Best Scottsdale Arizona Nightlife & Bars to Hit For Your Bachelorette

It’s time to bid goodbye to your long ended single life, but not before we help you decide on throwing the best bachelorette party in the quintessential Scottsdale Arizona Nightlife. Bachelorette parties are best thrown at lavish Scottish bars, known both for their extravagance and vigor. A bachelorette party is not fun at a quiet brunch during the day. When you are in the hustle and bustle of the streets of Arizona, Scottsdale Clubs are the way to go for your special weekend out.

Whether you are completely in the dark at your visit to Arizona or have managed to gather some tidbits on Scottsdale old town bars. There is still much to know about the craziness of Scottsdale Arizona Nightlife that I can give an insight into. Stay tuned and find your way into the best Scottsdale clubs through this article.

5 Best Scottsdale Bars to Experience the Best of Scottsdale Arizona Nightlife 

While the location and kind of place are always important, the particular contact credentials come in handy surprisingly more often when it comes to reserving for Scottsdale bars. The bars in old town Scottsdale are your number one go-to if you want the flicker of Scottsdale Arizona Nightlife. What specific clubs we think you’ll get the best of experience from are:

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

1. Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

Feisty, Fun, and Fierce, your three aesthetics will kick in as soon as you enter Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. For tourists and locals alike, this Scottsdale nightclub becomes a regular jab of fun to visit every weekend night. You get bombarded with the best of drinks as the quality of food, and the aura around shines the best at Whiskey’s Row. The aesthetic is very much akin to country lore, with good country songs playing on the radio. Go listen to Blake Shelton and Kacey Musgraves while feeling the best kind of tipsy with Whiskey Row’s notary drinks.

Timing – Monday to Sunday 10 am to 3 pm.


2. Beverly

Was it your wedding bells we just heard? That definitely amounts to a night of upscale extravaganza for your last weekend of single life. Beverly serves you with its highbrow environment and lavish aesthetics. Best of all, however, is how beautiful the cocktails are. The luxurious place is one of the classic Scottsdale old town bars. From soft cushioned lounges to your ultimate drink of choice, you will feel nothing short of a badass single enjoying life to its fullest. The bar-tenders over there cater to your exact needs by blending the right cocktail to quench your wild thirst. 

Timing – Sunday to Thursday- 4 pm to 12 am

Must Try- Little Devils, Spicy hummus.

DJs of Scottsdale

3. DJs of Scottsdale

How can we ever forget about the significance of music when we want to have the time of our life on the night before our wedding? DJs become your guardians in the all-new DJs Of Scottsdale. On Wednesdays, while we tend to wear pink, the live music goes full blast to your favorite tunes, all the way to Sundays! With more than half of the week filled with great live performances from renowned DJs, we are pretty sure you will float in the upbeat heaven with the bass playing around you. You get to meet different people too! 

Timing – Monday to Sunday- 11 am to 2 am.

Social Tap Eatery

4. Social Tap Eatery

If nightlife becomes a hectic alarm for you, afternoons are no less a time to have your bachelorette party going! Ride away into Social Tap with their made-from-scratch delis and food while your hand carries a tasteful drink. You can very well come here solo because the amount of entertainment you get with over 30 TVs, large outdoor patio covers, and numerous local drafts are overwhelming.

Timing – Monday To Sunday- 11 am to 12 am.

Must Try- Ahi poke, Bacon & blue.

The Bottled Blond

5. The Bottled Blond

The American valley girl life comes to a reality from your favorite girls’ night-in movies in The Bottled Blonde! Do you want pizza? A beer gardens? Do you want to feel like you are floating outdoors while still staying in that Scottsdale nightclub lull? Bottled Blonde is where your map’s next location should be! There are no rules like your other bars in old town Scottsdale have. The price comes within your budgetary limits, and most of all, they are open all throughout the day and night!

Timing– Monday to Sunday- 3 PM- 2 AM

Must Try- Truffle fries, Sausage pizza rolls, Burrata & salumi.

The Best Nightclubs in Scottsdale AZ

Experience and reality clash with each other at the classic bars in Old Town Scottsdale. They deliver zest, zenith, and zeal in your drinks, around you and your friends while you get ready for one crazy night in Arizona before your wedding chimes in. The greatest Scottsdale bars and clubs encompass the streets of AZ. Yes, I know how hard it is to make a decision on where exactly to spend your single weekend, so here are five of the best nightclubs in Scottsdale AZ that personally, for me, made my weekend almost as memorable as the wedding itself. I’m sure it will be the same for you too! 



