Top 6 Under 21 Clubs Los Angeles For The Young Crowd

Are you under 21, and looking for Under 21 clubs Los Angeles? So, There are best 6 clubs in Los Angeles which is not bounded to under 21 to have some fun and get your groove on.

And don’t want to buy alcohol, but enjoy a fun holiday? Well, just because you are 18+ or 19+, it doesn’t mean you have no right to go clubbing and get your groove on like others, in fact, the clubs for 18-year Olds are pretty popular. Nightlife here is ecstatic and you would want to enjoy a drink or two here. We know that you are enamored with dance scenes, good music, great disc lights, clubbing, and mouth-watering food. So, in Los Angeles, many clubs allow gangs under 21 to enjoy their weekends. You won’t be able to buy alcohol but will enjoy the nightlife.

From local bands to popular DJs, you will experience the true nightlife for Under 21 clubs Los Angeles just like any other 21+ adult. This way, you won’t feel like missing out on the best time of your lives. The rules are pretty strict in the US for those under 21 people. But some hottest venues in Los Angeles are home to the exotic clubs that are welcoming to the 18 and over people. So no need to worry, if you are 18, 19, or 20, you can dance the night away in these clubs. We have shared a list of 6 18 and up clubs that might suit your taste.

There are countless clubs in Los Angeles, and we’ve recommended some that are top-ranked and suitable for those under 21. Nowadays, to effectively promote the store, many clubs will also batch custom cheap enamel pins, logo stickers, and other gifts to customers. These stickers and pins are printed with the store’s logo, which is exquisite and durable. So, when guests receive these practical and fun gifts, they will increase their goodwill and become repeat customers.

Best 6 Clubs Under 21 in Los Angeles, CA

  • Florentine Gardens
  • The Whisky A Go Go
  • Los Angeles Club Crawl
  • Sound Nightclub
  • Avalon Hollywood
  • Dragonfly Hollywood

1. Florentine Gardens

Florentine Gardens
Florentine Gardens

All the 18 and above the crowd is welcomed in Florentine Gardens and this is one of the best Under 21 clubs Los Angeles. The guests start pouring in from 10 pm, and the party continues until 2.20 am. The only thing mandatory here is bringing your government-issued ID. And if you are lucky enough, you can even spot some celeb artists. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun and groove on some of Los Angeles’s most popular DJs. The DJ knows how to keep the crowd dancing on the big stage. Moreover, it is not too cramped. However, you need to make prior reservations to get the best table.

Timing – Sunday – 9 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Non-alcoholic drinks and steak.

2. The Whisky A Go Go

The Whisky A Go Go
The Whisky A Go Go

The Whiskey A Go Go is said to be one of the quintessential musical landmarks and all ages venues of Los Angeles. From Rec effect to Mammoth, various upcoming and old bands of different music breeds have played at this remarkable venue. This club is a platform for the rising bands. Plus, it is the best spot for musicians to showcase their talents. And the sound of the live music is on the mark. Even the crowd here is welcoming and social, which makes the night extra fun. Therefore, this Under 21 clubs Los Angeles with a great vibe should be definitely on your bucket list.

Timing – Sunday to Saturday – 7:30 am to 2 pm

Must Try – Chicken wings.

3. Los Angeles Club Crawl

Los Angeles Club Crawl
Los Angeles Club Crawl

The Under 21 clubs Los Angeles crowd will exceed your expectations, and here we will tell you how. The host and the staff here are so great, patient, and inviting. They will always make sure that you have a fun experience. If you are traveling to Los Angeles and looking for an amazing venue to chill with your gang, then we would recommend this venue any day. Coming to food, they serve various dishes, from fries with banana ketchup to salmon. They also serve their patron drinks like margaritas along with other mixed drinks. Moreover, you will find a diverse crowd and have a great experience of the true Los Angeles nightlife.

Timing – Friday to Saturday – 9 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Steak, curry shrimp, and non-alcoholic beverages.

4. Sound Nightclub

Sound Nightclub
Sound Nightclub

As the name suggests, Sound Nightclub has great techno music and the best sound system in Los Angeles. If you are an audiophile, then you will love the way it sounds here! Joris Voorn, Sabo, Goldcap, Victor Ruiz, etc. When such DJs are in the house, you will always have the best time. They play various genres of music to keep everyone entertained. The crowd here is pretty decent, and the drinks are good and reasonably priced. Plus, the bouncers and bartenders are extremely friendly with the guests. You can even chill around the patio cum lounge to relax and get some air. Another best Under 21 clubs Los Angeles!

Timing – Monday to Friday – 10 am to 6 pm

Must Try – Pizza and other zero-alcoholic drinks

5. Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood
Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood is one of the classic Under 21 clubs Los Angeles with intriguing architecture. This venue always welcomes the 18+ crowd so it’s known as 18 and up clubs in Los Angeles. But make sure to check the day and the timings. From The Beatles to new generation bands like NERO, Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, and Skrillex, this location has hosted various entertainment for their guests. The plus point about this spacious venue is that the food is not overpriced.

Moreover, the staff of the Under 21 clubs Los Angeles is kind and friendly. Coming to the music, they play all genres, which make every partygoer’s night. Overall, this place has great lighting, the best for dancing, great shows, great drinks, and is safe for people.

Timing – Monday to Friday – 10 am to 5 pm & Friday & Saturday – 9 pm to 3 am

Must Try – Sicilian flat bread pizza and Char grilled 8 oz. Sirloin Hamburger 

6. Dragonfly Hollywood

Dragonfly Hollywood
Dragonfly Hollywood

The first word when anybody visits this awesome venue must be, “Wow!” Because they host the sickest party here! This fun-filled club goes all out like Vegas-style when it comes to bottle service. If your luck is with you, then you might spot celebrities in Dragonfly Hollywood. The entire staff is professional and accommodating and tends to each and everyone’s needs. Once you visit this venue, you will always want to keep coming back for more. We highly recommend you to halt here on Friday to witness the best DJs, top-notch crowds, and delicious food. Even the decor in Dragonfly Hollywood is amazing. This can be considered one of the best Under 21 clubs Los Angeles.

Timing – Thursday to Saturday – 10 pm to 2 am

Must Try – Teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, orange cookie (in the desert), and beef Chao fun

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