Top 21 Fruity Drinks To Order At A Bar

From trying new refreshing vacation drinks to just downright deliciousness of fruits, our list of cocktails is exactly what you need in your cup of fruity drinks to order at a bar.

Are you going on a night out with your gang but not in the mood to drink bitter drinks? Need some fruity drinks to order at a bar? Or do you cringe by just the thought of sipping a bitter alcoholic beverage? No judgments! Whatever your reasons are for avoiding such drinks and choosing fruity drinks to get the night started, we are on your side. We are here to help you out.

Not sure which fruity cocktail to try next time when you hit the bar? Then, have a glance at our sweet alcoholic recipes and we bet you won’t even sense the bitter alcohol in them. Plus, instead of saying “I need a fruity drink”, you can just order any of the listed drinks at the bar.

Let’s get the fun started.

1. Old Fashioned

1. Old Fashioned

Nowadays bartenders with their creative skills are turning a lot of liquors into old-fashioned style cocktails. And one such tasty classic drink is Old Fashioned.

– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey

– 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

– 1 sugar cube or 1 tsp sugar

– Galliano

– Orange twist garnish

Add sugar and whiskey or bourbon to the glass. Then, keep stirring until all the sugar gets dissolved. Add Galliano, add ice, and stir it again to make it extra special.

2. Strawberry Margarita

Want to level up the classic margarita? Then make a next-level classic margarita by adding some strawberry pulp to the alcoholic drink.

– 2 oz silver tequila

– 1 oz lime juice

– frozen strawberries

– 1 oz Cointreau

– Salt for the rim

Add some frozen strawberries to a cup. Pour lime juice, Cointreau, and lime juice and shake it well. Serve it in a glass with a salted rim and put in some ice.Generally, it’s a very gentle drink, weighing in somewhere around 8 percent ABV 

3. Cosmopolitan


Nothing can beat Cosmopolitan which is served in tall grass. You can make your drink sweet yet tangy to make you have a good time.

– 1.5 oz citrus vodka

– 1 oz Cointreau

– .5 oz lime juice

– .25 oz cranberry juice

Pour all the ingredients in the shaker and shake it well to mix all the sweet and the tangy flavors together. For an additional kick, you can add any flavored booze. The main recipe stands at 27 percent ABV

4. Negroni


When in doubt, you can go with Negroni which is made of the bright sunset-colored bitter liqueur Campari and the sweet vermouth.

– 1 oz gin

– 1 oz Campari

– 1 oz sweet vermouth

The procedure is similar to the above drink. Here, all you have to do is put all the ingredients and ice in a shaker. Mix it well to get a perfect blend of sweet and bitter.

 The Negroni is not a weak drink, with an average alcohol content somewhere around 24% ABV 

5. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Try the simple Moscow mule made of all of the goodness to add that fizzy element, so it is refreshing and spicy.

– 2 oz vodka

– 4 to 6 oz ginger beer

– .5 oz lime juice

In a cocktail shaker, squeeze fresh lime juice, put ice, and vodka. Shake all the ingredients well. Then strain the drink in a mule cup. Now pour the ginger beer to add little spiciness and use the lime wedge to garnish. Still well and serve. If you pour an 80-proof vodka with 4 ounces of ginger beer, the alcohol content is just 11 percent ABV 

6. Pear Martini

Pear Martini

Blueberry martinis out and Pearl Martini in! You might be giving us a questionable look after hearing about Pearl Martini. Afterall, it is new to your ears. But we are sure your tastebuds will love this fruity combination. 

– 3 oz gin or pear vodka

– fee drops of angostura bitters

– .5 oz dry vermouth

– Lemon peel or olive

Add all the ingredients in a stirrer and mix them well to create a perfect blend. Lastly, pour the drink in a glass and garnish it with a lemon peel or three olives.The pure alcohol content of a classic Martini cocktail is therefore 28.7% .

7. Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito

Get refreshed after drinking this classic minty drink. If you stick to the basics, your recipe will always turn out to be fizzy.

– 3 mint leaves

– sugar

– club soda

– 2 oz white rum

– .75 oz lime juice

To make a classic mojito, mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass. Keep stirring until all the flavors like sweet, and mint get well combined into a fizzy drink. Pour the drink into the glass and add extra ice. Put extra min leaves on the top to garnish.When made with 80-proof rum, the alcohol content falls in the 13 percent ABV

8. Whiskey Sour

Another fruity and simple drink is whiskey sour. It is made with equal parts of simple syrup as well as freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

– 2 oz whiskey

– 1 oz lemon juice

– 1 tsp sugar

– ¾ ounce simple syrup

In a cocktail shaker, mix whiskey, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Add ice and shake all the ingredients to chill. You can also add egg whites to make it foamy. Pour the mixture in a glass filled with ice. Lastly, garnish it with a cherry or a flag

9. French 75

This drink is named after the French 75mm gun used in WWII. Hence, this cocktail is as hardcore as the weapon.

– 2 oz gin

– 2 dashes simple syrup

– .5 oz lemon juice

– Champagne

Combine ice, lemon juice, simple syrup and gin in a glass and shake it well. Then, pour the mixture in the champagne glass and a little more champagne.At its most potent—with 2 ounces of gin—the French 75’s alcohol content is about 19 percent ABV

10. Manhattan

Just like the city, the Manhattan cocktail consists of all sorts of flavor – bitters, sweet vermouth, and whiskey. Overall, it is a well balanced drink for whiskey lovers.

