Which Wines Pair Best with Lasagna?

Has it ever happened that while you were having a scrumptious plate of lasagna, the only thing you could think about is a glass full of delicious wine? However, as tempting as it might sound, finding the right pair can be extremely difficult. So what wine goes with lasagna? To decipher this, we are here to help you. Lasagna is one of the most popular dishes and the cheesy creamy texture can easily cut through any taste. 

Wine helps you to restore that balance. This is why choosing the right wine with your lasagna is extremely important. It has the capability to make or break your meal.

 Today we will try to help you with some of the best accompaniments to your lasagna. Choosing one which is not the mark can completely ruin the dish. Individual taste does vary however, try to choose among these as one compliments the other. 

Best Wines Pair With Lasagna

Cabernet Sauvignon

What Wine Goes with Lasagna

The first delicious option to pair up with your lasagna is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has the primary notes of mint, cherry and vanilla. If you have got a lasagna which is based on tomato sauce, this wine is your perfect option.

The taste of the wine is acidic and hence it will help you to balance the lasagna very easily. The Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most tasty wines as well and it is not very difficult on your system. With a heavy dish like lasagna, the Cabernet Sauvignon goes really well. 

Pinot Noir

What Wine Goes with Lasagna

Who has not heard about the flamboyant Pinot Noir right? This is one of the most classic wines that you can come across and tastes quite amazing. If you have got options like pesto, tomato or mushroom lasagna, the Pinot Noir red wine is your ultimate go to option.

This is a great choice for those who want to go for wines that have a smooth and yet mildly acidic taste. The Pinot Noir does have a hint of fruity taste as well and you will be able to get the undertones of cherry as well as strawberry. This wine is great to have with creamy lasagnas.

Italian Barbera

What Wine Goes with Lasagna

The next option to pair wine with lasagna is the Italian Barbera. As unique as the name sounds, this is the best Italian wine to go with your Italian lasagna. This is made from the Italian grapes and does have a strong flavour that cuts through the richness of lasagna.

The Italian Barbera is however an acquired taste and hence not everyone might like enjoying the same.  It has got quite high levels of acidity and hence is a great partner to your Italian lasagna. The Barbera however is a little bit on the expensive side. 


What Wine Goes with Lasagna

One of the best wines with lasagna is none other than the Primitivo. The tannin level of this wine is extremely low and hence it is best to have with pastas. The wine is quite smooth as well making the experience quite promising as well. This red wine is great to taste and hence very often paired with lasagna.

If you have grilled veggies on your plate in the lasagna like mushrooms, the Primitivo will taste amazing. Along with mushrooms this wine goes extremely well with Lasagna which is loaded with cheddar cheese. 


What Wine Goes with Lasagna

The taste of Riesling is such that not only does it go well with the lasagna but even most other Italian dishes. If you are someone who prefers to pair your Lasagna with a premium quality white wine then this is the ultimate option. It has got a zesty flavour which adds to the taste of your pasta and makes it more delicious.

The best way to pair your Lasagna with the Riesling is to enjoy the wine chilled. The taste is extremely sharp and hence a good companion to your pasta.


What Wine Goes with Lasagna

The next ultimate lasagna wine pairing is the Zinfandel. This is a red wine from California and known for the sweet and smooth flavour. If you are not very high on the acidic taste, then this wine is the perfect option for you. It is a great option to pair with if you are going for the classic lasagna with a tomato base. 

The Zinfandel is exquisite and is a good option for those who do not like the flavour of regular expensive wines. Usually, the ones with strong flavour are so pungent that it almost neutralises the flavour of lasagna. 


What Wine Goes with Lasagna

If you are choosing to go with a Lasagna which is high in seafood content or has fish as the base flavour, then the Soave should be your ultimate go to option. The best thing about this wine is that it has got fruity and honey flavours which are great to pair up with seafood. This is a white wine which is extremely high on taste and yet is so soothing that you can actually understand the flavours of lasagna very easily. 

The Soave as a wine is also quite affordable and hence it should not be difficult to buy the same as well. 


What Wine Goes with Lasagna

And finally, the last name that we have to mention in this list is Chablis. The origin of this wine is from Burgundy, France and has got a mixture of both fruity as well as floral notes. You will be easily able to get the flavour of fruits like pear, apple as well as other citrus fruits. 

A lot of people who consume this wine occasionally out of the opinion that it has got a buttery taste. This is one of the major reasons why you can choose to pair it up with lasagnas which do not have any kind. Even a vegetable lasagna is a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Wine Goes with Lasagna?

Ans. It is usually preferred that you choose wine which has a smoother taste. Options like Pinot Noir, Chablis, and Rieseling are the best picks in this case to pair with your lasagna. 

Q2. Best Wine with Tomato Sauce Lasagna

Ans. If you are someone who likes to go with a red wine then the best option to pair with your tomato sauce Lasagna is the Cabernet Sauvignon. The notes are extremely soothing and it helps you to have a better experience with the Lasagna. 

Q3. Best Wine with Meat Sauce Lasagna

Ans. A meat sauce Lasagna usually has quite rich flavours and can be heavy on the system. The best wine in this case is the Soave or the Italian Barbera. 

Q4. Best Wine with White Sauce Lasagna

Ans. A white sauce Lasagna is usually quite cheesy and creamy. Hence it is always preferred that you go with wine choices which are a little high on the acidic note. The Zinfandel is quite a good option in this case or you can also choose the Primitivo. 

Q5. Best Wine with Pesto Lasagna

Ans. The Soavo should be your ultimate go-to option when you want to select a pesto pasta. Even the Vermentino is a good option in this case. 

Q6. Best Wine with Vegetarian Lasagna

Ans. A vegetarian Lasagna is usually lesser on the rich flavours. Hence in this case you can choose to go ahead with the Chablis. It has both fruity and floral flavours. 

Q7. Best Wine with Lasagna

Ans. The best wine with lasagna can be subjective and depends on your choice and the type of lasagna you are having. However, options like Pinot Noir, Chablis, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon can be a great pair for your Lasagna. 

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