Art Of Drinking For Tropical Drinks

“Drink first, Think later!”

Tropical Drinks

Hi reader! Would you like to tell us how much do you like tropical drinks and mocktails? If you believe in the drink first and think later supremacy too? We are asking you all this because we have got some important information for you on tropical drinks and if you take your drinks seriously then you must check out the details till the very end.

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Tropical Drinks
The Art of Drinking

Tropical Drinks: The Art of Drinking

“Because a drink tastes better than tears.” Go and ask any of your friends and this will tell you the same i.e., a drink is a thousand times better than tears. And when you are on a vacation, you must choose your drink very carefully because just like how a good deink can rejuvenate your mood, a bad drink and ruin it. So, to help you and ease your dilemma, we have got a list of all the tropical beverages for you.

Tropical Beverages

Here are our top 5 recommendations on the most popular tropical drinks for you. check them out and see how many of them you have tried already and how many are still pending to be tasted.

Piña Colada Sunrise Cocktail

1. Piña Colada Sunrise Cocktail:

You must have heard this name so many times in the cafes and restaurants near you. But have you tried it the proper tropical way? If no then you must experience one of the best dinks of current times. But what is the exact tropical recipe of Piña Colada Sunrise Cocktail? It is made with pineapple, coconut sorbet, grenadine, and rum. The dink is sweet and slushy to drink but once you have this cocktail, you will completely forget that winter ever existed because of its ingredients.

Vanilla Pineapple Margarita

2. Vanilla Pineapple Margarita:

Margaritas are never outdated and what we believe in is that they are always the flavor of the month because of their popularity and taste. But what exactly is this Vanilla Pineapple Margarita? This margarita is made with the deadly combination of pineapple, coconut, lime juice, and tequila of course. The sweet taste of pineapple, the crunchy taste of coconut, the freshness of lime, and the heavenly tequila make this margarita like a drink made in heaven, and maybe that is why this is one of the most preferred tropical drinks of all tequila lovers.

tropical drinks

3. Painkiller: Tropical Drinks

While this drink isn’t an actual painkiller infused with medicine but it is surely no less than a painkiller too. And if you are having a hard time right now, a painkiller won’t hurt you whether it’s in the form of a medicine or a tropical drink. With a handsome amount of nutmeg on top of the dink to give it a little spicy flavor, this one is made with pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, and rum and is served on the rocks to set your mood right.

Lava Flow

4. Lava Flow: Tropical Drinks

The name of this drink suggests that the drink must be fire red like lava and equally amazing to tase, isn’t it? Well, if that was your exact thought after reading its name then your guess is right because Lava flow is made with a mixture of all the flavourful, fresh, and crushed-up fruits like bananas and strawberries and mixed with coconut rum, light rum, and coconut cream. And let us tell you for the record, this dink is much more heavenly in taste than what it sounds like in the recipe or what its name suggests, and therefore it should be on your ‘must try tropical dinks’ list.

tropical drinks
Frozen Rum Runners

5. Frozen Rum Runners:

We know that this name has grabbed all the attention of all our rum-loving readers. Trust us, when we tried this drink and saw its recipe ourselves, we couldn’t resist showing it to you. What’s so special about this one? This slushy cocktail is a mixture of all the heavenly flavors that a cocktail lover likes. Frozen rum runners are made with gold rum, blackberry liquor, banana liquor, orange juice, and grenadine, and whether you go to shore or not this one is still a must-try even at the comfort of your house.

The best thing about all the drinks on this list is that not only do they taste exceptionally good but are also easy to make at home. So, if you aren’t on an island already and craving any of those drinks mentioned above, just go and make them right now while we spill the beans on the rest of the information related to your good tropical drinks.

Tropical Drinks: Drinking Done Right

“Every empty glass is filled with a great story.” When you drink because you are happy, your glass is the proof of your happiness. When you drink to celebrate, your glass is the proof of your achievement and when you drink because you are hurt, your glass becomes your best friend by keeping your secret itself while silently treating your emotional wounds.

And this proves that even an empty glass is indeed filled with so many untold stories and unsaid emotions. Does that mean we can trust the glass with our secrets? Well, surely you can and having an amazing dink while doing that is an even better and safe idea. So, what do you think we are going to present to you next? Well, we have bought some of Hawaii here for you by sharing all the tropical drinks from this corner of the world. Have a look and see which one will be the best to taste while sharing your unspoken words?

Hawaiian Tropical Drinks

Here are our top 5 recommendations on the tropical Hawaiian dinks.

tropical drinks
Mai Tai

1. Mai Tai:

Mai Tai is a very famous drink but what most of its drinkers don’t know is that it is a typical tropical Hawaiian dink. And now that you are aware of this fact, let us tell you what Mai tai is made up of. Light rum, dark rum float, orgeat syrup, pineapple Juice, orange Curacao and lemon juice are infused altogether to make this amazing and tasteful drink. So, the next time you have to order a tropical drink, don’t forget to try out the Hawaiian Mai tai.

Blue Hawaii Cocktail

2. Blue Hawaii Cocktail:

Another authentic Hawaiian drink that is frozen in nature and can lift your spirits. This one is made using rum, blue Curacao, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and lots of crushed ice. Not to mention drinking this will give you the feel of Hawaii even if you aren’t at the island so must try it out soon.

