What Are Whiskey Stones? Learn It’s Usage

Although it has been more than a decade that whiskey stones were invented their popularity is slowly increasing now. Some purists may highly object to the use of whiskey rocks but many encourage using whiskey stones. In this article, we will talk about what are whiskey stones and how to use them. These stones are used by whiskey lovers to chill down their drinks without diluting with water. 

Definition of Whiskey Stones
Whiskey Stones

Redefining Whiskey Stones

Different people like their drinks in different ways. Some like to drink straight from the bottle without any problem. Some need chilled drinks to gulp the whiskey down their throats. Whiskey rocks are one alternative to ice cubes. It helps chill the drink without diluting the whiskey. Before you go on and ask us what are whiskey stones, there are a few things that need to be mentioned. Adding these drink stones to the whiskey, Scotch or bourbon works well to keep the drink cool while not hampering the smell or taste of the alcoholic beverage of your choice. 

What are whiskey stones made of? Well, these little stone-shaped cubes are generally made of soapstone. These drink stones are non-toxic. Therefore, they are harmless to include in your drink. It does not change the taste or smell of your drink. These whiskey soap stones are of various types and shapes. Whiskey chilling stone is also made of different materials too. So, you might be thinking what are whiskey stones made of? Worry not! We will give you all the details you need to know to make the best purchase. Some whiskey cubes are made of stainless steel. Some are made of granite. Choosing the best soapstone for whiskey depends on your choice. 

Chilling Whiskey Stones
Chilling Whiskey Stones

Varieties of Whiskey Chillling Stones: New Innovations

When introducing whiskey to a newbie with these chilling stones it can change their whole experience. Some prefer certain types of chilling stones for their whiskey over others. To know what are whiskey stones one has to know the different kinds of chilling stones for their whiskey that are available in the market. Many liquor drinkers prefer chilling rocks made of stainless steel for their whiskey. The chilling cubes made of stainless steel use a certain type of gel inside their core that can freeze and keep the cold temperature intact for a longer period of time. Therefore, chilling rocks made of stainless steel keep the whiskey chilled for a longer time. 

With the growth of their popularity, these chilling rocks for whiskey come in different shapes and sizes now. With each passing day, there is some new idea to craft the soapstone for whiskey in a new design. Some whiskey lovers even go to the extent of custom making their chilling rock for whiskey. There is bullet shaped chilling rock designed for customers for their whiskey. There is round shaped chilling rock. You can even find chilling rocks with fourteen surfaces. It is usually heavier and bigger than the ordinary chilling rock cubes. It can keep the drink chilled longer for its large surface area.

There are some certain perks of using these different sized and shaped chilling rocks for whiskey. The round shaped chilling rock for whiskey that is generally known as balls of whiskey chilling stone can cool the drink faster and for a longer period of time. If the ball is big in size, then using only one ball is enough to chill your drink. 

On The Rocks Whiskey Stones
On The Rocks Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones: The New On The Rocks!

There are many advantages of using chilling rocks for whiskey. It is non-toxic so it does not have any health hazards. You can use them as you like. You can use only one or two as the sizes vary to keep the whiskey cool. The main advantage of using whisky stone is that it does not dilute the drink. So, the taste remains intact. Moreover, you can use these chilling rocks for whiskey with any type of glass no matter the size. The rocks come in various shapes and sizes so you can use them with any glass. You do not have to worry if the chilling rocks will fit in the glass as opposed to ice cubes. 

The most important aspect of answering what are whiskey stones is to know how it all started and when it all started. This alternative to ice cube was first discovered in the year 2007. This innovative idea was not well received by the purists at that time despite being effective. These were originally made of soapstone, a natural metamorphic rock. The best material to make whiskey stone is soapstone as it is comparatively soft rock and after the sharp edges are dull enough it can be used with glass without the fear of any crack or scratch. Soapstone has been used since the mediaeval time to make different types of kitchen equipment. So, it is more of a natural choice for a glass of whiskey. 

These stones to chill your whiskey are made in different aesthetic ways. Some are shiny, some are less shiny with a semi-polished finish. Both the chilling rock works equally well despite their aesthetic looks. Moreover, it depends on the individual’s choice and preference. Whatever the case, using chilling rock can increase the satisfaction of your favourite whiskey or bourbon or Scotch. After all, the whiskey bottles do not come cheap. Adding ice cubes might ruin the taste of your favourite whiskey brand if you do not prefer water with your whiskey. Just pop a few chilled stones in your drink and enjoy. 

Usage of Whiskey Stones
Usage of Whiskey Stones

How To Use The Whisky Stones The Best Way?

Over the last decade or so since the whiskey rocks have been around, new innovative ideas have been introduced that offer high levels of style and usefulness. Some of the ideas have been mentioned above. Each drinker now has the option of using a few small whiskey rocks, or one large whiskey stone to add to their glass. Large, round whisky stones are available, paying tribute to the 21st century trend, replacing the round ice cubes. Stainless steel whiskey stones are also being made, which offer the handsome look of brushed silver. Many scotch drinkers prefer the stainless-steel cubes because of the brightness it brings to their tumbler and how it chills their drink.

In this article, we have given a detailed description of what are whiskey stones and the transformation of chilling rocks from ice cubes. Now let us talk about how to use whiskey stones and do you put whiskey stones in the freezer. Using these whiskey chilling rocks is very easy and effective. Put the stones in the freezer at least four hours before using them. Let it chill. Now take a glass and put as many chilled whiskey rocks as you like in it. Pour your favourite whiskey and let it sit for a minute or two. Now drink your chilled whiskey. Wash these chilling balls after use and store the bag in the freezer for your next use. This is the best way of how to use whiskey stones

Often, there is a frequently asked question whether do you put whiskey stones in the freezer? We would say you can either put the bag of whiskey stone in the freezer or in a rack below the deep freezer. Just give it an ample amount of time to chill down. These whiskey chilling rocks can last for years so it is worth your investment. We hope that we could give you a satisfactory answer of what are whiskey stones in this article.


If you are still struggling to choose between whiskey chilling rocks and ice cubes then we would suggest think about how you prefer your drink. If you do not wish to dilute your whiskey then go ahead and purchase a set of Whiskey chilling rocks and see for yourself how this works with your preference. There are a lot of options to choose from and these rocks last for a long time, too. So, it is worth investing.

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