Ride The Bus Drinking Game Rules & How To Play

Are you tired of playing boring card games at all the gatherings? Switch to ride the bus drinking game, and you will bring back all the fun. It’s a competitive drinking game that requires logical skills and luck to avoid riding the bus at the end of the game. While the rules might seem a lot, it’s quite easy to pick up and enjoy.

So, do you want to know about drinking games ride the bus? If yes, make sure you read the guide properly to get insights about the trending game and how you can have fun with your friends and family.

What is the Ride the Bus drinking game all about?

Ride the bus drinking game is a fun game to begin your party with. It combines luck and logic to get totally wasted by the end of the game. So, are you ready to have fun? If yes, you can start the game at the next gathering and have fun with everyone.

Bring your competitive spirit and start with the game for a great night. But stay careful here compared to the other drinking games; standards ride the bus drinking game can be a lot more complicated. But once you get the rules, it’s the best party game.

So, why wait? Get started with this amazing drinking game to make everyone involved and excited.

How to ride the bus drinking game?

Are you ready to start with the fun ride-the-brain drinking game? Well, here is the gameplay here will you know the correct way to play and enjoy the best time ever. The rules are pretty easy to follow. The beginners need to follow along and learn how to play. Once they continue with a few rounds, they will become experts and even more competitive.

Moving to the actual game ride, the bus drinking game is a total of four rounds. Now, the player who drinks the most will be the loser. The player who gets to ride a bus typically is the one who has the most drinks. Follow the directions here to ensure you play the game right.

Round 1

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Begin the game with the player sitting on the dealer’s left. He will ask everyone around the table the first question: Red or Black. Now, the dealer will place the first card before each player. The first player will check their card, and they can distribute the drink if they are right. If they are wrong, they will be the ones taking the drink.

Round 2

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

In the second round, the dealer will ask Higher or Lower. In this case, the ace will be the highest card, and the two will be the lowest. The players need to guess if the value will be lower or higher than their first card. The players who are correct will distribute the drink, while those who are wrong will take a drink. If the player receives the same card, it is considered a penalty, and the player needs to drink.

Round 3

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

In the third round, the dealer will ask in between or outside. Here, the player must guess if the card they will receive will fit in between or outside the first two cards’ values. Similar to the previous rounds, the correct one will distribute the drink while the wrong one will take a drink.

Round 4

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

This is the final round to determine who will be riding the bus. Here, the dealer will ask what suit the card is. So, the player now needs to guess clubs, spades, hearts, or diamonds. The player who correctly guesses will distribute the drink to any player they want. If incorrect, they will have to take the drink. But wait, you are not done yet. There is a second part of the final round. Each player needs to collect all four cards, and now the dealer will arrange his cards into a pyramid with all the cards facing flat on the table.

Each of the rows will have a drink value. It can be changed to whatever number the group prefers. Now, to begin with, the dealer will turn one card over at a time on the bottom road. Any player who has a matching card will add it to the pyramid. Now, they will get to distribute the determined number of drinks to whichever player they want. The best tip here will be to save your cards and use them in the higher rows with the highest number of drinks that can be distributed. But remember, this can be a bit risky because the player who has the most cards will lose the game and has to ride the bus.

How do you win the right bus drinking game?

The game is a lot about luck and logical skills. There is a simple rule to win the game keep on answering correctly. So get prepped up before the game begins and try answering as many correct questions as possible.

Setup ride the bus drinking game

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Are you ready to incorporate this fun drinking game into your party? Well, you just need a deck of cards and basic ideas to begin the game. You just need to assign a player the role of the dealer. But make sure he is aware of the game and can help others learn. Now, the others need to sit around the table and keep the drinks ready.

To bring in more fun, you can add a twist here. You can decide who will be the dealer with a game of chance and alcohol. It will perfectly go well with the ride-the-brain drinking game and set the right party mode. Want to know exciting news? Ride the Bus drinking game online is also available. So, even if you are away from your friends you can spend time with them online and enjoy the game.

Rules and gameplay

Drinking game rides, the bus rules are pretty easy. The player who answers correctly gets to offer the drink to another player in the game. If not, the player will drink.

Take a reference from how to play, ride the bus drinking to know how to enjoy this fun game with your friends. Get started with it at your next party to have great fun.

frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the ace drinking game and ride the bus?

Ans: It is a fun card-drinking game for parties. But don’t get caught up as it requires a lot of luck and logic from the players to win.

Q2. Can Ride the Bus be played as a non-drinking game?

Ans: Yes, you can easily modify the game as you want. Instead of taking drinks, you can pay an ante to the pot or bring in some soda to replace alcohol.


Ride the best drinking game incorporation in your party can be an icebreaker for both small and large groups. But keep in mind to drink responsibly. The game can be fun when you stay in moderation and have fun with all. Continue playing until your friends get wasted. But stay in control to avoid any concerns.

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