Kona Coffee-Tini

3. Kona Coffee-Tini: Tropical Drinks

A combination of coffee and vodka, doesn’t this one sound like it was meant to be a tropical Hawaiian drink and nothing else? Not to mention, the ingredients it has including absolute vanilla vodka, Kona coffee liqueur, chilled Kona coffee, caramel syrup, and the garnishing of chocolate-covered roasted coffee beans also known as donkey beans make it so irresistible and so Hawaiian. now is there a need to mention that if you ever feel like having a cocktail that tastes like coffee and Hawaii, you know what you have to make and how?

Hawaiian Margarita

4. Hawaiian Margarita:

Talking about authentic tropical drinks of an island and not including a margarita is not possible. A margarita is always there even when no one else is. So, here is your recipe to make this one, just get some Jose Cuervo tequila, passion fruit) concentrate aka Lilikoi, and cut some wedges of pineapple then top the drink with red li hing mui powder and your very own Hawaiian margarita is ready to be served.

tropical drinks
Mac Nut Martini

5. Mac Nut Martini:

Another easy and simple Hawaiian drink that can uplift your mood and give the feel of tropical weather even if you sitting in your backyard. Mac nut martini is made with absolute Vanilla vodka and Macadamia nut liqueur, and then it is topped with the chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts aka donkey ball. Are you loving all the details on tropical drink’s details in abundance? Do you want some more information on it? Well, we have planned something special for all our vodka lovers. See below to know about it.

The Vodka Story

“If life gives you lemons, add vodka!” Vodka is always the answer for someone who loves drinking. And what we believe in is that this drink even can lure all the non-drinkers and force them to try it at least once. But the good thing is that you already love it and you being here is proof of it. Therefore, we have found some best tropical drinks with vodka for you that you have to try whenever you get a chance. Have a look below and fall in love with your vodka-infused drinks a little more.

Tropical Vodka Drinks

Here are our top 5 recommendations of the tropical drinks that are specially made with some vodka in them:

Blue ocean

1. Blue ocean:

Tropical means by the ocean and when you are discussing something popular by the ocean, not including a drink that has got ocean in its name is not fair. Blue ocean is a tropical vodka drink made with blue curaçao, Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice, an optional ingredient called the stevia all-purpose natural sweetener, and vodka of-course.

Watermelon Cooler

2. Watermelon Cooler:

Watermelon and summer are a perfect combination and adding vodka to this combo increase the taste, fun, and everyone’s interest in it. To make this one you have to use chunks of fresh watermelons, fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, and some Reyka vodka. Now go and try it out to make your summers memorable and juicy.

Hula Dancer

3. Hula Dancer:

This dancer drink can make you dance your heart out with the help of vodka infused in it. So, are you in the mood to dance? Would you like to have a tropical vodka drink while dancing? Make some hula dancer for yourself using pineapple-flavored vodka, vanilla rum, lychee puree, and some lemon and pineapple juice.

Vodka Collins

4. Vodka Collins:

This one is not just a tropical but also a classic summer drink for all vodka lovers. To make this refreshing drink use vodka, lemon juice, sugar, and club soda or seltzer and you are good to go! Enjoy this one in the heat of summers and get all the feel of a pretty island in your backyard itself.

Melon ball

5. Melon ball:

This might sound like a ball-like melon that is filled with tropical vodka drinks but that is not how it looks like. This drink is made with vodka, melon liqueur, Pineapple juice, and cherries and while it doesn’t come with melon, you can serve it in a melon skin and make it look aesthetic. Not just that but this melon ball served in a melon skin will also give you all the beachy vibes and from then onwards, you don’t have to be physically present on a beach to enjoy all its flavors. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Before we wind up, we have got some amazing cocktail-filled facts to share with you. continue reading to discover some lesser-known facts about your favorite drinks.

The Fact Factory

Welcome to our fact zone. You are here because we are about to tell you some of the lesser-known facts about the drinks you have daily and love unconditionally. If you are ready to grab them all, see below.

Facts On Cocktails

Tropical Drinks: Facts On Cocktails

Here are the 5 most amazing cocktail facts:

  1. Do you know that six types of cocktails exist in the world? And these 6 cocktails include the daiquiri, the old-fashioned, martini, sour, highball, and flip.
  2. Talking about the popularity, do you know that old-fashioned has long been the most popular cocktail worldwide because of its simplicity and mass appeal, and availability of whiskey?
  3. Do you know about the oldest cocktail in the world? It is the Sazerac and this was invented in 1838 in New Orleans.
  4. While there are some cheap cocktails and some expensive ones, but there is one cocktail that is out of the league of most of the drinkers.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo’s diamond is forever martini features a one-carat diamond alongside Absolut Elyx Vodka and this martini costs around $18,500USD.

  1. Talking about our heavy drinkers, Latvia is a country that consumes the maximum amount of liquor every year with an average of 12.6 liters consumed per person annually.

And now we take your leave. Keep drinking and keep enjoying all the flavors of drinks and life.

To Sum Up Tropical Drinks

And we conclude that Tropical drinks are very important to survive. Whether it is to beat the heat, uplift the mood, celebrate something or enjoy at home when you cannot go on a vacation, a drink will always have your back and will make your plans successful and cheerful.


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