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Have you ever wondered if you could land a better position with a higher salary than what you currently aim for? Because you probably could. A professionally written job application often takes job seekers to the next level and helps them get a job they didn’t even hope to qualify for.

How Skillhub Makes Sure You Get What You’re After

Few job seekers know hiring a professional job application expert isn’t just about saving time and effort. When you get a resume as high-quality as our resume examples, you increase your chances of landing the job you’ve always wanted by more than 30%. It’s a fantastic shortcut to your dream position.

So what do we do to ensure that a professionally written job application by Skillhub’s Dallas resume writer gets you that position? We use an AI-based client-writer matching algorithm, encourage direct writer-client communication, and invest in our experts’ continuous development.

We Match You With the Best-Suited Writers

Skillhub is all about convenience and efficiency that bring the best results. That’s why we’ve developed an algorithm that selects the best-suited writers for your order. You don’t need to do anything. Once you place it, the system automatically notifies the experts who specialize in your industry and are best positioned to write a job application that’ll get you hired.

You Can Communicate with the Writer Before Hiring Them

That doesn’t mean that you have no choice, though. You’ll get a few bids from the writers your order matched with. Once you do, look at their profiles and think about which of them you are comfortable entrusting your resume with.

In our experience, the most effective way is to text them and discuss your expectations in detail. As Robin Ryan from Forbes says, “No one can create a good resume without talking to you directly.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we encourage all Skillhub’s clients to communicate with our experts before hiring one of them.

We Can Help You With the Entire Job Application (Beyond the Resume)

A good resume is essential, but it’s only one part of a job application. A personalized cover letter and a regularly updated LinkedIn profile also matter. And since they need to be perfectly harmonious with your resume, it’s better to hire the same person to help you with all three is better.

Cover Letter

Most recruiters indeed read cover letters only for senior- and C-level positions. But you need one even if you haven’t reached those heights in your career. Once recruiters select a few promising candidates based on their resumes, their applications end up in hiring managers’ hands.

And since hiring managers have fewer applications to review, they read cover letters. Some even check them before looking at the resumes because they want to see if the candidate expresses genuine and well-grounded interest in the job. So contrary to what many job seekers believe, cover letters are still relevant today.

LinkedIn Profile

About 60% of recruiters and hiring managers check job seekers’ LinkedIn profiles immediately after opening their resumes. Moreover, as Optionsnewbie455 on Reddit rightly points out, they are looking for inconsistencies between the two. So with LinkedIn being the present and future of hiring, it’s wise to invest in a professionally written one.

What Skillhub Can Promise

We know that the number one thing that clients of job application writing services clients are interested in is whether a professionally written job application will help them get more interviews. We have enough positive experience to believe in our experts’ skills. And since we do, we have no problem reassuring Skillhub’s clients with our guarantees.

We’ll Help You Land an Interview

If you check our website, you’ll see that one of our guarantees is the so-called “4-week interview guarantee.” It implies that you can keep requesting revisions from the expert who has completed your order for up to 4 weeks. It’s very helpful when you’re applying for multiple positions or realizing something about the resume isn’t how you expected.

Your Chances of Getting Your Dream Job Will Increase

Up to 70% of job seekers with an expert-written resume find the job they are satisfied with within 90 days. Hiring Skillhub’s writers is your chance to ensure you’ll be among that 70%. And if we can’t find a well-matched writer for your order (which is very rare) or if the job application they wrote for you is indeed beyond our standards, we’ll refund you. It’s a no-risk deal.


You can probably aim for a much better job than you think. You only need to hire Skillhub’s professional writer, who will help you unlock your full potential in a job application. We’ll gladly help you with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or any other part of the application process. And you’ll have more time to prepare for interviews to impress hiring managers.

Google Skillhub’s or jobhero resume writing service and change your career for the better once and all.


  1. Can I order only one part of the job application?

Sure! While we’ll never get tired of repeating that it’s best to get professional help with all parts of one’s job application, you can easily order just one part on Skillhub. It can be a resume, a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, or a post-interview thank-you note—whatever you need.

  1. Does it make sense to hire an industry-specific writer?

It does. Only an industry-specific writer knows all the keywords your job application needs to be perfectly ATS-optimized. They’re also aware of the industry standards and employers’ expectations. That’s why the main criterion behind our client-writer matching algorithm.

  1. Can I get a refund if I don’t like what I got?

You can. As discussed, if you’re unhappy with Skilhub’s writer’s resume, you can request a refund even after revisions. If it’s indeed beyond our high standards, you’ll get your money back if it’s beyond our high standards.

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