10 Strongest Cocktail to Get You Hammered: Dare to Try These Out?

The strongest cocktails are both loved and feared even by the most seasoned cocktail lovers. These cocktails go down smoothly as you sip, but they catch you off-guard to get you completely hammered! Well, as an avid drinker of cocktails myself, I can tell you that the strongest mixed drinks have their real splendor hidden in their flavor. Here I have the 10 strongest mixes that cocktail lovers around the world worship.

Strongest Cocktail has the highest alcohol content to get you floored with their heavenly taste and intoxicating ability...

Jungle Juice

1. Jungle Juice 

This is a fruity punch laced with an elevated amount of alcohol. Fruits like pineapple, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, and guava are left sitting in a concoction of hard Rum, tequila, gin, and vodka overnight to make this cocktail. It is one of the strongest mixed drinks as the alcohol content is spiked above 40%! A couple of glasses of this infamous and yet heavenly-tasting fruity drink is sure to get you inebriated. If you are drinking it for the first time, you can go easy on your palette by incorporating a bit of a mixer like lemon juice, lemonade, or club soda.

Aunt Roberta

2. Aunt Roberta 

If you are somewhat familiar with the community of cocktail connoisseurs, you might have heard about Aunt Roberta. It’s quite easy to figure out why the drink turns heads around. What makes this the strongest cocktail of all time is the 100% alcohol content! Composed with the strongest alcoholic drinks like 3/8 part of vodka, 2/8 part of absinthe, 1/8 part of brandy, 1/8 part of gin, and 1/8 part of blackberry liqueur, this is one of the mightiest high alcoholic drinks only meant for the Bravehearts!

The folklore goes such that Aunt Roberta was made by the daughter of an Alabaman slave in the 1800s. She escaped her abusive home in search of respite. However, fate wasn’t kind to her. She had to turn to prostitution for her own upkeep. While in the moonshine business, she served Aunt Roberta to customers who came looking to drown their sorrows in alcohol. 

Should you dare to try it? Aunt Roberta will certainly get you hammered as it is known for its unfiltered strength. If you are new to strong alcoholic drinks, you may add mixtures to boil the intensity down. If you are looking for a night of carefree merrymaking, this is the drink to turn to. 


3. Strongest Cocktail: Zombie

Zombie, the best strongest cocktail, will instantly shoot up to your brain and numb your mind with its raw flavor and intoxicating potency. There are three different types of strong alcoholic drinks that go into the making of this concocted drink. It incorporates three different types of rum, Pernod and angostura bitters. Other incorporations are falernum, cinnamon syrup, grenadine, lime juice, and white grapefruit juice. 

It was conconcted in the late 1930s by a restaurant owner in LA, named Donn Beach. The sheer name of the drink made people curious and longing for a taste. The sippers of this cocktail became so intoxicated that Donn Beach had limit the serving quantity to two glasses per person after a certain point.  

Old Fashioned

4. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned is the mighty favorite of people who are traditionalists at heart. The story goes such that this strong alcoholic drink was made being inspired by people who wanted to keep time still. They refused changes and would stick to the older ways of life, which is why Old Fashioned holds the highest spot among all the highbrow strongest cocktails for the older folks to date. 

The old-fashioned is one of the simplest mixtures you can craft at your home or order at a bar. It comprises Bourbon, Sugar syrup, Angostura Bitters in high quantity. Simply pul all the ingredients in a glass, stir well, and add a few cubes of ice. Your cocktail is ready. 

A quick tip: You can alter the bourbon with normal rye or whiskey too, if you want to make your cocktail stronger.

Long Island Iced Tea

5. Long Island Iced Tea

We couldn’t possibly make a list of the Strongest Cocktail from around the world and leave out the revered Long Island Iced Tea! Far from an actual iced tea, the Long Island Ice Tea cocktail is known to use five different types of alcohol, which already makes its ABV a whopping 40%. It is an American favorite! 

