From Ace To King: Ring of Fire drinking game rules

Objective: Do not pull the last king card.

Number of Players: 3+ Players

Materials: One standard deck of cards, A flat surface, A drinking glass, Alcohol

Type of Game: Drinking Card Game

Audience: 21+


Ring of Fire is very simple to understand. You need to take a deck of cards and spread them out in a continuous circle with a can of beer or pint in the middle. Then the players will take turns picking out a card from the circle of cards without breaking it. Each card has an assigned meaning in the game and these meanings are different from game to game. If any player breaks the circle, that is, the ring of fire, they have to finish their drink.

What you will need to play?

Ring of Fire is a game that does not require much while playing. All you need to play this game is 5 things-

  1. A deck of cards
  2. Your Alcohol of choice
  3. A pint or can
  4. A table
  5. A group of people (this game can be played with five to six people in the group)

How to setup 

Ring of Fire drinking game
How to setup 

In order to set up a game of the ring of fire, all you need to do is spread your deck of cards in a circle so that they form an unbreakable ring and place an empty pint glass or can right in the center of the circle.

Card Rules

Ring of Fire drinking game

The very essence of the Ring of Fire game lies in the cards and the unique rules associated with each. Here’s a breakdown:


Waterfall – A cascading effect of drinks begins. The player who draws the Ace starts drinking, followed by the next player, and so on, creating a continuous flow. The catch? Players can only stop drinking in the order they started, making it a test of endurance and timing.


You – The power of choice. The player who draws the Two cards selects another player to take a drink. Choose wisely!


Me – A moment of self-reflection. The player who draws the Three cards must drink themselves.


Girls – Ladies, it’s your turn! All female participants take a sip when this card is drawn.


Thumb Master – A game within a game. The player who draws the Five becomes the Thumb Master. At any random moment, they can place their thumb on the table, and all players must follow. The last one to do so drinks.


Gents – Gentlemen, step up! All male participants have a drink when this card emerges.


Heaven – A race to the skies. The player who draws the Seven raises their hand, and all must follow. The last to raise their hand drinks.


Mate – Choose your drinking buddy. The player who draws the Eight selects another player. From that point on, whenever one drinks, the other follows.


Rhyme – A poetic challenge. The player who draws the Nine says a word, and the next player must rhyme with it. The cycle continues until someone falters, and that person drinks.


Categories – A test of knowledge. The player who draws the Ten chooses a category (e.g., “car brands”). Players then take turns naming items from that category until someone hesitates or repeats an answer.


Rule – Be the game master. The player who draws the Jack establishes a new rule for the game. It could be anything from “no pointing” to “drink with your non-dominant hand.” Break the rule, and you drink.


Question Master – A rapid-fire round of questions. The player who draws the Queen becomes the Question Master. They can ask any player a question at any time, and if the player hesitates or fails to answer with another question, they drink.


Pour – The culmination of the game. Each time a King is drawn, the player pours a portion of their drink into the central King’s cup. The player who draws the fourth King drinks the concoction, marking the game’s grand finale.


Ring of Fire drinking game

Starting the Game

Players gather around the table where the cards are spread in a ring around the King’s cup. Each player should have their drink of choice ready.

Turn Sequence

Players take turns in a clockwise direction, drawing a card from the ring without breaking the circle.

Following Card Rules

Upon drawing a card, the player must immediately follow the rule associated with that card (as detailed in the “Card Rules” section).

Continuous Play 

The game continues with each player drawing a card and performing the associated action. Players must be alert and ready to respond to the rules of each card.

Adapting to New Rules 

If a player draws the Jack and introduces a new rule, all players must remember and adhere to this rule for the remainder of the game.

The King's Cup

As Kings are drawn, players pour into the central cup. This cup becomes a mix of various drinks, adding to the game’s suspense.

Concluding the Round 

The game reaches its climax when the fourth King is drawn. The player who draws this final King must drink the contents of the King’s cup, marking the end of that round.

Starting a New Round

If players wish to continue, the cards can be reshuffled, a new King’s Cup can be set, and a fresh round can begin.

Strategy and Adaptability

While the game has a foundation in luck, players can employ strategies, especially when deciding on new rules or choosing players for certain card actions.

Enjoyment and Responsibility 

The primary aim is enjoyment. Players should always drink responsibly, keeping their limits in mind, and ensuring a safe environment for all participants.

End of Game

The grand finale. The game doesn’t just end; it reaches a crescendo when the last king is drawn. The chosen one then faces the ultimate challenge – the King’s Cup.

frequently asked questions

Q1. How does Ring of Fire work as a drinking game?

Ans: In this game, the cards are arranged in a circle and the players have to draw a card without breaking the circle. Every card has a rule assigned to it and the players have to follow them or take a drink. For example, whoever draws card 2 gets to choose someone else from the group to take their drink. 

Q2. What is 6 in Ring of Fire?

Ans: Each card in the Ring of Fire has a specific rule and these rules can vary from person to person. Commonly, the number 6 card means all the guys in the group have to drink.

Q3. Can you play Ring of Fire with two people?

Ans: While Ring of Fire can be played with as few as two people, it is better to play with a larger group of people.


Ring of Fire is a very popular game at parties and the best part is that it doesn’t require a lot to set up. You just need a group of friends, drinks, and a deck of cards and you have a fun night ahead of you. Have fun playing this game but a quick reminder to know your limit, drink responsibly, and do not engage in drinking and driving.

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