Do you want a feel of the classic southern American damsel? Azul Clubhouse just smells of all things American, with the coat of Scottsdale bars and clubs feel. You can turn on to your favorite sporting channel and take in the comfort of a brand new re-designed clubhouse. You can order from a plethora of drinks and side them with one of their classic Scottsdale nightclub meals. Everything hums a typical 60’s American golden Era vibe, where you can even dine in for your Bachelorette lowkey party in Arizona.

Timing – Monday to Sunday- 5 pm to 9 pm.

AZ88 Bar

2. AZ88 Bar

We know the Bachelorette’s party has to be an all-night crazy town for you, but it’s also your wedding, so the touch of elegance must be there. Mixing the two contesting vibes is how AZ88 Bar is designed. It has a simple price fare; with the best dine-in menu card you’ll ever see. All topped with fresh ingredients, you’ll get the hint of hamburgers, pizzas, soft sandwich rolls, and the atypical “galettes.” They’re a kind of bread topped with your favorite pizza toppings, with the added Chinese traditional crisp. While the food is a sole reason of its own to visit this place, the rich scented atmosphere and beautiful fountains, open views all amount to you having just the perfect night out relaxing and enjoying with your friends.

Timing – Monday To Sunday- 11 am till Midnight 

Must Try- Pornstar, Fleurtini, Sour apple.

Mint Lounge

3. Mint Lounge

Want to feel the ultra-glamor life surrounded by expensive drinks and luxurious sofas for one crazy night? The Mint Lounge is your once-in-a-lifetime experience to live the female Bond Bachelorette character. The first and foremost great thing about this place is how far your eyes go in this huge place, precisely 7,000 sq feet of space. 

To make you feel at a Hollywood Regency lavishing your single last night, The Mint has arranged al fresco drinks with your mingling, alongside a resort-style cabana. While crowded places are people’s way of opening up their social butterfly, some of us like the quiet ambiance while still feeling the aura of Scottsdale’s old town bars. Reserve a spot in the wine room with private dining. Take your VIP experience one step further in this 30-feet bar, attached to a special champagne pub, lit by beautiful LEDs.

Timing – Wednesday to Saturday- 10 pm to 2 am.

Coach House

4. Coach House 

If you’ve planned your wedding during the holidays just like I did, you would assume that your holiday mood would be disgruntled by the hubbubs of bars and typical nightclubs. In Scottsdale, however, the Scottsdale Arizona nightlife is never lost, with the feeling of festivity kicking on your doors, filling the lively atmosphere in Coach House. 

Yes, you guessed it, it’s the ultimate festivity bar that’s a “definite yes” for tourists to visit. The open-air patio furniture setup and casual heartwarming drinks already are making me feel like holidays are near; whether its holiday jingles or wedding bells that excite you more, we don’t know, but what we do know is that to get the time of our life in this bar, you should reserve your seat today, following the contact details provided below. Hurry, before your holiday bachelorette dream becomes someone else’s!

Timing – Monday To Sunday- 6 am to 2 am.

Jade Bar at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain
Jade Bar at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

5. Jade Bar at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

Yes, Bachelorette is all about celebrating single life. Personally, I feel a sense of romance should still be in the air because you are getting married so soon! The Jade Bar’s somber lighting goes ways and means beyond to get you a feeling of your first date while enjoying with your friends at this fancy cocktail in Scottsdale Arizona nightlife. Sunsets are another attraction in this one-of-a-kind of ethereal drinking bar in Scottsdale. The best mixologists will provide you with enough company, as their brilliant cocktail mixes warm you under a blanket outside their patio seat.

Timing – Monday To Sunday- 6 am to 10 pm.


There are a plethora of places that can give you the best of Scottsdale Arizona nightlife. If you want to hit the best bars to gulp down drinks and be wasted before you can certainly visit Dieker’s Bentley. Beverly, the Social Tap Eatery, etc. If you are looking to dance to the beat while the best of DJs plays rocking numbers, you must take a peek into the Azul Clubhouse, Mint Lounge, and Coach House. 

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