It is a blend of the strongest mixed drinks:

● vodka 40% ABV

● Tequila 40% ABV

● Tight rum 40% ABV

● Triple sec 40% ABV

● Gin 40% ABV

While they are the quintessential items for every cocktail you spot on this list, what makes the long island iced tea different from the rest is the splash of cola. Cola’s soda flavor adds to the spice of these high alcohol cocktails and compensates with a sour rush into your brain. Adding a few slices of lemon wedges enhances the flavor to max effect. After all, it’s ‘iced tea’ we’re talking about! 


6. Strongest Cocktail: Sazerac

Remember the ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail I talked about a little while ago? Let’s introduce you to its soul-sister drink, Sazerac. It’s a different kind of Old Fashioned but with additional ingredients that I felt blended in brilliantly with the original taste. 

How to make a Sazerac? 

  1. Make an Old Fashioned cocktail. Omit the Angostura Bitters. 
  2. Keep the extra amount of absinthe and a little more ice to get it ‘on the rocks’ stronger this time. 

Now Incorporate the Following into the Punch:

● Rye whiskey (typically 1 and a half Oz) 

● Absinthe (set aside approximately one-fourth of it) 

● A sugar cube (or two, for the extra sweetness) 

● Peychaud Bitters (a dash of it)

*Peychaud Bitters is the tale-turner of a classic Sazerac.

If you want to ditch the rye whisky and go for an all-traditional Sazerac, you’re free to use Cognac instead. But do not use bourbon in your drink, as it does not blend well with the Peychaud Bitters. You might add lemon peel to garnish and no ice. You do not want your drink to be diluted if you have a love for typical high alcohol cocktails.  

Death In the Afternoon

7. Death In the Afternoon 

Writers are weird people capable of changing the way one thinks and drinks. The famous American Writer Earnest Hemmingway wrote a book and also simultaneously created a drink of the same name. He himself was an avid drinker and had an eye for all fine things, which brings us to one of the best drinks with high alcohol content— Death in the Afternoon. 

It has just two ingredients, absinthe, and champagne. This cocktail is marked with a strong absinthe flavor. It has a green tinge, which comes from champagne and the green anise-nurtured spirit of the absinthe. There is also a distinct taste of herbs like wormwood and fennel. 


8. Martini

Martini is a classic! It is one of the most preferred beach drinks with high alcohol content. It has two main ingredients to go for, mainly gin and vermouth. This instantly spikes up for a well-rounded 40% ABV. Its high potency is usually hidden with added garnishes like lemon peel, olive, and onions, which you can easily omit to get that pure alcoholic sense. To make the punch even stronger, you can skip the garnish, add dry vermouth instead of sweet vermouth and go minimal (or skip) the ice. 


9. Nicolashka 

It will be an injustice to the list of the 10 best strongest cocktail if we skip Nicolashka, a Russian Classic! This Russian punch shoots up your brain with its potent mixture of a double shot vodka and some espresso powder. It is not only one of the best strong alcoholic drinks but also a fancy one. There is a certain way to sip on Nicolashka. First, you take some lemon peel and sugar in your tongue, then sprinkle your tongue with some expresso powder before taking a chug of vodka. You have to let it all blend in your mouth before gulping it down to relish the taste to a maximum degree. 


10. Negroni 

While not initially as strong, when you drink the original Italian cocktail more than once, then the effect will definitely kick in faster than you can think straight. The classic Negroni is skillfully blended and comes under the purview of drinks with high alcohol content, with gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari as the mixture. It has an average alcoholic composition of 40%, where the Campari adds an additional 25% ABV. You can add a garnish of orange peel or consume it neat, depending on the preference of your palette. If you are looking for something toxic to knock yourself out, try the Negroni! 

Final Words On Strongest Cocktail

The strongest jolt that will strike you instantly is Aunt Roberta because its composition is practically a union of every primary alcoholic drink, you can imagine the consequence. So, I will recommend extra caution before you try this monster of a cocktail out. Some of the tastiest high alcohol cocktails are Jungle Juice, Long Island Iced Tea and Old Fashioned. If you are looking for something fancy, try out the Nicolashka. If you dare to try more than one glass of any of these cocktails out, make sure to have a handover drink by your side the next morning.


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