Tips To Choose The Perfect Place To Enjoy The Cider

From the variety of alcoholic products, fans of soft drinks often choose cider. It has a pronounced aroma and a soft and balanced taste. The aftertaste is accompanied by a wonderful bouquet of fruity notes.

Many people seek to choose a cozy place where they can taste high-quality and healthy cider. Fortunately, it is easy to find it. However, before visiting the institution, it is recommended to go to the global Internet and review its main characteristics and people’s testimonials. Remember the importance of using VPN servers when browsing the web. You can go to this web-site and download the app. It will protect you from any online intruders, keep your data private, and allow you to access any site you need for finding the best place for enjoying a cider.

Read this article in detail about what cider is, the history of its appearance, and valuable properties, and learn how to find a perfect place to enjoy cider.

Features of Cider Production and Its Chemical Composition

The classic version of the drink is made from first-pressed apple juice. But other fruits are also used: pears, quince, apricots, berries, etc.

Cider is made without the addition of yeast by fermentation for a long time. Like beer and other low-alcohol drinks, cider has a small degree of strength of about 4-9%.

As for the chemical composition, cider contains pectin and tannins, polyhydric alcohols, malic, citric, acetic acids, microelements, and carbohydrates. According to the USDA Nutrient Database, 100 g of low-calorie cider contains:

  • Water – 99.7 g;
  • Proteins – 0 g;
  • Fats – 0 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 0.3 g;
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – 25 mg;
  • Macronutrients:
  • calcium – 11 mg;
  • magnesium – 1 mg;
  • sodium – 14 mg;
  • phosphorus – 12 mg;
  • Microelements:
  • iron – 0.03 mg;
  • copper – 15 mcg;
  • zinc – 30 mcg.

100 g of drink contains on average about 1 kcal.

History of Cider

Nobody knows where the cider originated. Every country where the drink is produced has its own legend about its origin. Thus, the French attribute the appearance of cider to Charlemagne, who accidentally sat on a bag of overripe apples. In the Capitulary published by Charles in the 9th century, the production of wine from apples and pears is mentioned for the first time. And after the Norman conquest of England in 1066, cider became widespread in the British Isles.

Spain has its own version. During long sea voyages, sailors who had limited supplies of freshwater replaced it with apple juice, which after a while became nothing more than wine. To this day, the Spaniards drink cider like water, highly appreciating its ability not to cloud the mind and believing that it cleanses the body of toxins.

In 1896, Emperor Nicholas II wrote in his diary that he enjoyed cider in different places. The fame of the drink quickly spread among the noble young people of that period, who replaced champagne with cider and considered it a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Useful Properties of Cider

As a result of the lack of medicines in the past centuries, doctors prescribed cider in case of boredom, that is, a depressive state. The drink was also used for diabetes and stomach ailments.

Nowadays, scientists also confirm the benefits of cider consumption for the body. For example, it has the ability to slow down the aging process. This property is due to the presence of phenolic compounds in cider. Also, the drink accelerates the removal of toxic substances and normalizes metabolism, contributing to the loss of excess weight.

5 Best Cider Places You Should Visit

If you want to enjoy the taste of the best apple cider, there are some great places you can visit. Find out more about this in the paragraphs below.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider in New York, Colorado, Maryland, and New England

Angry Orchard debuted in 2011 as a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. At that time, Angry Orchard was only available in a few locations such as New York, Colorado, Maryland, and New England. The company subsequently decided to enter the national level in 2012.

Angry Orchard makes hard apple cider from its own orchard in Hudson Valley. Initially, only three flavors were available: traditional dry, apple ginger, and crunchy apple. The company now offers eight different flavors and three premium flavors. Therefore, this is a great place where you can enjoy a drink.

Seattle Cider Company in Washington

The Seattle Cider Company offers high-quality cider in the Pacific Northwest. The tasting room is open every day. You can visit this place if you are over 21 years old, as children and persons under 21 are not allowed to enter.

Since 2013, Seattle Cider has been the leader in craft cider production. It has both year-round and seasonal offers. Various drink options are available: low-carb, low-calorie, low-sugar, etc.

H3: Brew Lab 101 Beer & Cider Co. in New Mexico

Brew Lab 101 is one of the most popular cider tasting places in New Mexico. This hospitable local business is a cidery that produces delicious craft drinks and maintains a local vibe. Brew Lab 101 Beer & Cider Co. welcomes pets both outside and inside. It even has a children’s play area and games to create a family atmosphere.

The advantage of the company is that it produces not only cider but also unique cider cocktails. According to visitors, the autumn cocktail with caramel apple cider is the choice of many.

Urban Orchard Cider Co. in North Carolina

Among the many craft cider options available in North Carolina, Urban Orchard is the best. It has West and South Slope tasting rooms. Both locations have indoor and outdoor seating. The drink is aged for at least eight months and is made from Henderson, North Carolina apples. Visitors can choose both dry and semi-sweet options. To find out more about the institution, use VeePN and get access to any site on the Internet.

Downeast Cider in Massachusetts

Downeast Cider was first imagined in a Bates College dorm room. It is the brainchild of brothers Matt and Ross Brockman. In addition to Original Blend cider, there are also fall seasonals like Pumpkin Blend and limited editions like Cider Donut. Cider House ciders such as Black Cherry Lemonade and Mojito are crafted in small batches and are available only at Boston Cider House. Downeast Cider ships cider and merchandise nationwide.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Place to Enjoy the Cider

As you can see, there are many places you can go to enjoy the cider. Above we have described only 5 worth visiting, but the list of reliable cider establishments is much larger. If you want to choose a really good place to taste the drink, take into account the following tips:

  1. Before visiting the institution in person, read the information about it on the global network. Bad customer reviews are a sign that the establishment should not be visited;
  2. Give preference to establishments that provide cleanliness and comfort. It is not recommended to visit places where the management does not care about order;
  3. Pay attention to additional services. If you want to enjoy cider and, for example, have a snack, choose a place where it is available. If you go to an establishment with a pet, make sure in advance that the establishment you have chosen allows it.

Put the tips into practice and enjoy the unique taste of cider in the most convenient place!



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