The Best Online Drinking Games At The Top Sportsbooks

Casinos have been popular venues around the world for hundreds of years now. With the rise of technology in the 21st century — especially the convenience of the internet and cell phones — online casino games and apps have especially helped revolutionize the gambling industry

Michigan is one of America’s leading states in the online and in-person gambling worlds. Today, it’s easy to enjoy your favorite casino games (poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and much more) through simple taps of your mobile devices.

If you’re considering gambling in The Wolverine State (be it as a resident or a visitor), you should know that Michigan Casino Apps and drinking games are a natural match, but set some loss limits before you start to play. It’s important to always gamble and drink responsibly, so if you set a limit for how much you’re willing to lose and commit to it, you’ll make sure to not get carried away.

Top sportsbooks like BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, PokerStars, and DraftKings offer a plethora of special features for online casinos. Through these apps, you can play your favorite casino games, and they carry hundreds (if not thousands) of different slot games.

Some of these apps carry live dealer features for poker games, giving you the feel of being in a real-person casino. With that, all said, here are some of the best drinking games to play with your friends through the best sportsbooks.

Poker: Drink For Every Time You Fold Or Lose A Hand


This rule is so much fun in multiple ways. Obviously, the more you drink means the less likely you are to think clearly — and chances are you’ll be more aggressive if you’ve had several beverages.

This rule is simple and can be played in an in-person or online poker game (it’s more fun, of course, if you set up an online poker game with your friends). Every time you “fold” or lose a poker hand, you have to take a drink.

If your tendency is to be more conservative with poker, the drinking game may actually prompt you to be a little more aggressive — since you may wish to not take a “drink” for every fold or hand lost.

You can also make your own drinking rules on this. Maybe every “fold” or hand lost means taking a sip of your individual beverage (beer, wine, liquor, scotch, etc), or maybe the person has to take a “shot” of some sort.

Either way, it’s a fun drinking game that can also affect your strategizing — making the poker game all the more dramatic.

Blackjack Drinking Games

Drinking games in blackjack are easy to play, be it in-person, at casinos, or online.

In regards to online blackjack, you have several options here. You can gather a group of friends and have ONE person play, and then everyone follows the game’s rules. You and your friends could each join different online blackjack games and go about it, or you can simply set up a game with you and your friends.

One of the most popular drinking games for blackjack is this: If a player gets a face (king, queen, jack) or ace, each other competitor must take a drink.

Another one: If a player draws exactly 21, they can pick a certain number of people at the table (1 to 3 is an ideal number) who have to take a drink.


The rules in roulette are clear and simple, so you can easily come up with your own drinking game with friends.

For each round of roulette, you can bet on if the ball will land in a red space or a black space if the ball will land in a low slot (numbers 1 to 18), a high number (numbers 19 to 36) and/or if it’ll land in the space of an odd number or even number.

So when it comes to online roulette, you only need one person in your friend group to play the game. And then each person can decide if they want to either bet on a) the red or black spot b) the high or low number c) the odd or even number and/or two or all of the above.

You could make a rule where if one person correctly guesses on all three (e.g., that the ball would be an even low number in the red slot), they have to pick three people to take a drink. Or, if one person gets all three wrong, they have to take three separate drinks.


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