How To Get Started With The Thunderstruck Drinking Game?

An AC/DC fan must already know the Thunderstruck game or at least the word thunderstorm. But do you know the song was actually turned into a drinking game? Are you curious to know how it is played or what exactly is the thunderstruck game? Drinking games are not something new. They have been loved and enjoyed for decades. Be it a small get-together or a party you can enjoy the games with your friends.

Some involve cards, while others are more sports-based. But when it comes to drinking games, only a few can match Thunderstruck drinking games. If hoping to understand the gameplay and other aspects, then continue reading to get all the details. The guide here will help you get prepped for the next party.

Equipment for playing the thunderstruck drinking game

Add a thunder drinking game to your party whenever you wish to have fun with your friends. Incorporating drinking games can be a great way to get everyone wasted and bring in the spark. The best thing is everyone will have fun. It is an excellent choice if you don’t wish to be bored with the cards, but you are all in for enjoying a good drinking game.

So, are you ready to know what equipment you require to play the game? Well, you just need a copy of a famous AC or DC song to play at the maximum volume and alcohol. That’s pretty much everything you need to enjoy a good drinking game. The digital version of the song can be just as good. But of course, if anyone has Apple Music or Spotify membership, they can simply stream it while you start with the game once you have everything.

How to set it up?

Forget about your boring parties and bring in a thunder drinking game to make things fun. This setup here is extremely simple and easy. Bring everyone at the party together. Want to know something exciting? Just two players are needed to begin the game. Or to make it fun, bring in as many players as you want. Everyone involved must sit in a circle to make things easier.

Now, to begin with, everyone needs to decide together which player will make the first move. After that, the player needs to drink. Now continue with the game in a pre-determined direction. So, before you start with the game, get everyone to decide the direction in which you will continue the game as a group. Now, once you are ready with all the rules, play the song to begin the game.

See how easy it was set up. You don’t need anything extra to make your party or your time with your friends fun. Try the fun game at your next party and you will become everyone’s favorite.

Aim of the game

Does the thought of enjoying a drinking game with your friends excite you? If yes, you are ready to spend some fun moments with your partners in crime. But when talking about the aim of the drinking games, it is pretty much easy to have fun. Sure, there can be various other points at certain times, like deciding the winner and the loser. But none of it will matter. To be honest, the Thunderstruck drinking game has pretty much streamlined the approach of winner and loser in multiple ways.

There is no such point as that anymore. You just drink until the next player gets the chance. That’s all you need to know when you wish to enjoy a thunderstruck drinking game. The best part is that you can find multiple drinking games online to incorporate into a party and have fun. Not to mention there are different ways and rules to play the games. So, make sure you take time to get to the depth of rules and gameplay before you begin. Once ready, get the party started, and you will all enjoy it to the fullest.

Rules and Gameplay

Thunderstruck Drinking Game

What’s a game without rules? In fact, it’s the rules here that can make any game exciting, especially when playing with your friends. The same goes for the Thunderstruck game. But the best part is you need not have to understand or learn any complicated rules. The most basic rule is the easiest to understand. To begin with, you simply have to find drinking game songs, and then when you hear the word thunder, start drinking. When the word thunder appears again, the next player will have to drink. The game will then continue in the same pattern.

Continue playing the game for one or multiple rounds. It’s always up to you. If you have a big group, continue the game for 2-3 rounds. This will ensure everyone in the circles gets to drink at least once. This is the basic you need to get started. But you can make things exciting by adding your own rules.

1. Advance Rules

Bring in the advanced rules in the game to add new elements to the experience. The rules are the same, but the player can now choose who will go next after one stops drinking. Take time to pause the song and then begin again when the player has completed the punishment. Here you can add a fun element. Ask the players to choose who will drink next.
This style of thunderstruck game is played as an endurance-style challenge. As the song continues, the one who gets to drink the most will lose, and the one who gets to drink the least will win. No matter the rules you decide for the game, it is going to make things exciting.

2. House rules

No drinking game can be complete without some customized rules. With Thunderstruck drinking games, you can bring in a wide variety of house rules. For instance, the third person who drinks will also have to play the truth and dare round as well. Or you can even add soft drinks to the games. So the second person who gets to drink can have soft drinks instead. This will help you get an idea about the rules you can bring in.

No doubt, it’s the simple gameplay and the elements here that make it exciting for all. But there is also the Rattin bog drinking game. You can add it to your party irrespective of the number of players or friends you have. The drinking games are always fun. So make your party exciting by incorporating 1-2 drinking games. For sure, no one will forget the night.

frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the Thunderstruck game?

Ans: Thunderstruck is quite a popular and fun drinking game. In the game, when the first player hears the word Thunder, he will start drinking. They will continue to do so until the word Thunder appears again in the song. Now, the player on their left will start drinking.

Q2. Why is Thunderstruck so hard to play?

Ans: Any drinking game can be hard to play, especially when it requires focus. The game is about keeping a check on the word Thunder and continuing to drink until the word thunder appears again in the song. This makes it quite tough.


A drinking game at the party is all you need to make everyone excited and involved. But no game can match a thunderstruck drinking game. So get prepped for your party and bring all your friends to enjoy a great time. No doubt you will love the experience and the gameplay. But stay careful as well, as the game can easily get everyone drunk fast. So drink carefully but enjoy the game to the best.

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