How To Select The Best Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets?

If you are amongst the people who are constrained because of the space and you need to figure out a storage option for all of your bar types of equipment then choose Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets. Even if you do not opt for Mix a Bot as one of the best means to review some of your favorite designs, choose from the given options.

Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinet

What To Consider While Choosing Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets?

Since there is a huge array of available choices but the amount of space available is limited, the design that is selected should support a given load. A few things which should be kept in mind while choosing the wall mounted liquor cabinet is-

  • Does the wall have a 24 inch or a 16-inch joist spacing which means that a cabinet is specifically designed for 24-inch beams which might not work with narrower beams? A stud finder can be considered in such cases to determine beam gaps.
  • Will the mounting be done by you or will multiple people be required?
  • How many bottles and what weight is supported by the hanging mount?
  • Do you want to keep the default bar close to the display or behind the closed doors?
  • Is a lock in the cabinet a major requirement?

For a person who loves the rustic and decorated hanging liquor cabinets to add to the aesthetic of the place, there are some available options on Etsy and the Double Barred Rustic cabinets stick out from the lot because for many reasons like-

  • The total length of the cabinet is 46.5 inches which is more than enough to fit in 8 bottles and glassware.
  • It can store glassware and medium-sized bottles.
  • Since it has a variety of stains, it can be specially built to match up to the interior of another place.

For a person who lives in an apartment such as these modern apartments for rent in McKinney and can only afford to allot small space for the cabinet, a micro cabinet is a great option. The micro cabinet has two different shelves and it is a floating type style that seems to hold the finest liquor bottles. What is more, is that the fold makes the wall-mounted liquor more usable during the drinking events and can be used as a cup holder or a mixing station. The wall-mounted cabinet keeps the space premium and neatly designed.

For a security person, the locking cabinet is specially designed by Rustic Santa Fe which offers hand-welded metal construction combined with wooden panels. It is capable of holding more than 10 bottles and unlike the other cabinets, the locking capacity cannot be broken easily. The major concern in this kind of cabinet is the total hanging weight of the cabinet because of the use of steel and the capacity of holding more than 10 bottles. The excess 80 lbs. can also be filled with liquor in such cases.

For a liquor lover and a person who loves electronic music, the hanging cabinet with the LED back-lit construction is appropriate. There are shelves from 2 inches to 8 inches in total and the length of these cabinets are displayed to make sure that the home bar resembles a nightclub. If you want the feature of enabling the drinks to mix automatically and hang the liquor cabinet then Mix a Bot kit is a perfect option. It can hold up to 10 bottles and over 100 inches which is the largest handy out. Some additional accessories can enable the bar to store and retain the glassware. 

Liquor Cabinets

What Are The ABCS Of Choosing A Bar Cabinet?

Choosing, changing, and highlighting the bar cabinet are some of the most appropriate features which act as a highlight to the entire home. It can bring joy and pleasure just knowing that a party will be unmatched because of the unique wall-mounted liquor cabinet placed in your house. Be it a formal cocktail party or a relaxed celebration with the family and friends or a quote wine night for self-analysis, a well-stocked bar cabinet is a place in the home that is always a good idea.

A beautiful liquor cabinet comes with elegance and class and with proper lighting, shelves, and the design the wine and liquor bottles add to the shine of the place. There are many options available in the case of a bar cabinet and from the overt attention-grabbing pieces to the subtle surprising visions, one can surely find the bar cabinet option very suitable. Make it a center of attraction for the place and showcase the wine collection.

Wall cabinet

What Exactly Is A Bar Cabinet?

A product specifically designed to store and display your liquor collection with the glass shelves and having a space for the glassware. It also consists of cocktail mixing, paraphernalia, and the other items which are used to make a drink. With the right design being chosen and the bar cabinets installed properly the overall aesthetic theme of the home can be matched.

The classic cabinets are usually taller than a credenza and the bar cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. They are outfitted with storage, organizers, and adjustable shelves which are used for the liquor and wine-making equipment. A liquid connoisseur’s best friend is these functional gems of a furniture piece that act as an outstanding addition to the living room, kitchen, dining, or home office.

Liquor cabinet

How To Choose A Bar Cabinet?

Before choosing what type of bar cabinet, you’d want to place or buy, you need to evaluate your needs and the space available. Many may want to install their favorite option but that may not be the best-suited one. Several factors need to be considered before deciding and stopping on the right one.

1. How much room is available for the cabinet?

This is one of the most important factors to be considered and to solve this, take exact measurements so that the cabinet fits in. It is tough to return the already made cabinets and one might want to make sure that the new cabinets come in as soon as possible.

2. Where do you want to place Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets?

Ideally, the cabinet should be placed in the room where the most entertaining tasks are performed and where you relax. It might be a very odd choice to place it in the bathroom but the home and aesthetic should not be the only consideration.

3. What storage features would you want in the cabinet?

Any homeowner would likely tell you that they could do with more storage space to keep their belongings. There can never be enough space for the things in a house and wine and spirits play a major role in setting up a minibar. To make this home bar functional, a lot of other things are required and one might need a lot of space to store all of the items when they are not in use. These cannot simply be put out on the kitchen cupboards and require proper storage space.

Figure out how many items you need to store and check the storage features of the cabinet including the number of compartments. Look for companies that offer a range of storage solutions and can be customized to fit with the style of the organization. If you have an in-home bar then many accessories come along with it and the spirits and stemware can be kept. One may also need things such as a bottle opener, shakers, fruit, and other edible additions to the drinks, coasters. Storage for all of these options is also important and thus the bar cabinet should be both functional and aesthetic.

wall Cabinet

4. What is the décor or the theme of the room?

If you walk in a room and see a mixture of styles then you might not like it and therefore unless you know the theme of the room where you want to place the cabinet do not buy it. Fix on the theme first and then choose from the available options and the mixture can be a mix for the visitor. When a specific theme is developed for the room be sure and choose the style which is best suited to work cohesively with the décor of the room. The vintage bar cabinets go perfectly with the traditional homes while the minimalistic cabinets work with the aesthetics of a place.

5. What is the purpose of using the cabinet?

Other than considering the storage and space of the cabinet, figure out what uses are determined by it. There are many different uses of a bar cabinet and they may differ. There are many different options available for a person to choose from. If you love to drink and entertain frequently, then the bar cabinet should include all of the necessary items or if you need space for the liquor, the wine then tries and have an extensive choice.

Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets: Summed Up

Wall-mounted Liquor Cabinets have become a very important accessory in almost every home and therefore, they should be chosen in a way that does not disrupt the harmony or theme of a house. Thus, this article mentions ways in which the bar cabinet might be chosen properly.


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