– 2 oz rye whiskey

– 1 oz sweet vermouth

– Cherry

– 2 dashes Angostura bitters

To get the best result, mix all the ingredients for a well-balanced cocktail. Then pour it into a cocktail coupe or a martini glass and serve it with ice and cherry on top of the drink.Assuming that an 80 proof whiskey is used, the average Manhattan is around 30 percent ABV

11. Aperol Spritz

If you are desperately searching for a fruity drink that stands out and is not too girly then you tastebuds will definitely thank Aperol Spritz. Undoubtedly, this cocktail is a perfect drink to celebrate any occasion because it is light and tasty.

-Equal parts Aperol

-Equal parts Cinzano Prosecco or sparkling wine

-Splash of club Soda

– orange peel

This delicious drink gets its flavor from all the ingredients, so mix everything well. It is best served with ice cubes as well as orange peel/ slive on top.Aperol is 11% alcohol by volume

12. Gimlet


Don’t go on it’s cute name because it is tastier than you think!

– 2 oz gin or vodka

– .75 oz simple syrup

– .75 oz lime juice

Pour and mix all the juicy ingredients with beat buddy ice. Then pour the beverage into a cocktail glass.

13. Sazerac


You will find a lot of Sazerac recipes on the internet. But the basic ingredients you will find in them are sugar, whiskey, and absinthe (or Herbisant). Mostly, this drink is served with a twist of lemon in a rock glass to add aroma.

– 2 oz rye whiskey

– .5 oz simple syrup

– 2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

– Absinthe

Combine rye whiskey, bitters, sugar, absinthe (or Herbisant), for a bittersweet yet a balanced rye drink.Sazerac is in the 45 percent ABV  range and is one of the strongest mixed drinks you can make.

14. Pimm’s Cup

In 1971, there was Pimm’s bar and today, a drink is named and served after it all over the globe.

– 50 ml (about 1.75 oz) Pimm’s No.1

– 150 ml (about 5 oz) lemonade

– Mint, orange, strawberries

– Cucumber to garnish

Throw all the ingredients in a cup. Mix it well. Add a slice of cucumber to garnish and your drink is ready to serve. abv is 25% in Pimm’s cup.

15. Vesper


Vesper cocktail was first spotted in Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royale in homage to Vesper Lynd, the James Bond character. The maker of the drink must always stick to no-storring policy.

– 3 oz gin

– lemin twist

– 1 oz vodka

– .5 oz Lillet blanc

Pile all the ingredients along with ice in a glass and stir it well until it gets chilled. In the end, use a twisted lemon slice to garnish. ABV in vesper coctail is around 17 %.

16. Mimosa

. Mimosa

Mimoa is a bright orange drink, field with all the juicy citrus flavor one needs.

– 2.5 oz champagne

– 2.5 oz orange juice

Throw all the equal parts of the ingredients in a tall wine glass. Then garnish it with an orange slice. The mimosa is always going to be just a little lighter than the wine you pour. When made with triple sec at the recipe’s ratio, its alcohol content falls around 10 percent ABV

17. Tom Collins

Tom Collins is the father of all classic drinks. And making of this drink requires very few ingredients. This sweet and sour drink is a sure shot winner if you are planning to drink during the summer months. 

– 2 oz Old Tom gin, tequila, or vodka

– 1 oz lemon juice

– .5 oz simple syrup

– Club soda to top

Mix all the ingredients well for the perfect flavor. You can even make different versions of this drink just for fun.he Tom Collins is a timeless, popular drink that anyone can mix up, alcohol content should be in the 9 percent ABV 

18. Mexican Paloma

Put your hands up in the air if you are a lover of Mexican drinks. The Mexican paloma is one such cocktail that can win everybody’s heart because of its fizzy element. 

 – 2 oz tequila

– .5 oz lime juice

– Grapefruit soda to top

– Ice

Mix lime juice, ice and tequila together. Then add grapefruit soda in the end.this tall drink is a mild 10 percent ABV

19. Sidecar

Sidecar has been served since 1920s and all because of its yummy ingredients.

– 2 oz VS or VSOP Cognac

– 1 oz Cointreau

– .75 oz lemon juice

– orange liqueur

– brandy

Mix ingredients with ice and pour the drink into a cocktail glass or rocks glass that has a sugar coated rim.the average sidecar weighs in around 26 percent ABV

20. Classic Mint Julep

Classic Mint Julep

Another classic drink is Mint Julep. Its frosty combination of crushed ice, sugar, and muddled mint will definitely make your night extra special. 

– 2 oz bourbon

– 8-10 mint leaves

– .25 oz simple syrup

Combine all the ingredients and serve it in a classic frosty julep cup. Garnish it with a mint sprig.It should weigh in somewhere around 28 percent ABV

21. Strawberry Daiquiri

Chilling by the beachside with a fruity cocktail hits different, know? So Strawberry Daiquiri is a popular beachside fruity cocktail blended to perfection. The best thing about this drink is that you can enjoy it in any season.

– 2 oz light rum

– 1 oz simple syrup

– mint sprig

– 1 oz lime juice

Mix everything to give a fruity flavor and serve it with crushed ice and mint sprig.his extremely sessionable and refreshing liquid has 12% ABV which provides the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol with a clean finish.

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