should you choose if you decide to spend the evening with a glass of cider? Here everything will depend on the type of drink.

Sweet sparkling varieties of cider go well with most desserts, as well as low-fat varieties of cheese. The taste of alcohol can be perfectly complemented by sweet pies with raspberry, blackberry, or cherry filling. Sweet cider also goes well with nut pudding and ice cream-based desserts.

Sour types of cider are appropriate when there are fish dishes, squid, shrimp, seafood salads, and tomatoes on the table. It is even good to taste sour cider with batter-fried fish and fried potatoes.

Flavored modifications of cider combine well with mature cheeses – for example, Parmesan. They will also be quite appropriate if you decide to enjoy red meat dishes – beef and lamb. Fried chicken with garlic, lasagna, and pies with meat are also good choices.

Cider vs Beer

Cider in America is widely used today as a good alternative to beer. The main differences between these low-alcohol drinks are:

  • Cider and beer are completely different in their composition. Cider is often made from fermented apples, less often from pears. Beer in its classical sense does not contain any juices. It is made from a mixture of barley, hops, and other cereal crops;
  • Depending on the malt used, the color of the beer can vary from light to dark. Cider is often yellow, orange, or brown. Beer does not contain sediment, while cider can vary in turbidity due to the mandatory fermentation process;
  • Sugar content. The biggest difference between beer and cider is the amount of sugar. Beer contains a large number of complex sugars, which are formed as a result of long fermentation and stabilize the flavor profile. After the end of the fermentation processes, sugar is not added to beer products. Cider is sweetened both before and after filtration. Therefore, cider contains more sugar, which helps to balance acidity and taste sensations in the mouth;
  • Taste and aroma. Cider attracts fans of fresh and sweet fruit flavors. Beers vary in styles, the taste and aroma of which depends on the recipes of a particular craft brewery.

Facts About Cider Everyone Should Know

Here are some important facts about cider that you should pay attention to:

  1. Fact 1. Not all apples are suitable for producing cider, but only varieties with a high content of tannins. And this is just a few dozen varieties out of 7,500 existing worldwide;
  2. Fact 2. The first mention of cider dates back to 55 BC. Then the Romans arrived on the territory of modern England and noticed that the inhabitants of the villages willingly taste a drink made of fermented apple juice;
  3. Fact 3. In the sixteenth century, Gilles Picot (Sieur de Gouberville) mastered the technique of distilling cider. That’s how Calvados turned out;
  4. Fact 4. Cider is considered a longevity drink because of its useful substances;
  5. Fact 5. Cider combines well with different foods.

Concluding Remarks

All of the above indicates that the cider market is actively developing today. The popularity of cider is growing every day. And it’s not surprising at all. This drink is quite useful for the human body, combines well with food, is a good alternative to beer, etc. We hope that this article was useful for you and you will enjoy cider drinking.




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